Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Letter from Rex (now Max) & family

Hi Paul, Sarah, Mick and Julia,
just a quick update on Max/Rex, I've sent you a little bit of film of him in the garden, hes either guarding us from the parakeets which swoop over head or he wants to play with them.   
he's doing well but did not like training classes as he did ten mins and then just sat down or layed down and refused to get involved but he behaves well and comes when called.   its actually like he's on a bit of elastic attached to me and if I'm around he wont go with anyone else , so he still favours ladies.  there are still things that frighten him like a fisherman raising his arm , someone wearing a russley raincoat, even mick taking his belt out of the loops on his trousers.
he does not like more than two dogs at a time and runs out of their reach and waits a safe distance for us to catch up and he will give a hard nip to any dog that is very hyper like puppies so have to put his lead back on if we meet any like that (wonder if he associates that sort of behaviour with the jack russells that attacked him ? ) he does meet a jack russell on his walks and if hes just saying hello hes fine with him but he can meet the same dog five mins later and if hes more exited he will nip and have a go at him . it does seem if dogs are in an exited state he doesn't know what to do so he nips anxiously other than that hes lovely but very suspicious of the vets or anyone leaning to close to him and will warn them by curling his lip, but it can be confusing because he still smiles profusely on greeting and playing, have tried to get him to play and fetch with balls and the like but don't think its ever going to happen .
any way what was going to be a quick line is turning into a ramble, just wanted you all to know he's very settled and happy as a pig in muck.
bless you for all the hard but rewarding work you all do.
regards Ann and Mick and Max

Letter from Rosie & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

Thank you for the invitation to the dog show next Sunday. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend because I am going away with “my people” to the Yorkshire Dales for the weekend. We are staying in a place called Grassington and “my people” tell me that there are lots of lovely walks around there.

I am enjoying my new home now that I have settled in. It was strange at first because I had been used to being outside all the time and living indoors was new to me. Anyway there are lots of walks around my new home and I meet lots of other dogs when I go out early in the mornings and I have a good chase around with them. I like being with dogs better than humans but “my people” say I am getting better at meeting other people now.

I am enclosing a photo of me just in case you have forgotten what I look like.

Love from “my people” and me

Rosie Sutcliffe

Letter from Mickey Stone & family

Dear Sarah and Paul
Mickey Stone thanks you for your kind invitation to the dog show. he would love to come but he is still on his extended summer holiday in France and won't be back in time.
Mickey - now called Ranulf and very proud indeed of his new name- is having a wonderful time at our Frech house where he can do what he does best which is run and run and run and run.  His French woof is coming on a treat.  And he loves being spoken to by French people and has endeared himself to everyone - he's so friendly.
Ranulf settled in really well when we brought him home at the beginning of this the year.  He thought his new brothers were great, especially Vicq to whom he is nearest in age - and spent the whole time tumbling and play fighting and dragging Vicq in and out of rooms by his ruff.  He also loves Epping forest - there's so much to chase. We think he's got a touch of the sight hound in him as he does like to pursue rather than round up.  I'm please to say however that he is good with farm animals - your Wiccaweys regime clearly works well. 
He soon put on some weight although we had a bit of a backward step as he got bad skitters for a while, but it was a chance to take him to the vet and he was good a gold.  The problem was quickly solved and he is a good weight now.  Boy can that dog eat, but he's so energetic that it soon burns off.  If it wasn't for our other dogs he'd be exhausting.  As it is we all take turns to amuse him!
We started taking him to obedience classes at once and it wasn't long before he was promoted. He's a quick learner but he has a very busy mind and you've got to keep him focussed.  He can be a bit of a devil with other dogs sometimes in class- some dogs he just doesn't like. But there is no malice in him at all.
He's a very affectionate boy, loves his cuddles and can be quite jealous.  It's quite amusing to see them all try to push eachother out the way to get closest for a cuddle.
So all in all he will definitely do!  He's a cracking boy and we can't imagine what it was like without him.  So thanks a million, and very good luck and weather for the show.
Mary Boddy

Letter from Bonnie & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just to let you know that Bonnie is settling in extremely well.  She is so gentle and highly, highly intelligent, we have already taught her a few commands and she has picked them up immediately.  She uses the same part of the garden to go to the toilet (furthest away from the house!) - what a good girl.  Her favourite two tricks are drinking out of the water fountain in the pond and pinching everyone's slippers when they are not looking! 

