Sunday, 28 February 2010

Letter from Ani-Ansell & family

Dear Uncle Paul and Aunty Sarah,

Well it's official....I'm a handsome gorgeous poppet!! 
Well that's what my new Mum and Dad keep telling me (and everyone else they speak to). Sorry I haven't been in touch until now. I've been very busy entertaining my new family and their friends, so have been pretty zonked in the evenings.

Well what have I been up to?....Tuesday's trip down was long but I was a very good boy and slept most of the way except when we stopped for a walk. Jess and I got on just fine all snuggled up in the car and I managed to stretch out fully on the back seat-I don't think Jess minded being squashed in the corner. As I had a bad tummy upset I wasn't allowed any tea so through the evening I spent a lot of time answering all my welcome texts and phonecalls By bed-time I was pretty tired and although mum slept downstairs with me to check I was ok on my first night, I slept all the way through until the following morning.

On Wednesday Dad was in work all day and Mum had to go into work for a few hours in the the afternoon. Before Mum left I was introduced to Lauren who apprently walks us each lunchtime if both Mum and Dad are out at work for a few hours or if mum is working at home-she's really friendly and gives me lots of hugs. We went out exploring for an hour and then by the time Jess and I had a little kip, mum was back home and we were off out again. My tummy had settled a little so I was allowed some tea which I ate in a record time of 2 seconds. 

Thursday Jess and I were extremley busy helping some men put up a new log cabin in the garden for the bunny-pigs, this and 4 walks meant I was completely knackered.

On Friday night I had a really bad tummy and mum had to sleep downstairs with me again. She rubbed my tummy for about an hour until I fell asleep and again at about 5.30 when I woke up with tummy ache (mmm..I must remember this for the future if I fancy some company and fuss in the nights). Anyway yesterday morning I went to the Doggy Doctor. I was very good, he told me I was a gorgeous handsome boy (told you it's officiall!!) and that I probably just had a bit of tummy spasm. I have some scrummy paste thing that I have to take and Mum and Dad have been given some tablets if I get tummy ache again. I haven't needed them though and I feel much better now. On the way out I had a cuddle from a boy of about 6 or 7- I know some dogs don't like kids but not me - I think they're dead cool!!

Just wanted you to know that I am still a very happy boy and every time of the day is my favourite time of the day - I love my new family and they obviously love me. Dad is great fun and Mum does the fuss, hugs and cuddles thing really well. William and Tilly the cats have come to meet me and Tilly spends most of her time downstairs now (I think she fancies me!!). William is a bit of a wuss so its easy to make him run but getting bored of that now so he's down here a bit more. Jess continues to set the rules and boss me around, but not as much as I thought and we have lots of play-time too (although we get told off sometimes for playing too boisterously in the house).

I go for loads of walks past schools and playgrounds, bikes and skatebords and I don't worry at all. I do jump up at people on my walks sometimes (especially men with ruck-sacks) so mum and dad are teaching me not to do that as I am apparently too big-but I am learning quick and even walk much better on the lead (although they have ordered me a harness). My favourite game at the moment is ten pin bowling.....this is where mum dad and jess stand in the garden and I see how many of them I can wipe off their feet whilst I am running round - not had a strike yet but there's still plenty of time!

Well I'd better sign off now as I'm going for an interview this evening at Doggy Day Care. Jess says its a really cool place that we go to once a week where we can play all day on the one day a week that Mum and Dad are in work all day. I have to meet the family and the 3 children so need to have a walk before I go. Wish me luck!!

Will be in touch again soon, but in the meantime just wanted to say a big thanks for helping me to find my forever home (although I do believe me being such a handsome gorgeous poppet did contribute significantly!!).

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Letter from Freddie, Izzy & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Thanks for the time you gave us on Monday last week. We actually came up to walk a dog or two as a day out and a treat for our Sarah and, of course, Izzy our adoptee of six months. However, true to form, Paul brought out a dog that stole our hearts.

Freddie is such a lovely gentle dog that we can’t imagine why anyone would let him go, except that he is a bit of an escape artist (due to lack of training we think). He has decided that he will allow Izzy to be the boss and she started off as very bossy but has now mellowed towards Freddie as the attached photo of them together shows.

We took Freddie to the vet to be micro chipped and to check out a foot injury that we didn’t notice until we got him home. He has finished a course of antibiotics and the wound has healed nicely. We also found an L-shaped scar on his back that was about six inches by four inches, hidden under his fur. He must have been in the wars in his previous life.

He is now settled in nicely and (we think) he knows he is here to stay. He walks perfectly on the lead and Izzy has remarkably begun to follow his example. We are looking forward to seeing them run together when Freddie masters being off the lead in a week or two. Even our cat, Blues, seems to have accepted her new situation of being outnumbered by dogs.

