Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Letter from Lottie & family

Hello Sarah & Paul
Doesn’t seem possible it’s a week since we brought Lottie home.  We are all settling into our new situation.  To start with Lottie was very jumpy, but already she’s getting used to us and her surroundings. Everyone thinks she is great, my son is over the moon!!!!! We will obviously need to seek obedience classes, but I felt let her settle more before introducing her to yet another unusual experience.  I’m sure she will respond very well after a little while. Already she has learned basic commands so she will be a good subject to teach. She certainly knows how to get your attention. My life at the moment centres around her every whim!!!!! The crate works a treat, no accidents at all, perhaps I am speaking somewhat prematurely. The signs are good.
The wild life around the garden does not know what has hit them.  Lottie thinks everything is for her amusement.
Time for fussing –
Best wishes
Rosie & Cliff

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  1. This letter is simple and best..i really enjoyed to visit this blog..Thanks!