Sunday, 26 September 2010

Letter from from Teddy & Mickey Stone (now Ranulf) & family

Story so far - after 10 minutes Ted tried to climb the dog barrier in the car but Vicq explained ( very quickly and clearly) that this was unacceptable. Ted agreed and a quiet ride home followed.  Once home, a cup of tea and straight out onto one of the plains in the Forest.  Ted ignored the cars on the 50 yard walk down preferring to try to get alongside the others. On the way back, he was alongside and looked at each car that passed but that was all.
In playing he was desperate to join in and seems to be very keen to be a part of this group.  In the evening he was tired but managed a couple of pops at Ranulf - he also wanted to intercept all pats and cuddles going.  Eventually, Loup-garou told him to wait his turn and he appeared to accept this.  After being fed he stole a few bits and pieces of food and then everything went into slow-motion as he dived towards our evening meal - he didn't quite take it down but got some of it (so short rations for Mary !!!).  Between times nice cuddles and kisses and he fell asleep once against my chest and once over Marys legs.  In the night a couple of toilet events inside and some wandering but, on the whole, very good.
This morning more of the same and good with the cars- a good long walk some aggression towards Ranulf (who is a little disturbed by it) and once towards Loup-garou.   Loup spent his early life with a rottweiler and has never seen himself in a mirror so Ted only tried it the once.  Now all four are fast asleep with Ted making very loud Zs.
The commands, that he must have got from his puppy training, appear to be coming back and some things he is very good at.  Manners will be an issue and need some work as will his stealing 'cos he is like lightening - but then we need to make it clear that, come hell or high water, he will always get two good meals a day.  So not a bad start at all and best of all, he seems to really like us so quickly.
Lastly, I tried to register for the Forum but it told me there was no one of that name registered - told you we were not good with technology this e-mail is the top level and postcards are the next level of technology we do.
Look forward to the microchip form and best wishes to all - also many thanks to everybody for making such a fuss of Ranulf who had a brilliant day until Ted got into the car.

Letter from Sioux & family

Well here I am in my new home, it did seem like a long trip in the car, but I was a good girl & sat nicely & looked through the window at all the cars going passed.  I heard mummy & daddy say that they would go to Ringstead to buy me some more food, so I though goody goody & then didn't mind it was going to be a long trip.  Daddy sat with me whilst mummy went into the big shop & came out with a big bag of food & some sort of lead - what's that going to be for?  

We got back to a thing they called home, looked OK to me though.  It wasn't a tall thing, squat I would say - god know what they call it but hey ho here we go I thought.  Anyway, I go to the door & go in & yep it is lovely ........  I thought I had better have a good look around first, smelt in all the corners, looked at my bedroom & it was great, a rawhide bone & a soft toy.  Ok, I thought better checkout the play area, nice one - plenty of roam, looked around all the corners & noticed a small area that was good for digging.  For some strange reason mummy said no digging & told me not to go on the garden. OK  then, they are being nice to me so I shall give it a try.

Some of mummy & daddy's friends came up, I suppose to see what I was like.  Nice people, I let them stroke me & Carol gave me a big cuddle & said they would like to take me for a walk sometime. I shall think about that.  Later I heard mummy say she was going for a walk & hey she got my long lead off the peg, asked me to sit & she put the lead on me.   Great here we go ......  

We went down the road & up some steps to a field which had a gate I did try to get through underneath but then realised mummy wouldn't get through that space!  So had to do a bit of reversing & mummy opened the gate & off we went nice long walk,  OK I  pulled a far amount but I'm sure my mummy will teach me how not to pull.  So I shall be back at the farm soon for some lesson for me &  mummy.  She is OK though.  

When we got back home mummy gave me some dinner, yummy yummy I was hungry, they also eat so I suppose they must have been hungry as well, there food looked good & smelt nice but I 
didn't pester them I just sat quietly & watched them scoffing the food down.  Then my earpricked up after they had washed the things they had the food on & heard the word walk.  here we go ..... another walk.  