She has won over Grandma too, who is keen to puppy-sit!  and had a social visit from the vet, who is coming to micro-chip and vaccinate her on tuesday (been fully briefed about Nellie's reaction). 

She loves the boys to bits and sat by the front door crying when they went out to play yesterday.  

Thank you so much for letting her come to live with us, she is absolutely adorable and has really brought something special into our lives.  

I am attaching a couple of pics of her in the garden yesterday and will definitely keep in touch, we are going west on hols during October half-term so shall bring her in to visit you if it is convenient.  Will send the collar back in a week or two when she has grown into the new one. 

Love from,

Anne, Vic, Scott, Ross & Bonnie XXX

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Letter from Max (now Jack) & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just a quickie as I wanted to share this picture with you all...

To prove I wasn’t joking when I said Jack was coming to be an office dog...

Congratulations to Oscar on finding his new home as well xx

Oh and I have registered Jack in anticipation of being Agility Stars (or Clowns) on the KC Activity Register as “Wiccaweys Jumping Jack” hope that is OK?

Take Care & see you all at the show
Shirley, Jack, Skippy, Max & Wilma xx



Friday, 13 August 2010

Letter from Sam & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,
It has been just over a week now since I got Sam and the attached pictures show that he has really settled in. He is so intelligent and within a few days was walking along the foot paths without a lead (always about 50m ahead and checking back).
I has a great temperament and boundless energy which is keeping both of us fit.
I will keep you posted on his progress over the coming months.
Once again thanks

Peter & Sam

Letter from Tor (now Seamus) & family

Hi All,
Just to let you know how Tor (who is now Seamus) is settling in. He travelled back very well on Tuesday, sleeping most of the way as Eleanor said he would. He is a very good boy and 'asks' at the door when he needs to 'go'. He loves to be in the garden, he is fascinated with the chickens and will spend ages watching them in their pen. We have taken him on a couple of walks with big brother Max, he was very excited to watch Max swimming in the pool and got his toes wet at the brook, but it was more fun to watch Max splashing about from the side. We are finding all sorts in his bed that he has 'borrowed' to play with including assorted shoes, socks and tea towels from the kitchen! 
Seamus is the most sweetest loving dog, he follows me everywhere (he has even mastered the stairs, something that took Max a couple of weeks!')  he loves his cuddles and when tired prefers to fall asleep snuggled up on your lap. We are going to the seaside in Wales next week, we will let you know what he thinks of the beach and the mountains!
All Our Love
Seamus and Family

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Letter from Zippy & family

Hi there Sarah & Paul,
Would love to offer my services as a home checker ( if you'll have me!)
Zippy doing great, growing in size and confidence by the day!  Started a 4 week clicker training class, before going onto some obedience & hes loving it.  Added a couple of pics of him with some of his pals on a walk.......& afterwards with his feet up!!
Lots of love
Sharon x

Letter from Oscar & family

Hello Sarah and Paul,

Just a short note to let you know how Oscar is doing.  Well we have changed his name to Murphy and he has settled in realy well, he paced around the house for the night but after that he has been an absolute star and Bill, Fly and Tess have completely accepted him.
He walks well off the lead and his recall is brilliant.  He will go to training soon as he is a fast learner. 

Judy woiuld be really interested in becoming a home checker for you in our area and would like to know how she can start?

Kind Regards

Judy and David

Monday, 9 August 2010

Letter from Winnie & Poppy & family

Just found this little thought written on a scrap of paper in my daughter’s room:

You may not always see me Winnie, but you can see right into my heart. I will love you always.

We could never have guessed how much this little blind collie would take over our lives and give us all so much pleasure and love.    He is so kind and gentle (to most) except he does not like workmen at all!!!    We have had a few trousers nipped and grown men cower as they come to our door!

The little munchkin is Poppy(was Missy). She is quite a different character. She was so stressy when she first came to live with us. Very car sick and wild out on a walk!!   But as with all things, kindness and love and gentle discipline is paying off and she is turning into a gorgeous dog. She likes to cycle with me and we go a five mile trip daily through Burghley park.   As we race down the hills I shout ‘Ready Poppy?’ and she barks like mad and tries to catch up!!   She can run!!!!   I think there is a bit of lurcher in there somewhere!!
Believe it or not I can take Winnie cycling too but not so far, as he gets tired.  It is a lot of concentration for him.  I am always amazed how he slots in at my heel or cycle and stays there. He hates being on the lead and will sit down, refusing to go until I let him off in the park.

