Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pics from Rex (now Max)

Lets see if this has worked.Trying to send you photos of Max in Keyworth.These are a couple of recent photos on my first camera.I have some on facebook that daughter puts on for me but not sure how to send them or indeed if this will work.

End of the day with his bezzie mate.
Warm regards Ann Shuma,Max and Simba.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Letter from Billy & family

Hi Sarah and all,

We adopted Billy from you many years ago...and it was the best thing we
ever did!  He is my best friend -  daily running partner, kids buddy and
such a good boy.  He is always getting complimented on how well behaved
he is (tho' i then point out that this is the result of many hours
commitment to training him rather than something that just magically

If i feel like skiving a running session ever Bill wont let me...so he
is good motivation!

I have often heard people say that collies are not good to have around
children as they will 'nip'..I guess that these are probably people who
do not realise what a highly intelligent dog collies are and that their
energy and intelligence needs to be channelled if they don't want them
to round up their children out of boredom!

It occurred to me that it may  be good to offer my help to your
organisation if it was ever needed.

We live (still) in Swindon in Wiltshire so if ever you need a home
checker for this area please do feel free to contact me .  I do work,
but could always spare a couple of hours if that would be helpful

Keep up the Good work!

Rachel Cook

Letter from Swinkle (now Sam) and family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
     Just a quick message to let you know that we arrived home safely via your vets, Sam (the chosen name) was very good, but not too keen on the microchip.  He  was very well behaved in the car and when we made a comfort stop at the services, but was unforftunately very sick towards the very end of the journey, it was understandable as it was hot and quite long after such an eventful day. He has been for a couple of walks but has not done a wee or poo, he has had his tea and after playing with his new toys is asleep peacefully at my feet.  The pavement on the lane at the bottom of our road is quite narrow, and he was very interested in the passing cars, he did not bark or offer to chase them but sat still and watched avidly  everyone that passed. I would value your advice on the best way to deal with this so that it does not become and issue. My son has lent us a large pen, one he uses for his lab and beagle when caravanning so there will be plenty of room for his snooze tonight.
     Many thanks to you both for your help today, I am convinced now that you offered me the right dog and I have made the right choice, despite the fact that I came for an older bitch!!  I am looking forward to long walks with him which I have missed over the last few years since Skye became to old to enjoy them.  I will keep you posted with our progress and would value your help with the cars.  
Many thanks 
Anne Edwards

Letter from Joon (now Molly) & family

Just to let you know that Molly has settled in really well and she and Bob are now the best of friends. She has a new favoutite passtime Gardening! She has cheered us all up enormously after the sadness of losing our GSD.
John and Pauline Molly and Bob

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Letter from Mandy & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

Mandy continues to settle down really well and is becoming very obedient in that we have let her off the lead in wide open spaces away from traffic because experience has shown us that she will come back when called [perhaps it’s the treats!].

There are a couple of minor issues we are dealing with; she is more confident now and tends to jump up [mainly at us] whenever we put our coat or shoes on. We try to ignore her until she stops & turns away & tell her to sit & gently ask her to stay down – have you any other suggestions? The other is that she has a sit down strike if she doesn’t want to go in a particular direction for a walk. We tend to coax her on or if she isn’t persuadable, choose another route, pick her up and carry her a short distance – there is no problem if she gets her way to go in the back of the car – but we don’t want this to be her decision. Again any other suggestions, should we ring to discuss?

Our granddaughter met Mandy this weekend and the two of them got on really well together. Mandy was willing to let Jessica put her lead on and dry her muddy feet after her walk without protest. Very pleasing.  

We have arranged to go to training classes starting in June (earlier one full). We don’t have any new pictures ready as yet but will send some as soon as we do


Tony and Stephanie & Mandy

Letter from Matty (now Alfie) and family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
Alfie was 1 years old on Saturday so I thought Id check in, hope everyone is well your end...
Well what can I say about Alfie.. aka Alfie Moon or the Moonman!  he has come along way since you last saw him back in July last year. 

He got a bit too excited and interested in the squirrels a couple of months ago and lost me, after some initial panic I went back to the car and there he was.. sat waiting for me! I'd only just started showing the car and parking in the same place a couple of days before but there he was... found his way back! such a clever chap :O)

He is so good it makes me really proud when I see him around older and less well behaved dogs, we are looking into agility at some point as he can bounce higher than any dog I have ever seen and the speed he runs at he needs something to use all that energy (just got to nail him sitting in the same place for more than 2 seconds.. lol he does have ants in his pants)..

He and our almost 2yr old daughter Tilly are the best of friends.. they have such an amazing relationship and chase each other round and round and round.. u get the picture! lol
attached are a few recent piccys including one from his birthday
best wishes to all
take care
Lisa, Andy, Tilly & the Moonman :O)

Letter from Bella & Mum

Dear Sarah and Paul,

As it is now a month since I brought Bella home, I thought you'd like an update.
She's a gem and I'm besotted!  Everybody has fallen for her sunny, friendly nature including all the dogs we meet up with on our walks.  She is SO intelligent and quick to learn and constantly makes me laugh. 

Lots of the container plants have gone AWOL as she loves to triumphantly bring me the vandalised pots they were in, but I just laugh and she throws herself at me for a love and cuddle. Hopefully you will get a couple of photos as an attachment but I'm not very good at this hi tech stuff.

Thank you once again for letting me adopt her - we'll come and visit in the old camper sometime.
Lin Corrie and Bella x