Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Letter from Peggy & family

Hi, Paul and Sarah,
Sorry about the name change, but we both hated Peggy as a name and we thought Cassie was near enough, she took to it immediatly . Just a note to let you know how she is doing, very well, we have just had a week away in Bridlington, where we hope to go and live, when the house is sold. She loved every minute ran for england , caught a seagull never before known in my book, but a resident there said it must have had something wrong with it in the first place she dropped it when I shouted her, she did not kill it but I don't think it was too happy.
I will send you photo's when we get them printed, hopefully next week.
All Best Wishes,
Margaret ,Jeff Megan and Cassie

Letter from Tammy & family

Hello Friends at Wiccaweys,
We just wanted to update up date you on Tammy's (now Bess) progress with us. She is doing wonderfully and has fitted right in with our family and life style. Walks, runs, car rides, new friends (two border crosses share our back wall and we are now in the habit of walking with them in the late afternoon. All three dogs get along great and the two crosses have taught Bess to swim. She is a NATURAL at it and heads for the water whenever she can.) So, we thank you for our new addition and will continue to let you know about what she is up to. All the best, Anne

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

From Bosco & Rex - now called Bob & Dylan

Hi Sarah and Paul,

We thought it was about time that we emailed you to let you know how we are getting along with Dave and DJ, especially as we didn't get to the Wiccaweys show to see you in person.

Dylan - A lot has happened over the last 9 months, we were a bit wary when we arrived in our new home. We liked our small but secure pen but there were lots of builders around. Bob was quite laid back about it but me Dylan I barked a lot and made a lot of noise. I especially didn't like one of the builders as he ignored me and that wasn't very nice I thought. In fact I gave him the odd nip or two or three just to remind him who was boss!! Anyway they have all gone now and we are much more relaxed. I really like chasing things, I cant help it, I used to chase the ducks but I'm bored of them now, Bob caught the odd one or two just for fun but Dave and DJ told him off while they were picking feathers from his mouth.

I chased a sheep once into some water and I got a bit of a telling off but only coz DJ was scared I would get shot. After, DJ had to visit the farmer and pay the vets bill, I was sent to the boot room but I got lots of hugs and tummy tickles later on ( I love having my tummy tickled, though not as much as Bob)...

Bob - When all the builders left Dave and DJ showed us our new bigger pen, it had a highish fence for a while but that came down when we proved we were happy and didn't want to jump over the small one thats now there. I love my ball and I have had the same one since I came here, it's flat and battered but its mine and I dont want another one. Dylan has a red boomer ball and he chases that (he loves chasing things, did he tell you about the sheep)?

Anyway Dave and DJ sometimes say to us "you dont know you are born", but then we hear them talking among themselves saying that they cant believe how lucky they are to have handsome, playful and loveable dogs like us.

I also love having my tummy tickled alot (but I think I remember you used to do that when I was at Wiccs)... I dont like HOT AIR BALLOONS or KITES, they scare me and I ran off a few weeks ago and DJ couldnt find me for 5 hours. In fact she nearly phoned you! I came home though on my own and she was crying all over me...girls!!!

After our busy days around here we love to snuggle down in the front room, we have lots of hugs and fuss and we then just sleep till DJ or Dave says it bedtime and we go out to have our last pit stop before bed. We have a chocolate treat every single night!! Dave wants us to sleep upstairs but DJ says thats got to stay dog hair free! We still love each other very much and love to play chase around the island in the kitchen.

Anyway thats about it, we love it here and we love our walks around here very much, we dont have to go on the lead much as we have now accepted that horses are bigger than us and keep a distance (but we do sometimes go to chase them... and then DJ and Dave will blow the whistle as a reminder), we have made other doggy friends and we tolerate cats... unless they're on our patch, but not squirrels (no whistle will ever stop us chasing them).

We'll catch up again with you soon.

Love Bob and Dylan x

Thanks Sarah and Paul for allowing us to have these two wonderful dogs. Our families love them as much as us and we have no shortage of volunteers to help when we go away on hols or weekends. They are great company and a huge part of our family.