Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Letter from Corrie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Thought you would like an update on Corrie.  Well, where do I start what a gorgeous dog he is. The journey home went well he settled in the back okay and slept.  We stopped at the services for the boys to get something to eat.  The entrance to the shop was down some steps which he didn't want to go down at first but interestingly there was an army soldier coming towards us so Neil thinks it may have been the uniform that spooked him.  Anyway he was fine. 
Sunday night he slept in a crate in the dining room and we didn't hear a peep out of him.  Five am in the morning Toby had sneaked downstairs with his duvet, let Corrie out of the crate and they were both curled up together on the duvet.
He has met lots of new doggy friends in the Avenue and has been really good with them.  He is walking well on the lead.  We have managed to borrow a longer length lead.  Corrie has loved the extra freedom in the fields.  He has played hide and seek with Toby in the long grass : - )
The older cats are watching him very closely and doing a lot of hissing at him.  Corrie wants to go and investigate them but kind of knows to keep his distance.  The two kittens are a bit quick, scurrying around and tempting him to play chase but we call him back and he generally stops  in his tracks and looks at us.
Monday, Corrie's first day with us, was my nana's funeral.  Corrie came with us and was brilliant.  Neil was going to wait with him outside the church but the vicar invited him in so he sat in the row of pews as if he's been there loads of times before. He just loves everyone and everyone thought he was very well behaved considering we only got him the day before.
We still have a lot to learn as new dog owners but so far so good.  We will send photos soon.

Love Chris, Neil, Toby & Alfie.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Letter from Tedi & Jasper (nee Chip-Chipolata Trouble Starter)

Hi Sarah, Paul and Julia

I hope you are both well, and enjoying the wet weather!!!!!

Just a quick update on the boys, they are enjoying life to the full, and Jasper is flourishing.  He is now officially a juvenile delinquent, but it is brilliant because he is acting as he should be, having the time of his life.  We are going on holiday, camping to Wales next month, so that will be a new experience for him.  Tedi loves it so hopefully Jasper will.

We went to a dog day the other week and if you go on www.jasonhornby.co.uk/alzheimers-fair and look at the pictures you will find, I think on pages 2 and 3, lots of pictures of me with Tedi and Jasper.  The photographer loved Jasper’s ears, and Tedi loved posing – just look at his face!!!!

I don’t know if you are having a fun day this year, I hope so, and if you are we will definitely be there!!!

Take care and love to all the puppies.

Marg, Chris, Tedi & Jasper

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Letter from Louis & family

Hi Sarah,

Louis is continuing to settle brilliantly.  He is now completely free in the garden/paddock, which he loves.  Still lead walked but we tie the three leads together when the other two go off-lead and he can run around quite freely.  We are beginning to cope with the car issue - if you are in contact with his Irish background can you ask if they know any reason for the complete hate of most cars?! Has he had no experience of them or been frightened by them?  If they know it might help us with our training. 

The three dogs are all getting on well - he and Beamish have the odd spat which is to sort out pecking order - give him a few more weeks and I think he will be in charge!!!!!! 

We've only got a couple photos yet - the one in the kitchen is about 1/2 hour after he arrived home.  The one in the car boot was at the end of a big walk on the Downs - hence all the tongues out!!!!!

Best wishes

Letter from Cap (now Casper) and family

Sarah and Paul

Just wanted you to know that Casper has really found his feet and is very happy. 

He has learnt how to play.  He comes back to us now when off the lead and we have been walking for miles and he loves it.

We still have a few issues with other dogs but we understand him now and can manage him.   Everything is great.

He sends some licks to you both

Best wishes
Paula Hunt

Letter from Mitzi & Mum

Hi, Paul and Sarah,

It is exactly 5 years since I adopted Mitzi from you and she has become the light of my life.  Being a typical 'full on' collie girl she was hard work at first,  getting her to focus on me rather than wanting to chase everything that moved took a little time.  Everything I trained her for alone then had to be repeated from square one when in the company of other dogs.   However, after 6 weeks in class she won the level 2 obedience progress test at our club.  Since then she has been in the top 3 of every one she has taken.  She also gained the Kennel Cub Gold Standard Good Citizens Award a while ago.

She has at last begun to get me properly trained for her agility runs!!  It has taken me time to adjust to doing it her way!  Mitzi is a dog who just wants to go and do it.  She works fantastically at a long distance, something which others now love to watch.  Last year she had two wins and lots of 'If only we hadn't had that pole down runs.  She has added to things this year with a win last Saturday putting her into the next grade and then she won again on Sunday.

These performances are not the main thing though.  She has become my loving, constant companion and takes it on herself to back up my instructions to my male dog ( something worth seeing).  She is the sixth dog I have owned, all have been rescues, but she really is super special.  Words cannot express how much I love her.

I consider finding her to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I was so lucky to find her.

Wishing you continued success with re-homing your special dogs,


Pat Kidd

Letter from Leo & family

Hello Paul and Sarah,
I hope you are well,
Well its been our first week with our boy Leo and we are so pleased. He has settled in really well, and is loved by all the family. He enjoys his 1 hour walks with me (Sasha) in the mornings along with 20 mins playing fetch and football in the garden every morning. He has sooooo many cuddles with Andrews Dad, every lunch time and a good walk that he has taken to helping dad with the garden. He really is a much loved family member . We recently bought a harness as Andrew is finding it is easily to run with him on the Harness then it is on the normal collar and lead (Safe to say with all this rain they both come back soaked and muddy with matching smiles) We recently found his love of squeaky toys, baths and ducks. We have lots of walks down the Canals and across the fields in which he has taken to finding the biggest puddles of mud to make us walk though which only ends up with either me or andrew worse off than Leo.
We are also working on the training front so far we have sit, down (not jumping up so much now with new people - just sitting on there toes) paw, shake, stay and we are still working on fetch. Although fetch has to be done with two toys but he is bringing them back.
On friday he had a groom, and the Ladies said he loved the bath but was not to sure on brushing so we are slowly working on that, daily in small doses. We have soo many photos that i will send over to you in a separate email as it may take a while to get over to you.
Ill send this pictures over in a second email and hope you both are well,
Thank you for everything and I will update you again very soon,
Sasha, Andrew and Leo