Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Jessy & family

Dear Wiccaweys,

Sorry we haven't been in touch sooner, but we have been have too much fun!

Just to let you know that Jessy is settling in really well, she is just finally clearing her cough and is really coming to life. She is a little Angel and seems to be enjoying life here in Nottingham. We are enjoying walks in the woods and meeting lots of new people, Jessy keeps us busy with her squeaky toys and lies under my desk while I am working. She is eating well now, I have put her back onto CSJ I don't think she liked the food before as soon as CSJ arrived she was eating again.
We are off this weekend to meet lots of new friends at a FlyBall event and are really looking forward to it!
Thank you so much for the work you do in re-homing these special friends, it seems like Jessy has always been here, I don't know what I did when she wasn't here!!!
I hope you are all well and all the other dogs are doing well,
Dom Jones

Letter from Ollie (was Teddy at Wiccs) & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

Teddy is now called Ollie.  He has settled in really well.  We took him to Haversham near the river on monday, he loved it . Ollie loves people and expects everyone to play with him.   He has loads of toys which we got for him, but at the moment he wants to play with jakes toys.   Toilet wise, well he has been great .  As soon as we open the door in the morning he goes straight out and does his buisness. WHAT A GREAT CHAP HE IS.   He keeps taking my potatoes out of the sack and playing with them.  Maybe i should call him Spud.   First night sleeping he was crying alot , but last two nights he has slept great.   He has got a Winnie the Pooh toy which was my daughters, but now Ollie has inherited it.    Once he has been fed and walked then he has his sleeps.   Has met a few other dogs and gets on well with them. 

Best wishes to you both, I will keep you informed of his progress.
Bye to you both,

Letter from Brynn & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Hope you're both doing well.  I always keep an eye on the website to see the new dogs you have there.  Hopefully one day I'll have a bigger house with room for another Wiccs dog ( or two) but until then, just another quick update on Brynn. 

He was neutered back in February and is all healed up. The operation went well and typically for him, he didn't calm down for a second, came bounding out of the vets and straight through my front door at 100 mph.  He turned 1 at the beginning of the month as well and he has grown into such a loving, adorable handsome ball of fluff.  And on another proud note..

He's now passed his Silver Good Citizen Award!!!!  He got extra big hugs on Tuesday night, when he passed.  He is starting to do some nose work now for companion dog working trials and seems to love doing all the different activities like retrieving.  He doesn't seem so bothered by heelwork but then I can't say it thrills me that much either.  We're two peas in a pod.

I can't thank you both enough for letting him into my life.  He is my little boy and I love him dearly.  Keep doing the amazing work you do, I know sometimes it must get soul destroying but for every down moment, try to remember the joy you're bringing into so many people's lives every single day because since having Brynn, I've not had time to be low or depressed - one look into that silly soppy face and you can't help but smile

Lots of love from me (Rosemary), Brynn and Aire

Letter from Sophie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Attached are three pictures of Sophie relaxing. She is cuddled up in her bed with ‘her’ cat – a kitten from the RSPCA called Lily that we adopted last summer, and then in one of the cats beds - but she’s a bit too big! Also a rather sad image of her waiting for her Dad – who obviously went out without her (not allowed).  The photos are a little grainy, as we have to catch her unawares with our mobile cameras, as if you point a proper camera at her, she either runs away, or drops her tail and looks really depressed; she hates having her photo taken!

As you can see she’s put on some weight (but not too much) but she’s very happy, and still rather silly.   

I often look on the website, and continue to be amazed by the many beautiful animals that you rescue just before they are PTS.  I can’t believe that so many of them are unwanted – and it all seems so unfair.  If ever I talk to someone who wants a dog, I urge them to consider a rescued animal, as the love and affection that we get from Sophie is truly second to none. 

All the very best.