We went the same way but this time we met one of mummy's friend & she had a friend with her on a lead his name was Largo, nice guy.   So we trotted together down the path, Largo did say it was a nice area to walk & that he hope to see me again - no doubt I will if mummy & daddy take me for walks this way.  The evening was relaxing, plenty of cuddles & they watched a thing that was in the corner, a big black box but then a picture came on it & voices came out of this thing.  They seemed to enjoy whatever it was, I sat next to mummy as she kept stroking me.  Daddy said later, bedtime - I wondered what happens now, I went outside for a wee, Ok, no probs there.  I then went nicely into my bed with my toy.  They said goodnight, gave me a big kiss & cuddle & said be a good girl.  I settled down & I could hear a strange noice, tick tock.  Strange I thought what is that,  odd mummy & daddy they put a small clock under a corner of my bed.  quite nice really, so I counted sheep & I must have then fell asleep.  

Must have been about 7.00 this morning & daddy came into the kitchen said good morning & 
then I darted out to see my mummy & gave her a big kiss after big kiss.  Wonderful, think I will be a happy little girl here.  Oh yes also saw there son in Australia again on this box thing, mummy called it skype, he looks a nice lad & he said he like me & was pleased that they had now got a little friend to love & look after.  

Well that's all for now, mummy is going to a harvest festival.  

bye bye & see you soon with mummy.        
Thanks for looking after me when I was with you & say hi to my friends there, how is TED. 
Luv Souix xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Letter from Joe & family

Hi there!
Here are a few of Joe's latest pictures!...
He is a real character,a happy little boy who is an absolute joy to have around!..
He is usually the last thing I see at night,and the first thing I see in the morning!
We have had the little lad since April last year and my, he has blossomed!
Everyone wants to fuss him, which he allows with that tail held high!...
We really cannot thank you enough!

Sharon & Andy Birch

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Letter from Maggie Minstrel Pup & family

Hi Sarah and Paul, 

A big thank you for our little minstrel girl we called Maggie she has been an absolute joy. Maggie has adapted so well she has been clean in the house travels well loves company we have never had so many visiters with due thanks to yourselves and your fosterers for giving your puppies such a good start in life. 

Maggie can also get into mischief, she has fallen into the pond and can dig up her own carrots but is full of fun. She as started puppy classes and excelled on the first day, she had a lovely time at the seaside, I have sent you some pics. 

Thank you once again for the wonderful work you do with your dogs that you are so passionate about, and for bringing miss sunshine into our lives. 

Ann, Roger and all the family.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Letter from Moe & family

Hello Sarah and Paul,
Moe certainly enjoyed his holiday in France and there were no problems with the passport.  I've attached a couple of photos.
I hope all is well with you. No doubt this is a very busy time
Best wishes

Letter from Brandon & family

Hello Paul and Sarah,
Just to let you know that Brandon is settling in very well. He made himself at home straight away- it's like he has adopted us and not the other way round. He's a very happy little boy, really affectionate, and everyone who meets him adores him, which he laps up of course! He is now registered with our vet and has had his booster injection, and has started training sessions where he shows off his 'sit, stay and come' abilities, and is learning to walk to heel and to socialise with other dogs. The trainer happens to be a PAT dog assessor, so that may be useful for the future. Brandon has already met some of the residents in the local sheltered housing scheme where my friend lives and was a big hit with them! He has really enhanced our lives too, so thank you for introducing him to us.
Best wishes,
Jeanne and Brian Jones.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Letter from Jamie (now Dexter) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how Jamie now known as 'Dexter' is getting on.  He is doing brilliantly, he is a real character and has definitely found his feet and has become quite a busy little boy.  He is still great with our children who still love him to bits and give him lots of cuddles which he enjoys.  He loves going for walks and meeting new people and dogs and is really good in the car.  

He has started to mouth a bit and chew a few bits of furniture but we are working on this and this is to be expected from such a young pup so we have plenty of chewy toys such as his nylabones for him to chew.  We are hoping to enrol him into a puppy class very soon but he has already learnt the sit command and is very good at down and recall.  We have just started to teach him to fetch his toys and he is great at this.  He is so keen to please so i think he is going to be quite trainable.

