Sunday, 4 April 2010

Letter from Tia & family

Hello Paul & Sarah, and all my friends at Wiccaweys,
Happy Easter to you.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a great time in my new home.  Although I've only been here for almost four weeks, I've really settled in.  I have a lovely soft bed with blankets, which I like to chew sometimes, and a rug near the kitchen so I can see everything that's going on.  My cough got a bit worse when I arrived and my tummy was a bit upset, but a nice vet gave me some more antibiotics and my cough's all gone now.  It meant I couldn't have my vaccination till I was better and I had to have some special food.  Wow!  I absolutely love scrambled egg, and chicken and fish are really nice too.  I still love my Little Champ biscuits though.  I'm off the see the vet today to have my booster jab and I'm also going to be microchipped.  I like to give James, my vet, lots of licks but I won't if it hurts!
I've been making lots of new friends, and Peggy the Jack Russell is my favourite.  We go and play ball in the park, and I'm allowed to run free, but I have a very long lead attached just in case.  I'm very good though and always come back when I'm called.  I'm a very fast runner and I like chasing after Peggy when she gets to the ball first.  I'm learning lots of new words; stay, leave, come, fetch, heel, and sit.  Sit seems to be the hardest of all but I do get there in the end.  I've been for lots of walks in the fields and saw some really huge dogs, so I woofed quietly at them in case they came after me.  My new mum said they were called horses.  I'm going to school after Easter to start obedience training and my mum says that as I'm really good anyway, I'll soon be top of the class.
I've got lots of new toys to play with.  My favourites are a furry lion and an orange monkey.  I like to give them a good shake and run in and out of doors with them.  I've also got a tug, but I much prefer to tug on the towel when my feet are being wiped.  It gets really muddy on my walks sometimes, so I've had to be washed in the bath.  I'm a very good girl as I stand still until all the dirt and mud is washed off.  I get lots of cuddles and tummy tickles, which I love, and give lots of lovely licks in return.  I'm being really good at night and I'm nearly toilet trained.  I've my own tray which I use when I need to.
I've been in the car lots of times now and I'm getting use to it.  I can't wait till I'm a bit bigger so that I can see better out of the rear window.  I went to London last weekend and we went for a walk to a park.  I had to walk on a pavement and there were lots of people and cars going past but I was very good and brave, and it was only when some really scarey things with four wheels came past that I got a bit upset.  Apparently they were babies in pushchairs.  But I had a lovely time and was on my best behaviour all day.  I'm going to Norfolk tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing a beach and the sea.
My new mum and dad love me to bits, and I love keeping them on their toes.  I've just re-fashioned my mum's wellies by chewing around the tops.  They are now cut down to ankle-length and my mum says they will be perfect for the summer!  I also like stealing her slippers if she forgets to put them away.  I've managed to chew two pairs so far
Thought you might like to see a photo of me in my new home.
With lots of love and licks,
P.S.  I'm six months old now!

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