Lots of Love
Julie and Austin Rutley (and Phoebe (daughter) Sophie and the cats Tia, Sky, Toby and Lily) 

Letter from Max (Bubbles at Wiccs) & family

Well, what can we say apart from he is a STAR with a lovely nature!!!!!

We left you and decided to get some lunch, so we headed for a pub with a garden, thinking probably one of us would eat whilst the other looked after the Max - not a bit of it, we found a table got him some water, he sat by the side of us, when another dog came along he sat calmly, whilst the other dog a small lab cross, also a rescue went nuts.  Max just looked and wagged his tail.  

We ate lunch, he looked as the food arrived but then lay down.  The journey home was eventful will talk more about that in a while.  Got home introduced him to the meadow and took him for a long walk he headed towards the river so we think he may be a swimmer ;-), we passed several dogs a couple of cyclists passed us, he took an interest but that was it.  

We brought him home he had a look around at his meal christened the garden. We settled him and went to bed 10.30 or so, he tried a few times to come up the stairs, but as soon as we said no and pointed down he turned and went down again.  

Got up about 6.00 normal time - he was sitting on his bed no mess nothing .... let him out in the garden he needed to go poor boy but had waited.  Breakfast he waits calmly to be fed if he jumps up we say no and he stops.  

Mark took him on a lovely long walk (not sure if we should feed then walk or other way around) he was so friendly with other dogs and their walkers.  Then Mark had an appointment, so Max was left for an hour and bit on his own.  Mark returned Max was on his bed with his pheasant (stuffed not real ;-) ) and the post was laying the door mat untouched no mess nothing how fantastic is that!   Max walked calmly to the door to greet Mark and then they went out into the garden and played.   Max is so good we can't get over it, plays like a puppy but when play is over he settles and snoozes. 

Monday, 26 April 2010

Letter from Shep & family

Greetings from Shep!
Well it's 3 weeks now since we picked up the lovely Shep so it's about time we let you know how he's doing!  He is such a sweet and affectionate boy, one of the soppiest dogs i've ever met in fact.  He really enjoyed his first holiday with us, a week of camping and canoeing in Norfolk.  It took him a couple of days to get used to the canoe, and he leapt out of it a couple of times in his eagerness to get back to dry land, only to end up swimming alongside the boat!  He did settle down though and thoroughly enjoyed the routine of having his nice walks interspersed with periods of snoozing in the canoe, as you can see from the pictures!  He seemed to love sleeping in the tent, especially because it meant there were lots of opportunities for cuddles, something Shep is very good at as you know :o)  We think that the holiday really helped him to bond very quickly with us as we were with him 24 hours a day.  He also got on really well with his new 'cousin', Angus the working cocker spaniel.  Angus can be unfriendly with other males since he was attacked by another male, but Shep helped to show him that other males can actually be a lot of fun. 
He has been doing really well at his new job of being a Countryside Rangers' dog!  He's loved meeting all my colleagues as they have all thought he's adorable and want to fuss over him, and he's been really well-behaved with the other dogs there too.  He's really enjoying life it seems, and takes everything in his stride really well.  He is learning his routine and is very content to relax once he's had his walk, he's an expert at it.  There are a couple of little things which make him a slightly nutty which we're trying to sort out - he's not too sure about people on bikes, or joggers!  He wants to race up to them and bark at the bikes, and jump up at the people.  He's not unfriendly though, just barky.  Hopefully we'll be able to sort that out, and are planning on getting our bikes out to get him accustomed to them. 
He's loving his food, loving his walks, is still getting lots of dancing practice and is getting really into playing with lots of toys.  He sends loads of love and cuddles for you, and we're so pleased with how he's settling in.  Everybody comments on his amazing eyes and what a sweetheart he is.  Here are some pictures for you.
Fi, Jim and Sheppie x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Letter from Tess & family

Dear Sarah and Paul
It has been nearly five weeks since we picked Tess up from you and we thought you would wish to know that she has settled in well. In order to ensure that we understand her better she has enrolled in a one to one ADPT training class where Kerry is learning a lot!