Thanks again for giving us two such fantastic dogs – we will keep you informed of their progress. We hope you like the photos – I know you didn’t have time to take one of Freddie before we adopted him.

 Kind regards to both of you

Linda, Colin and Sarah & Izzy and Freddie


Sunday, 21 February 2010

Letter from Tara Valentine & family

Hi Paul & Sarah
Just to let you know I am now settling in at my new home. I like my new bed and am sleeping much better now.
I seem to have got Tom & Sarah well trained taking me for plenty of walks, even in the snow and letting them give me lots of hugs and kisses.
My cough is slowly getting better, but my nose is still warm.  Sarah is giving me my tablets and a liquorice brew, which I like.
They also have told me that they will take me to the vets next week for a check up.    Woof!
Better go now, as its getting late, we all need to go for our late night walk.
Have sent some photos, hope you like them.
Lots of hugs & kisses

Letter from Jean & family

Hi everyone at Wiccaweys!
Just thought we would let you know how Jean is getting on with us.

She is the most gorgeous little cheeky madam that we could have asked for! She has nearly got the hang of toiletting, but has found a way to keep the house dirty, by digging in the garden and running around the house afterwards!

Jean loved the snow, and had lots of fun out in the garden. She is a very big fan of cuddles at night, well most of the day actually!  She has found her special spot to lie during the day - under the pipes from the radiator so she stays nice and warm!

She has doubled in size since the last photo's we sent, so I have attached some more so you can see how big she is!   Her favorite game is tail chase - she spends a lot of time playing this game and getting very dizzy at the same time. 
Will let you know how she is in a few months time!
Love the Smiths and Jean x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Letter from Marco Polo & Maggie

Dear Sarah & Paul,

Have been busy enjoying Marco, he's settling down wonderfully and is an absolute joy - so full of energy - such a collie.  My cat BiBi wasn't sure of him at first, but now they play together, the cat even follows us when we go off for walks.  I'm having such fun with him and getting fit into the bargain.  I can imagine ever being without him - thank you so much for making all this possible.

Love & regards to you all,
Maggie & Marco

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Letter from Jaspar (Little Timmy at Wiccs) & family

Morning Sarah and Paul,
Just thought i would let you know how well Jaspar is doing. We changed his name as we thought Jaspar was a cheeky name just like him.  He is absolutley fantastic, and has settled in so well.   
Myrtle loves him, and they play really well together.   Jaspar wont go any where without Myrtle, and follows her every where apart from up stairs as his legs are too little!   She is being big sis, and is learning to play too as we dont think she knew how to play with other dogs and needed a respectful dog to learn.

Rosie walks him which she really enjoys as it means that she can help us walk the dogs, there is a special bond betwen Rosie and Jaspar which is great to see.

He loves watching 101 Dalmations although we cant actually hear the film as he talks to the dogs!

We can't thank you enough for all your help, I am recommending you to anyone that is looking to adopt, as you have been fantastic.   We have adopted cats and dogs from other rescue organisations but your procedure is definatley the best.
Linzi, Rick and Rosie-Bea

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Letter from Spot (was Scottie at Wiccs) & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
I have now been in my new forever home for a fortnight and thought I would write to you and share some of my experiences so far.  Mum and Dad decided they couldn't call a Border Collie 'Scottie Dog', so I became 'Spottie', and now just answer to 'Spot', which works really well 'cos of the multi-coloured spots on my legs.
When we left Wiccaweys we came straight home - I was very tired, found a nice spot to call my own and have settled into my new life like it was an old and comfortable slipper. 
Mum takes me out for a walk every day - we go to some lovely places - Morkery Wood, George Henry new Wood, the Meadow and River Walk, The Quarry Walk, the Yew Tree Walk and the Old Railway.  At first I had to walk on the lead, but as I was a good boy Mum let me off when it was safe - I didn't venture very far and Mum says my recall is excellent - I even came straight back after spotting some deer.  We are working on some other stuff too and I am learning fast.  My favourite game at the moment is when Mum throws a ball - she has a ball thrower which means it goes a long, long way.  I have a real giggle sometimes though - when I take my eye off the ball and don't know where it has gone, Mum has to fetch it herself ........ she is SOOOO SLOW compared to me!!
Mum says we have lots of other exciting places to visit yet including Bourne Wood, Stretton Wood, Exton Park, The Golf Club and Rutland Water ..... I can't wait!  What a fantastic life - I have enclosed some photographs for you to see.
The other day we went to see a lady called a Vet.  She was very nice and checked me ALL over.  At the end she gave me a jab - Mum explained to me that it was a Rabies Injection which means I will get a pet passport in 6 months and be able to go on holiday to France with Mum and Dad later this year (hope they take my good side for the photograph).  They have a cottage in Brittany which is surrounded by forest walks and Mum says we will be moving to France eventually - Hope I can speak the language.  Don't worry - I will still write.  
Dad  says I am like Paul's Tardis.  I appear to be a sleek and toned border collie on the outside ....... but inside I have the heart, stomach (and bowels) of a Great Dane!!!
I think it must be fate that the first home you found for me didn't work out as I couldn't be more contented now - I have lots of new toys including 'Smiley Face' - we can't work out who has the biggest grin  ........ 'Smiley Face', me, or my Mum & Dad!  
Well, I had better go, but will write again.  Thank you for giving me so many happy memories of my stay with you and please pass on my thanks to those lovely dog walkers who took me and my friends out every now and again.
Love, Waggs and Collie Kisses to all,
Spot   xxx 


