Monday, 14 February 2011

Letter from Zoe & family

Hello to all at Wiccaweys
Just wanted to let you know that Zoe has settled in really well and is enjoying life in Suffolk.
She gets on very well with Moss and totally ignores Lucy, our old cat.
We had a trip to the vet on Wednesday for her microchipping; she was good as gold.
Thank you again for your patience in helping us find the right dog. We were pleased to see that Paddy and Cabbie also have new homes.
Zoe's tail hasn't stopped wagging since we brought her home; her official name is "Wiccaweys Wigglebum" although we shall still call her Zoe!
With best wishes
Jane & Heinz Seiler

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Letter from Misty & family


Thanks for the letter.

Yes, it is going well, Misty already looks like part of the furniture (sprawled in her basket as I write). She is already very rewarding - affectionate, gentle, clever, excitable at times.

Lou did have her nose out of joint for a day or so, they now sleep next to each other and we saw Misty trying to play with her this evening.

She is still learning how to tell us when she needs to go out for a wee, so we have wiped up a number of puddles.

We have a 10-metre training 'lead' which is brilliant down at the beach, she can run around, dig holes and chase her floating chewable frisbee. She is learning to Sit, Wait, Here, Leave etc..
She tries to round up cars, which is our biggest worry at the moment - vehicles themselves do not bother her unless they are moving. The faster they go, the more she will lie down facing them and as they go past she tries to race after them. She has had some intensive therapy and is getting better but is still quite un-predictable. On the plus side she does not want to chase bikes or runners.

We have 30 kg of food on order, to arrive sometime this week...

Andy Walker


Letter from Molly (now Tegan) & family

Just to let you know we arrived home safely and she was very good in the car, stopped off en-route and bought her a big cushion bed, she slept like a log last night as doggy people dont care for putting our pet alone in the kitchen so she curled up on her new bed next to ours.
This morning she had a nice walk along the seafront and met some new doggy friends, she is gorgeous, we are firing up our digitial camera and will send you some pictures.
Hope you will convey to her last owner that she is in a good home and will be loved to bits and as we have a tradition of giving our collies welsh names she has been renamed TEGAN, cause it means beautiful which she is. 
kind regards
Tegans Mum and Dad