Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Letter from Evie & family

Hi Sarah,
For some reason I can't get the previous photo to send at all so have attached three others of Evie Eva & Muttley. She's doing great, Jas has been taking her to training classes & I think they will be taking their Bronze test soon.  As soon as Jas feels she's ready all 4 of us are starting Agility classes too.  We're hoping to go for a camping trip to Anglesey next weekend, weather depending.  Muttley loves the sea & seagulls make for brilliant chasing games, Eva's favourite sport is rounding up Muttley so she should have a great time. 
Around the house she is very helpful.  In the first week she stripped quite a lot of my much-hated kitchen wallpaper (I have always meant to do it but hadn't got round to it!), so I finished the bits she couldn't reach & repainted.  I am assuming that the paint job is to her liking as my walls remain untouched since!  She also enjoys helping with the hoovering -attempting to herd the hoover around the room, I keep meaning to get a video of this but laugh so much each time that I forget.  It was Mutt's 2nd birthday on Sunday, one of his presents was the giant tug rope in the photo.  They did not want to play with it outside in the rain (both stood at the kitchen door & looked at me as if to say "go on, after you!") so the living room became a tug of war den!
As far as the gardening goes, Mutt & Eva have completed the pruning (read flattening!) & have indicated where they would like future plants to be put in the garden by digging the holes for me, saves a lot of future backache for the humans! 
Hope you are keeping well, will keep you updated with further antics! 
Best wishes,
Flic xx   

Letter from Amy, Max & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
Hope you are both well.  Thought you might like to see the attached piccies of our gorgeous Max and Amy relaxing in the garden after a walkies.  What a life!
Amy has settled in well and is now a bossy little madam, her one aim in life is chasing Max round the garden, pinning him to the floor and then biting all his legs, and guess what, Max loves every minute of it!!!!!!   Wouldn't be without them for all the money in the world!
Kind regards
Mel and Dave Brown

Letter from Sacha & family

Hello Paul and Sarah.

As promised pictures of Sacha at home and on holiday
by the sea on the Wirral.

Sacha has proved to be a little gem. She is extremely well-behaved and we would say she was probably a "man's dog" as she follows Phil everywhere. She travelled with us in our motor home to Worcestershire and then on to the Wirral - she just lays down and goes to sleep. To date, we haven't heard her bark. We are off to Kent this weekend and then off to Newark-on-Trent the following weekend. We will try and bring her back to you for a vist before we go off to Ireland.

Kind regards Shelagh and Phil West. 

Letter from Romanian Max & Mum

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that Max settled really well last night and has been the perfect gentlemen (apart from nibbling my backside)  
I also want to say a HUGE and very sincere ‘Thank you’ for all you have done for him, and even more for trusting us with him.   I know how difficult it is to let the very special ones move on, and I know I would have failed miserably had I been his foster carer.   You are going to be a very hard act to follow but I promise we will do our utmost to make him as happy, and give him as good a life as possible.
Have a good holiday (perhaps you’ll let me know when you’re back)?
Love and very best wishes,
Gwyn and Max  xx

Letter from Patchey & family

Attached is photo taken on Scarborough beach on Easter Day., first time Patchey has seen the sea. Loved playing on the sand with lots of other dogs.  Are there any pictures of Patchey's brothers and sisters?

Letter from Blondie & Dads

We thought you would like these photos of Blondie - she has made herself very much at home as you can see.
Best regards,
Peter & Andy

Letter from Dorothy & family

Hello Sarah and Paul, 

    I hope this finds you both well, Dorothy is showing signs of being an elderly lady now bless her, her back legs are arthritic so she needs help with getting around but she is a happy girl and keeping her weight down along with daily massage helps her to continue to be the mad girl we know and love so much.
    Sadly, Sonney our 17 year old Springer Spaniel boy went to Rainbow Bridge 3 long weeks ago so a lot of pining has been going on with both human and four legged residents Dotty and Ben (Border/Lakeland chap) as soon as this silly machine will allow  grrrr!!  I will get photo's of Dotty through to you
    Heartfelt thanks to you for uniting my dear dad with Dotty girl she brought him much joy and companionship as she does with us and visiting family and friends.
                            our kindest regards to everyone there
                               Linda and Adrian

Letter from Pepper & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,
This is a great photo of Pepper playing with her little Sheltie friend Casper this afternoon – when they were still enough to take it!
She’s enjoying her training classes and had lots of fun yesterday running through the tunnel and climbing the A-frame; it was a bit like being at the fairground as she just wanted to keep doing it again!
Hope you’re not working too hard,
Best wishes,
Edna, Marianne & Pepper