Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Letter from Merlin & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Hope all's well there.  Have been on the website and looks like you have a right houseful at the minute!  
Merlin continues to be a superstar here and has settled right in to a routine of runs and walks and kips and play, and even obedience training when a bit of cheese is involved.  We've had a few emails back and forth with Brian - lovely man - and have let him know he's very welcome to meet up with Merlin at any stage if it suits, and we'll keep him updated with pics etc. 
Just wanted to say if you need any more homecheckers round these parts I'd be happy to volunteer?  Jennifer was great when she came round and of course it meant that we could take the next step in adopting the wee chap, so if it's useful do be in touch.
All the best,

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