Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Letter from Tigger & family

Hello there guys and gals.
Well, it's been a busy few weeks here. I've not been a well dog - got some dicky tummy probs, but the vet is sorting me out and I really like the tinned dog food us folk with delicate tummies have to have for a while. Mum says I hoover it up. Dunno what she means - I don't like the hoover.
Anyway, having to go and see the nice vet man - he's really good at strokes and fuss and kisses and giving treats - isn't what I wanted to tell you all about. Remember I told you that mum and dad were going to take me to a beach when I was good off the lead? Well, we went to a big beach called Holkham beach today and it was fantastic! We had to walk on the lead through a wood first but then when we got to the beach there was a humungous amount of space and lots of other dogs and I ran round and chased Katie all over the place (except when she went in the water - she knew she was safe there 'cos I don't like water, especially if it has soap in it ) and then - I was stopped in my tracks.
Remember I told you about these amazing creatures called ducks that can fly and then land on the water? Well, on this beach there were two huge ducky things that were really bright colours and flying high and then swooping down. Two chaps seemed to be telling them what to do, but I don't know how they did it. Mum and dad laughed at me and said something like 'He likes the kites. He thinks they're birds.' I tried really hard to catch them but they were too high and too fast.
Anyway, after a long time running around (about 45 minutes, actually! Mum) I began to slow down a bit 'cos I realised I had to walk back as well. Boy, was I glad to get back to the car and the teashop! I've slept a bit this afternoon, but now it's time to go out and play Grrrr with Katie 'cos it's a bit cooler now and we've both got some energy back.
Mum says she forgot the camera but will take some photos next time we go. She's taken a photo of me having a breather after an energetic game by the greenhouse..... honestly, don't these women take advantage of a chap when he's feeling not at his best?!
Bye for now.
Love and slobbery kisses,

Monday, 27 June 2011

Letter from Dexter & family

Beth, Helen and Mark and of course Dexter
Thank you for him

Letter from Merlin & family

Hi Sarah / Paul

Firstly thank you for all your help and advice yesterday and for matching us with Merlin, he is fab, he has such a similar temperament to our old dog Whisky it is uncanny!!

Got home safely despite traffic jams on the M6 and panic that we would not get to petrol station before running out of fuel!!

Merlin was excellent at your vets, he dragged me inside (very different to Jessie who we have to pull through the door at our local vets) and did not have so much as a whimper when he had his injection and micro-chip.

He has settled in really well, has eaten all his meals, enjoyed his walks and slept soundly last night, although was wide awake at 6.30 this morning when Ethan decided it was time to get up!!

He has had lots of visitors today and has been a pleasure, everyone has fallen in love with him, he really is a softie!! We left him for a hour and half this afternoon and despite him looking out of the window as we drove away, we got home and he was fast asleep next to Jessie.

Thanks again for all your help, I will take some photos over the next few days and send them through.

Take Care

Jo, Scott, Ethan, Jessie, Merlin and Hollie xx

Letter from Mr. Jenkins & Mum

Hello all,
I thought you'd like an update on Mr. Jenkins (who we've had nearly six years now! Wow!)
Last Thursday he expanded his Pets as Therapy role by giving a talk to 23 local Brownies...well, I gave the talk, he stole the limelight! He spent an hour and a half with kids draped all over him, arms around his neck, heads on his tummy, stroking his paws, stroking his tail and he wasn't bothered for a moment, just lay back and took it all in his stride. Actually, I'd say he was schmoozing, which extended right up to the parents coming to pick up their children.

There was one little girl who was frightened of dogs, and by the end I couldn't tell her apart from any of the others, she even dragged her father over to say hello. Needless to say I'm very proud. I was also pretty tired, although Mr. J wasn't, despite being 10 now. The first thing he did on getting home was to pick up his favourite toy and throw it in my direction. I think he was pretty proud of himself too though and to this end we've been promoted to regular speakers for the charity!
Hope all is well with you both, and that the summer brings lots of wonderful new homes for your current and future broods!
Best Wishes,
Harriet (and Mr. Jenkins) xxx

Letter from Bella & Mum Lin

Dear Sarah & Paul

Just a quick note to thank you for our visit Thursday. 
I really enjoyed the chat and hope we didn't hold you up too much. 

Bella absolutely loves the raggy tugger - it's the fave toy at the moment and when she tires of tugging and chewing it, she wears it round her neck like a tie!! 

We've had a minor try with the weave poles and I think she shows great initiative in that she'll duck round the end to get to the treat to save any unecessary effort going through the poles. It's a bit like when I hide treats or toys under pots. She doesn't always bother with sniffing them out, she just knocks each pot over in turn till she finds the one with the treat under.  Such intelligence!

Having told you that she rarely barks, on our return to the posh site Thursday, she spent the rest of the day gobbing off at anything and anybody that moved!  Bless!

I intend speaking to our vets this week to arrange getting her "wibbley wobblies" removed although I shall feel like I'm abandoning her there when she goes in for it.  I guess an excuse for even more cuddles and treats!