As you know T ess is very keen to chase things including Chickens/sheep/horses and cars however we hope the training will reduce this. Tess has made friends with most of the local dogs, including 6 labs and a dachshund. Tess and our resident Lab Poppy are getting on very well and have become good friends.
KB - just to say in addtition, Tess growing more confident in her home, she is a sweatheart, who gives and gets lots of collie cuddles, she's interesting to work with, challenging and great fun.

We have included some photos for your enjoyment
trust all is well at Wiccaweys
Kerry and Andy

Letter from Max & family

Hi Paul and Sarah
Just to ask if you would kindly allow us to register to post on the forum.
Also to let you know about Max (who we are calling Jim - or even sometimes Jimmy!)
Things have settled pretty well here.  As I texted yesterday evening, they travelled back fine and had a nice walk together before we brought them home.  They are fine on lead together, walk along as if they have known each other forever!  Jim doesn't pull half as much as Rosie, despite Rosie's year and a bit of training!  
When we got home they played ball in the garden, not actually together as in sharing, but each with a ball and not fighting or getting possessive about who had which ball.  We took Paul's advice and put out half a dozen new tennis balls so there was always one that they each could have without any problem.  Jim loved the garden straight away, he has explored thoroughly, sniffing and sniffing and being so excited!
We fed them and they settled for the evening, both quite tired, Jim likes to lie with his head (or bum) on someone's foot... he had a couple of times he came to one of us for reassurance when the bossy baggage (otherwise known as Rosie) barked... not necessarily at him, she's a barker at almost everything.  She did tell him off a couple of times, but nothing like as seriously as she did at WIccs... I can only think that either she was more stressed than we realised with you, or else that being on her home ground made her feel more confident and less in need of asserting herself.  Jim stood up for himself a couple of times, and I think that helped too.  
Anyway, peace reigned all night.  We borrowed a crate from a friend to give him somewhere safe to sleep, and he was glad to have a rest.  About three o' clock this morning we woke up to hear him playing in his crate, but otherwise he and we slept through till 7. 
This morning there were a couple of mild grumbles about who was who, but it has quickly settled down.  Rosie is a bit subdued, but we have had two more walks together and they are fine out and about, and in the garden together.  We are making sure Rosie has her usual routine, and Jim is fitting in beautifully with that.  Jim is very waggy tailed today, he seems to be settling remarkably quickly considering.  He does like to be with one or the other of us, but he is asleep now under my chair and Nick and Rosie are in the other room and everyone is happy! Funnily enough, she doesn't mind him sitting next to us or us patting him.  A couple of times today she tried to get him to play her sort of running about games, but he doesn't seem to understand that idea too well.  It was quite sweet though, because twice today  Jim has given her the ball or nosed it over to her, and she doesn't understand his game!  No doubt they will get it in time!
I did pop him in to the vets to get weighed and for a swift visual check... not a proper visit because we didn't want to stress him, but just so we could have some idea of what his weight was.  Paul and Nick are very good guessers, because he weighed 14.6 kilos... (Nick said 14, Paul said between 13 and 15!)   We have registered him with our vet, and we will go back for a proper check when he has settled a bit more. 
His eyes are a bit less mucky today, the vet did give us some ointment but we will wait and see, because I think it is clearing without needing too much interference.  Just feel a bit happier to have something in hand in case it worsens over the easter break.
We have put him on gluten free food and he has certainly poohed a bit less today... yesterday it was 4-5 times after we met him, today only 3 times altogether  Of course, yesterday no doubt all the stress of moving made a difference to his belly, but he has eaten well and been very bouncy, so I think the change has not disturbed him too much. 
He has been clean and dry in the house from the start, we aren't really sure yet what signals he gives to ask to go out, but we have been making sure he can go out frequently and he has been great.  He certainly has got good bladder capacity judging by this morning's first wee!
Probably that is enough from me for one day... but just wanted to reassure you he is doing ok, and the bossy baggage is coming to terms with her new companion.  A few more days and I think she will be begging him for attention!
hope the hot cross buns were ok... just about to try out another batch
Claire and Nick Gradidge

