Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Letter from Scrunchie & family

Hi Gary and Alison here, Scrunchies’ new parents.

As you can see by the first pics he has settled in OK. We found out what you meant about his escape skills. He was on top of the microwave trying to open our kitchen window. He is now crated when we go out until we can trust him. He gets very frighten at corridors and doors if there is anybody in the way. He also seems to forget who we are in the mornings and goes through the getting to know stages every day. Hopefully this will wear off in time. He won’t go for a wee or Pooh unless he is on the lead, Is this something you know of?

Don’t forget I would like to join your forum and I will stay in touch with more details of Scrunchie and how he is doing.

Gary and Alison Long 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Letter from Matty (now Alfie) & family

Morning Sarah & Paul,
Just wanted to let you know the first couple of days went well, Alfie settled right in much to our delight. It looks like the new bed has gone down quite well but not as much as Tilly's ball pit! lets just say Tilly isn't the only one who likes to hide in the Pink Princess Castle tent... lol

So far all 3 nights have gone very quietly and yesterday morning there wasn't even any presents to greet me on the floor, he really is such a lovely chap and we really are very lucky to have him.
He has had a poorly tummy but his current course of treatment (chicken & rice for all his meals) seems to be a burden he is willing to put up with! lol
He appears to have settled in really well and is making himself at home coming and going as he pleases, he is a hit with the rest of the family and we really appreciate you letting him join our little clan. He will be very much loved!
Thanks for making us feel so welcome, have included some pictures of his first day in his new home...
Lisa, Andy, Tilly & Alfie

Letter from Merlin & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Hope all's well there.  Have been on the website and looks like you have a right houseful at the minute!  
Merlin continues to be a superstar here and has settled right in to a routine of runs and walks and kips and play, and even obedience training when a bit of cheese is involved.  We've had a few emails back and forth with Brian - lovely man - and have let him know he's very welcome to meet up with Merlin at any stage if it suits, and we'll keep him updated with pics etc. 
Just wanted to say if you need any more homecheckers round these parts I'd be happy to volunteer?  Jennifer was great when she came round and of course it meant that we could take the next step in adopting the wee chap, so if it's useful do be in touch.
All the best,

Letter from Rossy & family

Dear Sarah & Paul

We adopted Rossy over 2 years ago now and it has been some time since we kept you up to date. We hope you remember Rossy although it must be difficult with all the dogs that pass through your hands.

Rossy is the most faithful, gentle, obedient and intelligent dog. We took him to obedience classes soon after we got him and at the moment we are going to agility classes which he loves and is doing very well. Unlikely you will see him at Crufts though!!!

Have attached a recent photo of him doing his weave.

Best wishes

Maureen & Brian West

Letter from LuckyWillow, Bob, Dylan and family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
All is fine here at Clevelode with our 3 pampered pooches :-)
I have attached a photo of LuckyWillow and her miniature daschund cousin sleeping on the sofa... believe me when those 2 are together it's a rare sight worthy of a photo!!
I wanted to know if you needed any help with 'homechecks'.  I know that you have Rae in the area, but just incase she is busy or you need additional help then I would be happy to.
It would be no problem for me to travel up to 40-50 miles.
Bob and Dylan are 4 years old this month!!
Take care
Love DJ xx

Letter from Dingle (now Dino) & family

Hi there,

Just to let you know about Dino's progress.
He has now moved up to the Adult class at Dog Training and is doing really well.
We are taking him on holiday to Bournemouth, to the hotel we used to take Rudolph and which we visit regularly.
We are going on the 24th of July.Hope he likes the seaside!

Chris and Jen

Letter from Jean (now Gabby)

Hi All at wonderful Wiccaweys!
Apologies for it being soooo long since I last got in touch!!!
I am sooo much bigger now! I am nearly 10months old!
I am still as mad as ever before! I have my own little course set out in the garden for when I am having one of my "mad 5's".
I have been on lots of walks across all the fields in this beautiful weather, which has been lovely!
I have had lots of toys brought for me, and I love playing fetch, (which I just run off with the ball!)
I am fully trained at most things now, I am just learning "paw" and "beg". 
My favourite place to lie now is by the front door- but the silly postlady keeps making me leg it upstairs when she puts the post through the letter box because she scares me!!!
I had my own England shirt for the world cup- but I didn't bring them much luck!
I had a bath the other week and I got my upright more wet than what I was!!! Serves her right for trying to bath me!!!
I was helping the uprights clean the pond out not so long ago- I helped by keeping watch off the fish in the paddling pool.
Well. . . I will be off now- I think it's nearly walkies! :)
Speak to you soon!!!
Gabby (nee Jean) xxx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Letter from Zippy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Just to let you know that Zippy traveled home well, he snuggled up to Robbie & we didn't know he was there!

He has had a walk around the paddock and met the horses and was very polite when he met our cat 'Heidi'....he has since snuggled up on the sofa .....i know, i know...start as you mean to go on and all that...but he has had a very buzy day, bless him!