Bless you both for letting me adopt her and for the amazing work you do for these gorgeous dogs.

With our love
Lin & Bellachoplets xx

Friday, 24 June 2011

Letter from Smiley Sam, nee Sad Sam (now Seve) and Mum & Dad

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just a quick email to let you know how well Sam- now called Seve- is getting on.

He was brilliant on the journey home and sat looking out the window most of the way. He's a massive admirer of our guinea pigs and now has a little spot by the window where he sits and watches them.

We took him to the woods yesterday where he also discovered squirrels! He was a bit baffled though when they vanished up a tree. He now also jumps in and of the car with no worries.

Pictures to follow soon once our internet gets sorted!

All the best,

Jo, Andy & Seve. x=

Letter from Annie (now Amy) & Mum

Dear all,
Amy (previously known as Annie) has fitted in beautifully since she came to join our household at the end of February. She soon got to grips with the strange Yorkshire accent and made more new friends at dog school (Wakefield Dog Training Club). She is a bit of a super-star with her 'watch' etc. Some of the other dogs thought she was a bit of a show-off  - well they had been going ages and still couldn't handle the gate routine.
Thought you would like to know that the lovely Amy (aka Annie) passed her Bronze good citizen award and has graduated to the Silver class with the big dogs. She is taking it all in her stride and loves learning new things. When she is a bit older she wants to start the agility training - with her lovely long legs and agile frame she will be very good. I have attached a photo of Amy proudly displaying her rosette and certificate.

Many thanks to everyone at Wiccaweys for all your hard work and dedication.

Best wishes,
Mae Collins in Pontefract

Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

just wanted to give you an update on Bob, he's settled really well and enjoying his new life, he loves hiding his bones in his sandpit and playing fetch with the ball something we thought would be a long time coming we feel really blessed to have him in our lives he is a great family pet now and is thoroughly spoilt!
I just wanted to ask anyone if they have any tips on lead pulling we are on our second round of dog training but it hasent helped so far so after our own research we are stopping each time he pulls and then giving a treat when he comes back it takes ages to get anywhere but we are slowly making improvements, the other thing is any advice on car sickness we have tried herbal tablets on an empty stomach but that did'nt work were going away in the summer and any advice would be great.
Hope all is well with you all hope to see you in September (if car sickness resolves!)
Jackie, Mark and Jamie Ramos

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Letter from Molly & Bruce & family

Hello Paul and Sarah.

This is to let you know already how well Molly and Bruce are settling in already. (Bit damp round the eyes there when we left, weren't we Paul?)  Don't worry, I told you they'd be happy. 

Bruce settled down to sleep quite quickly on the journey. Molly, though, although apparently quite calm on the surface, was very rigid, and what in the field of child protection, we call "frozen watchfulness". However, she relaxed into sleep at Leicester.

When we got home ,  they had a snuftie round the orchard. Had a wee, had a good drink and their tea. As for Pinkie, the cat, She rubbed up against them and they licked her and she walked with them round the garden.

Where have they landed?
In a cottage with lots of exciting crannies to explore. a wilderness garden and orchard exiting onto a back lane where there is a badger sett, then miles of fields and bridle paths to roam without having to to touch a road.

Already, there are Aunties galore coming to admire them.  Believe me they're going to be  o.k.

We think you are doing the most fantastic job down there and I'm going to make you one of my charities.

Best wishes and lots of love,
Peter and Margaret Adams.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Letter from Brandon & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
A few snaps to let you know Brandy (affectionate name) is really enjoying his new environment.  Just returned from a nice trip to Cornwall.
As you can see, he now walks to heal off the lead and stays until called.  Still needs work with other dogs!
Best regards
Paul & Beverley


Letter from Sheppie (now Millie)

A few pictures of me, you knew me as Sheppie but my name is now Millie.
My family are OK and welcomed me so I feel as though this has always been my home. I enjoy taking them for walks and running with other dogs.  Of course I am came to my new family already fully house trained, and I have shown them that I already knew how to ‘sit’ and they seem to understand me when I paw for a snack.  I never responded to Sheppie but I quite like Millie.

I love chasing  birds, squirrels and foxes that come into my  garden and barking at any strange noises especially at 3 oclock in the morning. The only problem I have is that I am is easily car sick but fortunately the field where I go for walks is very nearby. A bit of a shame as they tell me there are many lovely walks just a short ride away – so we are working on it and I am not afraid of jumping into the car anymore and with a bit more practice Im sure I will be OK.
Say ‘Hi’ to my other friends and hope they have found nice homes.

(Tom and Kay Craig)

Letter from Poppy Pup & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

I thought you might like to know that we had no problems on the way home and Poppy slept most of the way. When we got back to Warwick and took her in doors she was a little weary at first  but soon settled and seems happy. Right now she is laying on the floor next to my chair in my study whilst I take care of e-mails.

Once again thank you both and will bring her back to visit you in a few weeks

all the best
Paul & Marilyn 

Letter from Bella & Mum Lin

Hi Sarah & Paul

Well! We made it! Bella, Norman the camper & I got to Northumberland and Cumbria, shadowing the Hadrian's Wall walkers.

