Monday, 15 February 2010

From Cassie (Peggy at Wiccs) & family

Hi, Sarah ,Paul,
Just a catch up on Cassie progress, she is doing well.   
We go to training classes every week and she is becoming more obedient but still likes to run for england when given the chance.   
Will send you some pictures as soon as possible, I do not know if you remember but she has got one white eyelash and one black, very distinctive and beautiful, we love her too bits, we have had a few minor hiccups put that is to be expected with a rescue dog learning manners all she really needs is to be shown the right way and she always follows Megan`s lead.
I often think of Mischea and wonder how she is doing ,she really is beautiful and diserves a good home where she can learn to relax and enjoy life   I am sure she will get there eventually,
That`s all for now,
All best wishes,
Margaret, Jeff, Megan and Cassie


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