He is an all round great pup who is so affectionate, we wouldn't be without him now and we thank you for allowing him to become a valued member of our family.

I have attached some photos for you to see how he is getting on.  As you will see, he has settled in very well, lol!!

Thanks again and speak soon

Donna & family x

Letter from Gino & Dad

Hi Sarah & Paul. 
Dave Hamilton & Gino here.
I tried to have a look in the Forum but couldn't log in. Have re-registered just now.
Gino is doing fine, he is such a lovely boy :-)
Have got a broken leg at the moment, so walkies bit difficult at the moment for me :-(
When I am working, I quite often stop at the country park in Little Irchester, its handy to park the lorry, and Gino LOVES it there :-)
Hope everything is going well for you.
Cheers, Dave.

Letter from Peggy (now Cassie) & family

Hi, Sarah and Paul,
Hope the show went well, would have loved to be there, but had already made other plans. The pictures I sent you recently were taken on holiday in July up in Warkworth in Northumbria.  We had a lovely week staying in a cottage by the side of the River Croquet just half a mile from the beach. Cassie is doing well we go to training classes every week and it has done such a lot of good in respect of confidence with other dogs. We are still hoping to move to Bridlington in the future but have not managed to sell the house as yet.  I cannot believe we have had Cassie for 14 months, will keep updating you and sending you pictures, thank you once again for letting us adopt Cassie she brings us so much joy and love.
Best Wishes Margaret, Jeff, Megan and Cassie xx

Friday, 17 September 2010

Letter from Zippy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul!
Trust you and all your furry friends are well?!  Hope your show went well?  Gutted to have missed it but we were away for the weekend taking Zippy on his first 'mini break'!  He & Robbie had a fab time at the beach with their friends Bandit & Cookie (my parents dogs)  Very proud to say they are all rescues!  Zippy is doing fantastically, all his basic obedience is good, we have started 'kindergarten agility' classes and he is sooooo keen to learn, he picks things up so quickly.  He is such a bright little dog and so full of fun, we absolutely adore him. He sends you both lots of licks!
Best regards
Sharon, Craig & Zippy  xxx

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Letter from Oscar (now Murphy) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

How are you both?  Sorry for the delay in sending this form but we have had problems with our email.  If you have received odd emails from us then I apologise but this was beyond our control, some sort of spam problem.

Anyway, Murphy (Oscar) is doing fabulously.  He is a real character and he has fitted in really well and Tess is now his protector from all others! Tess and Murphy enjoy rabbit hunting together and his recall is brilliant whereas with Tess I usually resort to the whistle.  I'm not sure how much longer this will last though as he gets more confident.

He is still very much an overgrown puppy and is still mouthing but I'm sure as he gets more confident and secure this will stop.  He and Tess also have an alliance in that they both jump on us in bed when they want to get up.....not so welcome at 4am though!

His heel work is coming on, but it is hard when you have all four of them, but I manage to get them all to heel eventually, which apparently is quite a sight when we walk through the village.  On my part I can't wait till we get to the fields and they can run loose and then I can unknit the leads.....Murphy would make a wonderful weaver.

Any way I hope all is ok with you and that you are continuing to find homes.

Best wishes


P.S. I have attached a couple of photos

Letter from Max & family

Hello Sarah and Paul,

Hope this finds you both well and happy!

We did intend to e-mail before now but have been rather busy with Maximillion! Just wanted to let you know that he has settled into his new home and seems to be a happy little chap. He is gorgeous and we love him to bits. It's such a relief because neither of us had been dog owners before and weren't sure what to expect.

We appreciated your advice when we came to visit. Also please pass on our thanks and best wishes to the lovely lady who found Max in Oxford and let her know that he is now safe, warm and settled.

Wishing you all the best and we will keep you posted on Max's progress.

Michael and Heather Kerry