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Letter from Tia & family

Hello Paul & Sarah, and all my friends at Wiccaweys,
Happy Easter to you.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a great time in my new home.  Although I've only been here for almost four weeks, I've really settled in.  I have a lovely soft bed with blankets, which I like to chew sometimes, and a rug near the kitchen so I can see everything that's going on.  My cough got a bit worse when I arrived and my tummy was a bit upset, but a nice vet gave me some more antibiotics and my cough's all gone now.  It meant I couldn't have my vaccination till I was better and I had to have some special food.  Wow!  I absolutely love scrambled egg, and chicken and fish are really nice too.  I still love my Little Champ biscuits though.  I'm off the see the vet today to have my booster jab and I'm also going to be microchipped.  I like to give James, my vet, lots of licks but I won't if it hurts!
I've been making lots of new friends, and Peggy the Jack Russell is my favourite.  We go and play ball in the park, and I'm allowed to run free, but I have a very long lead attached just in case.  I'm very good though and always come back when I'm called.  I'm a very fast runner and I like chasing after Peggy when she gets to the ball first.  I'm learning lots of new words; stay, leave, come, fetch, heel, and sit.  Sit seems to be the hardest of all but I do get there in the end.  I've been for lots of walks in the fields and saw some really huge dogs, so I woofed quietly at them in case they came after me.  My new mum said they were called horses.  I'm going to school after Easter to start obedience training and my mum says that as I'm really good anyway, I'll soon be top of the class.
I've got lots of new toys to play with.  My favourites are a furry lion and an orange monkey.  I like to give them a good shake and run in and out of doors with them.  I've also got a tug, but I much prefer to tug on the towel when my feet are being wiped.  It gets really muddy on my walks sometimes, so I've had to be washed in the bath.  I'm a very good girl as I stand still until all the dirt and mud is washed off.  I get lots of cuddles and tummy tickles, which I love, and give lots of lovely licks in return.  I'm being really good at night and I'm nearly toilet trained.  I've my own tray which I use when I need to.
I've been in the car lots of times now and I'm getting use to it.  I can't wait till I'm a bit bigger so that I can see better out of the rear window.  I went to London last weekend and we went for a walk to a park.  I had to walk on a pavement and there were lots of people and cars going past but I was very good and brave, and it was only when some really scarey things with four wheels came past that I got a bit upset.  Apparently they were babies in pushchairs.  But I had a lovely time and was on my best behaviour all day.  I'm going to Norfolk tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing a beach and the sea.
My new mum and dad love me to bits, and I love keeping them on their toes.  I've just re-fashioned my mum's wellies by chewing around the tops.  They are now cut down to ankle-length and my mum says they will be perfect for the summer!  I also like stealing her slippers if she forgets to put them away.  I've managed to chew two pairs so far
Thought you might like to see a photo of me in my new home.
With lots of love and licks,
P.S.  I'm six months old now!

Letter from Todd (Cooper at Wiccs) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

It’s 2 years since we brought Todd aka Cooper home with us on a snowy Easter weekend. I just wanted to let you know what a gorgeous dog he now is and how much he has become part of our family. As Paul summed him up at the time, he really is a laid back, gentle dog - with only a very few manic collie tendencies!   He also is very much the ‘follower’ that Paul predicted. He has grown into quite a big collie with a strong love of rabbiting in the fields. But that little bit of Labrador in him means he spends much of his time up to his neck in water (of any colour) given the chance – and that his stomach rules his life in a way that it doesn’t with most collies!!!!

We love him to bits. Thank you for letting us look after him.

Keep up with all the good work – we look at your website regularly and think you do a wonderful job.

Best wishes and Happy Easter

Melanie, Andrew, Julia and Robert Craze