Monday, 18 July 2011

Letter from Rocky & family

Well we have had Rocky for almost a year now.  I have tried several times to email photos but my ancient computer wouldn't co operate.  I think i might have round a way.  I will only send a few as it takes so long! 
He is very happy here and has us fully trained now.  He loves the water and we take him to Dedham to swim in the River Stour quite often but he also loves the sea.  We took him camping last August in Rutland.  He wasn't sure about the tent at first but we got him in eventually.  He is going on holiday with us to Wales this year so will make sure and take lots of photos.
Please let me know if you have any problems with these photos.
Kathleen Graham

Letter from Milly & family

Just to let you know that Milly is doing so well.
Eating Arden Grange food and wolfing it down.
Wish she was a couch potato- now loves 2 x 1hr full on walks a day then comes home and would play ball until she dropped.  She does now come in when we call her in rather than shouting for us to come outside and play! We just find her ball everywhere we turn inside! Once she realises that we really aren't going to play 24/7 she accepts and goes into couch potato mode.
She hasn't got onto the furniture once- her favourite spot is on the wider turning stair at the bottom- where she can keep an ear/eye on everything that is going on and risk a sleep because she won't miss anything- or she comes to lie across our feet until it's time to come up to her bed
Recall is coming. It's better if we don't play ball on the walk because she doesn't want to stop. She doesn't attempt to run away- just reverses a few steps-repeatedly so that you can't put her on the lead! She is also savvy and won't get tricked by being given a treat- although she comes for them during the rest of the walk! When we carry on walking she follows reluctantly- but continues with the reverse steps when she thinks you might have another go at putting the lead on.This now happens very rarely- just wish had more idea when might happen!, 
She is so wary of of so many things- that I'm not sure how used she  was to walks in her former life . She loves going on her lead the for security!. She is really off her stroke  when we walk past the sheep- especially when they baa,,,,,
She loves hiding in the long grass- first time she did it I couldn't work out how I could have lost her in 30 seconds,She lies asolutely still so that she can leap out as you get level with her- and won't move when you call because she's hiding! Sometimes you can just see the tips of her ears or end of her tail.
We feel we are so lucky to have her. I keep looking - hoping that Bruno has his forever home. Hope it happens soon. He was lovely but just too strong for us. Think Rosie's haircut really suits her.

Thanks so much for all your care for all the dogs, 

Letter from Birch & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Just to let you know Birch is doing really well - he is beginning to put on weight and is gradually feeling more at home each day.  He gets on well with Bella our other collie and has been out for a walk in Hastings Country Park today.  He is gaining confidence each day and it's lovely to see him gradually coming out of himself and starting to enjoy life.  He is such a gentle boy and we introduced him to some of the family yesterday, including other family pet dogs and especially our 3 and 1 year old grandsons and he loved it.  He is very much loved by us all and is such a handsome boy and here's a photo to show you.

Jen & Martha.

Letter from Zippy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Hope you & all your four legged friends are keeping well?!
Its our anniversary!!!!!!!  It has been a year to the day since we adopted Zippy, how time flies!! We can honestly say if we had searched every rescue in the land we couldn't have found a better dog to join the family. Zippy is just perfect....he is bright,  fun, clever, playful, energetic, super quick to learn (all the usual wonderful collie traits)  but most of all he has such a hilarious character....he really does do some comical things, he makes us laugh every day, hes soooo cheeky!!  He loves his agility & will be making his debut at Capable Canines next month in the 'not for competition - young uns' class. There is only one thing Zippy loves more than agility & that's swimming with his housemate & adopted brother Robbie, which he does every day! We are very fortunate to have beautiful countryside with lakes on our doorstep & Zippy can never get to his swimming spot fast enough.....or should i say diving spot, as he always has to launch himself into the water after the ball making an enormous splash!  He really is perfect!     Wondered if you ever hear from the family who adopted his brother Matty, would love to know how he turned out? 
Anyway both, keep up your excellent work......& to anyone else who may read this.....DON'T BREED OR BUY WHEN STRAY DOGS DIE ....  RESCUES RULE!!!!!!!!!
Very best regards
Sharon, Craig, Zippy & Robbie  xxxxxxxx


Letter from Jed & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just to let you know Jed is doing really well.  Had a EUREKA moment last week.  After 4 weeks of strategically placed dog  treats on our down stairs,  Jed finally gave in and went DOWN the stairs for the first time (he’s never had a problem coming upstairs).   His fear of going down the stairs has completely disappeared.  He rushes out into the garden to play football with Oli, Scarlett and Alice or jump over the made up assault course.   Had a few problems with him being scared of little dogs and behaving aggressively, but have distracted him with a shaker (rice in a water bottle) which has worked wonders and he now has lots more small doggy friends (especially Molly the Jack Russell).

You mentioned that we could order a longer collie lead from yourselves which is specially made for you.  Please could you e-mail us  details including prices and postage etc.

Hope you and the dogs are doing well, love the updated website, will e-mail  you some more photos soon.

Love The Heatons

PS Jed sends lots of slobbery kisses and warm hugs (he’s still as fussy as ever!)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Letter from Spock (now Shadow) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul
Just wanted to say hi and send you some piccies of our lovely boy Shadow.
Shadow has settled in so well, he's a joy to have around, and he's the best of friends with his brother, Silver :)
Thanks again for letting him come to live with us. Keep up the good work; what you do is amazing.
With thanks from Val & Steve and snuffles from Shadow & Silver xxxx


Monday, 11 July 2011

Letter from Blossom & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Just to let you know how Blossom is getting on.

She is gaining in confidence every day and improving on the good work you started with her.  She was very nervous to begin with, particularly with normal household noises, and scared of the noises of traffic, trains and helicopters on walks but now she ignores these and really enjoys her outings - especially playing with all the other dogs we come across.  She continues to eat well and is beginning to respond to her name!  She loves playing with her toys and running round in the garden.

Everyone we meet falls for her as she is so friendly and so affectionate. 

We really enjoy having her with us.

Best wishes.

Terry and Cherry

Letter from Peppa & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just wanted to let you know I am settling in my new home very well, my new Mum and Dad can't believe how good I am.
I am having lots of lovely walks in the park and have made lots of new doggie friends,I have also met lots of new people who all think I am lovely,some even give me presents.

I am sending you some pics of me.

Lots of hugs from Pepper.

PS My Mum and Dad say thanks for letting them have me.