My friends walked 84 miles, little Anna their dog (loosely based on a chihuahua) did approximately 70 of those and joined us in the camper for the rest, while Bella & I travelled 799 miles in 16 days.

We had such an adventure - Bella dipped her toes in the North Sea, made lots of friends both doggy and human, saw lots of sheep and sampled sheep poo!

When it was possible to park Norman safely, we walked some parts of the wall and joined the walkers for the final blast into Bowness, in a gale and pouring rain. We were disappointed though when, having walked 2 miles to view Vindolanda Roman Fort, we found it to be dog-free and hence had to toil 2 miles back uphill in the teeth of a gale (which pinned back the girl's ears) to Norman, without a glimpse of all that history!

There were working dogs on some of the farms we camped at, but B has decided working for a living is not something she's particularly interested in - she feels she was destined for a life of luxury and being waited on!  We were both weary when we got home but she's so taken with camper life now that if the door is open, she takes up residence on her bunk, and we've already done another short trip locally plus there's another planned.

After some 25 years of campervanning and caravanning with my late husband, embarking on these trips in Norman has been a milestone for me. and Bella's company has made them joyful, entertaining and action-packed!  So many people stop to talk to her and therefore me, it's impossible to feel alone. She makes me laugh and has, quite honestly, transformed my life.

Love to you and the Wiccs dogs from Bella and Lin xx

Letter from Patch & family

Hi Sarah & Paul

Just to give a little update, with a few more photos.

Last weekend we took Patch to see his aunty Daisy again, they get on really well, being hooligans in the garden and playing.  Patch is learning new collie tricks all the time and is now starting to herd our two cats which is really quite amusing.  He has got fan clubs every where he goes as he is such a handsome collie.  We still feel blessed to have him.

Thank you for entrusting us with this very special boy.

All the best

Caroline, Matthew and Patch

Letter from Coonagh (now Swift) & family

Swift here.

It’s party time! Today marks one year since I came to live here with Mam and Dad.

This time last year they arrived at Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue Centre in Northants to meet a rescue collie they had seen on the internet. He was absolutely beautiful but Mam and Dad did not think he was the right dog for them somehow, and anyway he wasn’t remotely interested in them either! They were very disappointed, but they were asked if they would like to see any other dogs while they were there and I was brought out to meet them - a big hairy Irish scruffbag with a limp and several teeth missing who had had both back legs broken in a road accident.

They took me home! At first I was bewildered and so scared. Where was I now? When I arrived at my new house it took Mam twenty minutes to coax me in through the front door.

But hey, that was a year ago! I am no longer Sad Swift. These days I am Super Smiling Swifty, the great big softie! Yay!

We would all like to thank the lovely people at the rescue centre and the vets in Limerick, and Sarah and Paul and all the helpers at Wiccaweys. If it wasn’t for them I would definitely not be here today (gulp!)

So to celebrate it’s champagne all round - in the proper glasses! Pop! Clink! Cheers! Love Swift xxx

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Letter from Lottie & family

Hello Sarah & Paul
Doesn’t seem possible it’s a week since we brought Lottie home.  We are all settling into our new situation.  To start with Lottie was very jumpy, but already she’s getting used to us and her surroundings. Everyone thinks she is great, my son is over the moon!!!!! We will obviously need to seek obedience classes, but I felt let her settle more before introducing her to yet another unusual experience.  I’m sure she will respond very well after a little while. Already she has learned basic commands so she will be a good subject to teach. She certainly knows how to get your attention. My life at the moment centres around her every whim!!!!! The crate works a treat, no accidents at all, perhaps I am speaking somewhat prematurely. The signs are good.
The wild life around the garden does not know what has hit them.  Lottie thinks everything is for her amusement.
Time for fussing –
Best wishes
Rosie & Cliff

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Letter from Jess & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Well is been a year since Jess selected us to be her mum and dad and we thought it was time for an update

She has really settled in well now and has really got over her issues with traffic and only the loudest motorbike start her urge to chase. She also like to get out for her walks around the village marching a head of slow old daddy and chasing after the rabbits (she can’t catch them mind, but she loves trying).

She still comes into work with me and enjoys her time in the office and getting fuss from all the folks there as well as the odd tit bit.

Feels like we have had her forever and she had really settled in well. We have had several trips up to Scotland where she gets on well with her pal Charlie the patterdale terrier as well as our nephews who she is so gentle with.

She certainly has come on leaps and bounds over the last year and is a truly special dog. She won the most improved dog at her doggy classes ad won a rosette (picture attached with her special costume for the doggy party she went as a Jester).

Kind Regards
Mark and Becky

Letter from Jed & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Just a quick update to let you know how Jed is getting on.  He has had lots of walks this week as we have been on half term. He now has a collection of 4 footballs which he loves to bits. He has been spoilt rotten with hugs and fuss- he is such a fusspot!!!!!! Here are some photos of how he is getting on.

He is a real part of the family now.

The Heatons