Saturday, 21 December 2013

Letter from Maisie & family

Paul and Sarah,

Well after two weeks we would like to let you know that Maisie has really settled in well. It's like she has been with us forever, as you can see from the pictures.

She has been learning to walk on the lead and is really making some progress. We have also let her run off the lead for the first time this week which she is thoroughly enjoying. The crows in the field are not to happy though as she really does have some pace and loves to chase them.

She likes to chew and so far we have lost a dogs toy, a toy motorbike, a small sock and she loves zips, lol!  She has also chewed through her harness so could you let us know if you would like it replaced or should we send the money?

We would like to thank you both and Eddie for spending time with us and for all your advice. We are very grateful as Maisie is a wonderful and very loving doggy addition to our family.

We hope Maisie's sister Mollie and all the other doggies can find great homes and we wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Kind Regards
Jon, Lorraine, George, Harry, Lulu and Maisie xxxxx woof 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Letter from Timmy & Emily, and family

Hello there everyone,
I know that you have probably no recollection of any of us but a while ago in April 2012 we found our lovely border collie Timmy. My sister and I had created an entire project on why we should rescue a dog. You may remember that. We just wanted to thank you for making our live so wonderful and we wish you the best for the future. Timmy truly is a member of the family now and he has conquered many of his fears that cruel people inflicted on him when he lived in Ireland.

I can't imagine life without Timmy and the service you gave us that day was remarkable.

Timmy has come so far in the past year and a half and he is now an awesome little boy. He loves his tennis ball and I have spent this year recording all of the cool things he does. That is how much I love him.

Thank you so much

The Kyle Family
(Emily, Charlotte, Helen, Andy and Timmy)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Letter from Rossy & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Just wanted to let you know that Rossy has been brilliant and is settling really well.  He has a bit of separation anxiety which is understandable but we are working on that and today he has been letting me go to the loo on my own!!!
He has met the dog I look after for my friend during the day and they are fine together.  He has also been to work with me and enjoyed getting lots of fuss and attention there!!
Jasmin the skittle kid has just about come down from the excitement of his arrival and we are all very happy to have him with us.
Many thanks again
Jane and family

Letter from Daisy pup & family

Short version - she is ACE and we love her, as does everyone we have introduced her to.

Slightly longer version - it took her a day or two to come out of her shell, unsurprisingly, and she's still a little clingy when she is unsure, but growing in confidence every day. She is good about sleeping downstairs (no complaints at all - she whinges if she can hear us upstairs in the mornings, but it's a mild grumble, no yelling) and thus far hasn't wrecked the place...still waiting for that! She is mostly house trained - there have been a few accidents, but they have chiefly been our fault. We don't get a lot of warning and there are two doors to get through, so it's a rush to get them unlocked in time. But she's got the idea, so now it's just perfecting the execution.

No problems to date with the bunnies - three of them are fairly bolshy, and have come up to her (with puppy on a lead), given her a good sniff and then lost interest completely. She wants to play with them and is confused that they don't want to play back, but she is also easly distracted by the promise of treats or a ball throw when they won't play with her. So I'll keep channelling the wish to play with them into an association with playing ball instead. She hasn't met the remaining three as yet as I am concerned that they would run away, which would be counter productive.
And...she's friends with one of the rats. Bizarre. Only through the cage bars, but she will sit and whuffle at the rat, and the rat will sit by her and brux (it's a horrible sound - like tooth grinding, but it indicates happiness)

We're keeping her on a long lead for now when she's out, as she's getting good at coming back but it won't be engrained for a while I'd guess. But I'm letting it trail behind her when we are playing ball, so she is getting to charge about. And we took her to a rowing event last Saturday. Rob kept her with him while I was racing. She had a lovely day being the centre of attention and fussed over by EVERYBODY. She was shattered when we got back - will have to do that again!

Anyway, we'll bring her to see you in a couple of weeks - I suspect she will have shot up. It feels like she's growing every day at the moment, though she's still pretty petite. On which - both Rob and I will be coming to the xmas walk, so we have a spare pair of hands. If you have a Wiccs resident spare, we're happy to walk another one as well as Daisy between us. Not least because Rob is already coming round to the idea that 8 paws is better than 4. Shouldn't take too much more work :D (but don't tell him I mentioned it lol)

See you soon! Sarah

Letter from Sam, Joe and family

Thanks very much for the wonderfully positive newsletter and congratulations on all the developments being undertaken at Wiccaweys, you deserve every success.
Sorry we can't come to your Christmas party but we are rather a long way away. Joe and Sam are wonderful, even when they get me up at 5am for their first 'walkies', but then that's the price for asking for 'oldies'. We would not be without them. They enjoy the walks on our farm where many other dogs are walked and Sam and Joe are always keen to join in any socialising. They get me out walking at least three times a day which is good. So we three 'oldies' are getting plenty of exercise.
When they first came home with us I resolved not to allow them on any chairs, and this has worked, except that they have taken over the settee, but they are happy and comfortable and need to relax after a hard day's walking, sleeping and eating. We would not be without them.
There's just one drawback. When out walking so many car drivers slow down to look at them, Joe especially as he is rather obvious, that they expect the attention now, stopping to take in the admiring noises and smiles from the contents of each car. We fenced off an area in the garden as a playpen where I throw the ball watched intently by the two 'lads'. Then I fetch the ball, throw it again, then fetch it etc. etc... and so on. They enjoy this game immensely.
We wish you every continuing success, you have given so much to the dogs and to us who have taken them on. I hope you continue to have the response and help you deserve. I will be putting a donation in the post soon.
Best wishes and continued success for Christmas and 2014.
From Jim and Margaret Vinson, Sam and Joe, the lads.

Letter from Lucy & family

Hi Paul and Sarah
Just to say a very belated (apologies!) many, many thanks for all your help at the understanding your collie talk and our 1 to 1.   We learned an awful lot and also it increased our confidence in being able to understand and help Lucy better. 

Lucy continues to be absolutely gorgeous and we get more smitten with her every day - we really can not imagine life without her now! She is still struggling a little to train us, but after our visit to Wiccaweys she thinks that with her (and your) help we will get there eventually!

Hope everything is well with you both and at Wiccaweys in general, and once again, many, many thanks for all your help.

Best wishes
David, Julie and Lucy xxx

Letter from Mabel and family

Hi Sarah & Paul,
Just a quick update to let you know Mabel is settling in well. I have attached a photo. She is learning the cats ways and there is still a way to go before the cat accepts her but we all managed to sleep in the same room last night so progress is being made. We are just letting them sort themselves out in their timescale. She is loving her walks and we met up with sister's dog yesterday while my sister rode her horse and she really enjoyed being out and about.
Paula, Matt, Meara (the cat) & Mabel Davey

Letter from Harry & family

We're home and settled :)