We feel very proud and priviledged to have been entrusted with one of your dogs....he will be cherised, as are all of our animals forever....thank you for allowing us to your wonderful home to meet him and the rest of your furry family, it really was a pleasure. 

We will keep you updated and will bring him back to visit.
Best regards
Sharon & Craig x

Friday, 16 July 2010

Letter from Max (now Jack) & family

Hi there,

Please find attached as promised a few pictures of Jack (formerly Max) it was quite hard to pick just a few as I fancy myself as the next David Bailey and have taken so many that poor Jack must feel like an A list celeb - as you can see, it already seems like he has been here forever! 

He has completed a fortnight as an office dog already and takes it all in his stride, he has more visitors to our office than I do and very much impressed everyone when he manned the out gate with me at one of the posh FEI Endurance Races that the company organises last Sunday, we are even having this part of the venue re-designed to give him his own spot for the last one of the season, so that his adoring fans can congregate without holding up proceedings for the competitors! 

When Sheikh Mohammed left his quad bike unattended we did encourage him to climb aboard to pose for photographs and again Jack was eager to oblige especially as it earnt him extra cuddles  and even managed to look like he owned it.  

Yesterday he went to the seaside and he rather liked the beach as well although we do need to work on his theory that everyone will love to have their ears licked!!

Thank you again for such a perfect pairing
Take Care
Shirley, Jack, Skippy, Max  & Wilma

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Letter from Maisie & family

Hi Sarah & Paul

Just to let you know that I am ok and having fun in my new home!
It is all a bit of an adventure at the moment with lots of exploring.
My mum and dad have discovered that nothing is safe with me about as I like to rearrange and chew everything as the pictures demonstrate!

Having great fun with my new doggy buddies,  Penny is really sweet but gives me a wide berth as she finds me too excitable and FAST!, but when I am tired and quiet she doesn’t mind me curling up near her for company.  Rani – I know Mum & Dad were worried how I would get along with her as she can be a bit grumpy and feisty at times, but it didn’t take me long to win her over and I now have her eating out of the palm of my hand.    Not only am I a pretty pup but confident with it and I soon told her that I wasn’t taking any agro! We are now the best of friends and playing together well.   

Can’t wait for my next injections and finally being allowed out into the big wide world, Mum and Dad have to carry me at the moment which makes the walks a bit boring – there is a whole world waiting for me to explore and I just can’t wait!

Crazy Maisie


Letter from Poppet (now Pip) & family

I thought it was about time I gave a progress report on Pip (Poppet at Wiccaweys) as it is almost a year since she came to live with us, and what a year its been!
Pip settled almost immediately, choosing to sleep on her bed under the stairs. From day one, she has never disturbed us at night, but waited until we got up - whether it be 6.30 am or 9.00 am. She is good when we leave her, the neighbours say they never hear her, and she has never chewed anything up. 
At first she used to lunge at cars as they passed (we have managed to get her to stop doing this), and wanted to get in any car with the boot open! I was able to let her off the lead within days, although I had a fright in the first week, when she ran off, and I thought I was going to have to ring Paul and Sarah to say I'd lost her already!   We searched everywhere for her, then I remembered her fixation with cars, and, sure enough, she had found her way to the car park, and was just about to be taken home by another kind lady!   She now has an identity tag with my 'phone number on!
We had only had her 10 days when we visited our son in Scotland. She loved the beach, especially chasing the sea gulls! Since then we have visited our daughter in West Yorkshire. She has a Spollie and 2 border collies. The Spollie did not like Pip at first, and she told her off a few times, but they now keep a respectful distance from each other. Pip has also visited the Lake District and Ireland, when she coped very well with the 4 hour ferry crossing.
She has made friends with several of the dogs we meet while out walking, and their owners (especially the ones who give her a treat!).
She has just passed her Kennel Club bronze good citizen award, and has started agility training. I have registered her with the Kennel Club and her Kennel Club name is Wiccaweys Poppet!
She has been an absolute pleasure to have around, and I am very grateful to Paul and Sarah for allowing me to have her. Even my husband, who took some persuading to allow me to have another dog (our last one died 15 years ago) wouldn't be without her now.
Shirley, Peter and Pip

Monday, 5 July 2010

Letter from Max (now Jack) & family

Hi there,

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for putting up with us all on Saturday and to let you know that so far Max (who is very quickly becoming known as Jack - he is like a jack in the box) is settled in brilliantly, he appears to love the other three and them him. Infact they were all asleep on the way home before we got back on the A14 and just look like they have been together forever!

It is his first day at the office today so we'll see how that goes but looking very positive we went up to the stud yesterday but he wasnt phased by it as long as he gets cuddles and to play he doesnt seem to care where he goes.

Will be sure to stay in touch and again
Thank you
Shirley, Jack, Skippy, Max + Wilma xx