Letter from Becky & Sarah

Hi Paul and Sarah

Just a quick note to let you know that Becky has settled in very well and is her usual excited self! No major problems at all.  She has an appointment with the vet tomorrow and I have ordered some of her natural champ for her.  She is very much enjoying her walks in the fields where I live especially when she gets to scare all the pheasants.  This morning a hare ran out as well which was almost too much for her!   She is a bit scared of traffic when walking on the pavement but she is slowly getting used to it and we are trying to go out at quieter periods.

Will keep you posted on her progress!



Monday, 15 February 2010

From Cassie (Peggy at Wiccs) & family

Hi, Sarah ,Paul,
Just a catch up on Cassie progress, she is doing well.   
We go to training classes every week and she is becoming more obedient but still likes to run for england when given the chance.   
Will send you some pictures as soon as possible, I do not know if you remember but she has got one white eyelash and one black, very distinctive and beautiful, we love her too bits, we have had a few minor hiccups put that is to be expected with a rescue dog learning manners all she really needs is to be shown the right way and she always follows Megan`s lead.
I often think of Mischea and wonder how she is doing ,she really is beautiful and diserves a good home where she can learn to relax and enjoy life   I am sure she will get there eventually,
That`s all for now,
All best wishes,
Margaret, Jeff, Megan and Cassie


Letter from Sammy, Amelia & family

To Paul and Sarah

Sammy is settling in now, he's only been here a day and he is acting like he's been here for years!   He settled in his bed very well last night and he's very affectionate to everyone in the family.   

Here are some pictures we took today, They are attatched to the e-mail.

From Amelia and Sammy

.S can Sammy drink milk? I heard it was good for dogs.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Letter from Homer & family

Hi folks,.........Homer here.

Wanted to just say to you that I am grateful for the help and leg up in life that you gave to me, while I waited for my new home.  I was a little anxious when we first left, so decided to annoy the hell out of this new boss man by singing. Strangely, instead of being mad, he seemed to like it. I had a short walk in Coven while the car was filled up with something, and we set off again. I saw the Pennines which I haven't seen for a while, but we kept heading west and I could smell the sea. So I started singing again.

We had another stop at Warton where I had a pee and then drove the last couple of miles to Lytham, where they took me on some things called sand dunes. Great, just great.  Met two Collies, had a poo, well, you have to leave your calling card don't you. Don't know what happened next cause I fell asleep total flako in the back. 

Got to my new home and they let me loose to have a good root around the house and garden.  Oh Boy!!!!!! a pond. Well, you remember you told them I like water, well I just walked in and sat down up to my neck and started drinking. Boy that old party piece goes down well every time I pull it!   So to give me time to dry out a bit, the man person took me onto the beach. It was deserted and miles and miles of sand. I drank some more water, but its very salty. Won't try that again.

Currently, I am fed, watered, walked, and obviously loved, so life is sweet.  Apparently this man person has two grown sons who are coming up to see me soon.  Anyhow, must stop now, as I am laid down all warm and comfy like.  My eyes are getting heavy and life feels good.  So before I fall asleep which I intend to do toot sweet, I will say goodnight, thanks for rescuing me, and thanks for finding me my forever home. I shall have these two wound around my little finger within a week.

My only concern is that I appear to have an appointment with some ladies tomorrow at 10 am to get a good bath whatever that is.  Seems they bath you, dry you, comb you and generally spoil you so perhaps it wont be too bad.

Night night to you both, give my regards to all my mates down there and tell them that they will get their forever home soon and its definitely worth the wait.

Your old mate

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Letter from Max and family

Hi Sarah and Paul, thought I would just let you know how Max is getting on, I know you like to hear.  We have had him for a month now and he is settling in very well. He is a lovely naughty bouncy bright eyed collie boy and we love him to bits.  Max's philosophy is:  if it doesn't move, it's mine and I'll take it, BUT!!!! if it does move, it's still mine, and I'll still take it.  I'm always losing my slippers!!  He is eating well and has even put on a little weight.  And he loves his bed (but he loves ours more!).
Max has made lots of friends, both human and doggie, and everybody loves him, we are so pleased that we have him.
Kind regards
Mel and Dave