Monday, 9 August 2010

Letter from Winnie & Poppy & family

Just found this little thought written on a scrap of paper in my daughter’s room:

You may not always see me Winnie, but you can see right into my heart. I will love you always.

We could never have guessed how much this little blind collie would take over our lives and give us all so much pleasure and love.    He is so kind and gentle (to most) except he does not like workmen at all!!!    We have had a few trousers nipped and grown men cower as they come to our door!

The little munchkin is Poppy(was Missy). She is quite a different character. She was so stressy when she first came to live with us. Very car sick and wild out on a walk!!   But as with all things, kindness and love and gentle discipline is paying off and she is turning into a gorgeous dog. She likes to cycle with me and we go a five mile trip daily through Burghley park.   As we race down the hills I shout ‘Ready Poppy?’ and she barks like mad and tries to catch up!!   She can run!!!!   I think there is a bit of lurcher in there somewhere!!
Believe it or not I can take Winnie cycling too but not so far, as he gets tired.  It is a lot of concentration for him.  I am always amazed how he slots in at my heel or cycle and stays there. He hates being on the lead and will sit down, refusing to go until I let him off in the park.

Just come back from a holiday in Norfolk.  If anyone wants to know a good ‘doggy’ hotel then I can recommend the Caley Hall Hotel in Old Hunstanton.  Totally dog friendly and within a short walk onto the wide beautiful Norfolk sandy expanses.   Dog heaven!!!   Hence our heaven too.

All the best to Wiccaweys.

The Haydens

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely note that your daughter had written. Hearing about the wonderfully positive impact that a border collie has on a family is heartwarming and I never tire of hearing them. thank you.