Thursday, 19 August 2010

Letter from Max (now Jack) & family

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just a quickie as I wanted to share this picture with you all...

To prove I wasn’t joking when I said Jack was coming to be an office dog...

Congratulations to Oscar on finding his new home as well xx

Oh and I have registered Jack in anticipation of being Agility Stars (or Clowns) on the KC Activity Register as “Wiccaweys Jumping Jack” hope that is OK?

Take Care & see you all at the show
Shirley, Jack, Skippy, Max & Wilma xx



1 comment:

  1. Fantastic to see Max/Jack in such a great home. He looks really happy. I rescued him and his brother Oscar in Ireland some time ago.They lived with me,my own rescue collie plus a pack of clients dogs that would come and go. I always felt both max & oscar will make good agility dogs. They aimed to please so much and both bursting with brains.
    I'll be honest I was very sorry to see them go, shed a few tears but now realise what fantastic oportunities wiccaweys provided for them. Thanks to Wicc's and thanks to you for allowing Max become part of your pack