Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Update from Swift (now Peggy)


We thought you might like to see a few photos of Swift - who we have renamed Peggy.  We took her to Yorkshire over the bank holiday and she had great fun at the beach and on walks through the countryside.

She has settled in really well and we were able to walk her off lead after a couple of weeks.  She responds to her new name and her recall is very good now: on one occasion she even turned back having set off in pursuit of a deer that ran across her path.

She is an absolute joy and we wouldn't be without her now.

Thank you.

Lynda & James - and Peggy 

Update from Chany

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just to let you know that I am fit, well & a very happy chappy.
I love life, its great with my two best friends, Pip the Springador
& Tiger the Cat (I know - a cat!! but he`s a real cool dude).

I`ve been going to obedience classes for nearly a year & last night
I passed my Kennel Club, Good Citizen, Bronze award.
My Mum is soooo VERY PROUD of me
(she is any way because I`m a really smashing lad & she says that
she is very lucky to be able to share her life with me, but this was extra special),
what an achievement.

Say “Hi” to all my friends.

Love Chany xx

Update from Milo

Just poppin in to say hi to Auntie Sarah, Uncle Paul
and all my friends at Wiccs.
Love hearing all about you - am trying to get my
mum and dad to bring our caravan near to you so that
I can come back to see you all.
This is my favourite toy, it was a Kong ball,
but it's just bits now. Mum tells me off for throwing it
around in the lounge but I try to ignore her.
Aren't I good?
Licks and woofs,
Milo xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Update from Ziggy

Hi Sarah, Hi Paul,

Just a quick one to let you know that all is fine so far with Ziggy.

We took him for a walk when we got back, and although he stopped a number of times, and was very submissive with other dogs, he seemed ok I think.

Once we got him home he took a while to settle, and wouldn't come up the stairs (we live in a town house) so we left him to explore downstairs and in the garden before I carried him up after an hour or so.

He's eaten ok, but then just slept solidly since, so I'm guessing he's had a fun morning.

Thanks again for letting us look after him, he's adorable,

Best wishes

Gary & Sue