Just come back from a holiday in Norfolk.  If anyone wants to know a good ‘doggy’ hotel then I can recommend the Caley Hall Hotel in Old Hunstanton.  Totally dog friendly and within a short walk onto the wide beautiful Norfolk sandy expanses.   Dog heaven!!!   Hence our heaven too.

All the best to Wiccaweys.

The Haydens

Letter from Pippit & family

Hi Sarah & Paul.

Well it's nearly been a week with Pippit and he's getting on brilliantly!! He has really settled in and has already explored everywhere and chewed most things. He is also getting on great with Jack and really looks up to him.
Jack is also following Pip by actually starting to play with toys and venturing round the garden instead of staying in one area. Pip is a lovely little boy and we would like to thankyou so much for introducing us, we have attached some pictures of Pip so you can see how he's getting on.
We will keep in contact and update you regularly on Pip's adventures!!

Many Thanks

Lauren & Rob

Letter from Jessy & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

I hope you are well and life is not too busy with all those puppies I keep seeing on your website! Not sure if you remember Jessy, she came to live with us in April, - her bright blue eyes are difficult to forget though! She has settled in really well and seems to be loving life, she is into everything and is currently sat beside me trying to get our 19 year cat to play with her! Jessy is doing fantastic with her training, and we are hoping to start some work with sheep in September! She is a member of a flyball team and really loves it, we have just come back from Anglesey where she had her first starter race, and came first, attached is a pic of her racing. Hope you like it!

Dom & Hannah Jones

Letter from Bertie & Gertie (now Hagrid & Molly) & family

Dear guys,

Well as you know Bertie and Gertie were a couple of shih tzu's we were lucky enough to adopt a few years ago from you guys.

Since then things have gone very well. We renamed them Hagrid and Molly. 

They have formed a strong bond with our labradors Hermione and Ginny and they all get along famously. Even with Hagrids one eye he interacts with the labs beautifully.   At the moment it is pear seaon and with the huge pear tree in our back garden all 4 little angels enjoy their 5 a day by snacking on a pear or two.

Molly is the life of the party still and has so much energy , but she keeps up with the labs and they all run round like mad things in the garden all day

They have become a real part of our family and all 6 of us are having a wonderful time together.   Its hard to think of the life they had before they came to us but being a firm believer that things happen for a reason they are where they are meant to be.

I've included a few pics of Molly and Hagrid so you can see how they are doing.

Steven and Tony 

Letter from Paddy & Ruby, & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

Hope everything is well at Wiccaweys.

Thought you’d like an update on Paddy and Ruby.

They settled in immediately – like they’d always been here.

Ruby is now getting a little tummy, but she’s very preoccupied with the chickens and ducks and “works” all day at the pen! We are slowly teaching her to have fun and not to have to work all day long, as we’d like to be able to loose the chickens out to range again. Her eyes are no longer crossing as she slowly unwinds from her ordeals.

Paddy is a fabulous pup – growing bigger as each day goes by. He’s a happy chap and is fazed by absolutely nothing! He’s made lots of new friends with dogs and people alike in the neighbourhood and is loved by all.

The pack is very comfortable together and we love having them as part of our family, albeit we are getting up quite early as we have visiting foxes that waken Paddy at about 5.30 and he feels he needs to join in their barking – LOL!

We’ll keep you posted with progress reports.

Love Ian, Shelley and the rups.

Letter from Sophie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

I hope all is well at Wiccaweys, it has been also a year since we adopted Sophie from you so I thought I must send you an update! (I'm sure you must remember her with being the former hermaphrodite!!)

She is a brilliant dog and it makes you realise how rewarding rescuing a dog is. This dog goes on more holidays than I do and seems to be made for traveling in the car! She's so beautiful, obedient and loyal we really couldn't have asked for a better dog.

What prompted me to send this quick email was going to a charity dog show organised by Capable Canines at Catton Hall. There was the usual agility there but this weekend they were running fun classes. Sophie entered a few and came 2nd out of 40 dogs for the 'best eyes', 3rd out of 35 dogs for 'beautiful bitch' and got 4th place for 'best rescue'. Definitely a great day and Sophie made lots of new friends! I've attached a few pictures for you.

Best wishes
Sophie and the Crowson family xx