Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Letter from Matty (now Alfie) and family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
Alfie was 1 years old on Saturday so I thought Id check in, hope everyone is well your end...
Well what can I say about Alfie.. aka Alfie Moon or the Moonman!  he has come along way since you last saw him back in July last year. 

He got a bit too excited and interested in the squirrels a couple of months ago and lost me, after some initial panic I went back to the car and there he was.. sat waiting for me! I'd only just started showing the car and parking in the same place a couple of days before but there he was... found his way back! such a clever chap :O)

He is so good it makes me really proud when I see him around older and less well behaved dogs, we are looking into agility at some point as he can bounce higher than any dog I have ever seen and the speed he runs at he needs something to use all that energy (just got to nail him sitting in the same place for more than 2 seconds.. lol he does have ants in his pants)..

He and our almost 2yr old daughter Tilly are the best of friends.. they have such an amazing relationship and chase each other round and round and round.. u get the picture! lol
attached are a few recent piccys including one from his birthday
best wishes to all
take care
Lisa, Andy, Tilly & the Moonman :O)

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