Sunday, 28 February 2010

Letter from Ani-Ansell & family

Dear Uncle Paul and Aunty Sarah,

Well it's official....I'm a handsome gorgeous poppet!! 
Well that's what my new Mum and Dad keep telling me (and everyone else they speak to). Sorry I haven't been in touch until now. I've been very busy entertaining my new family and their friends, so have been pretty zonked in the evenings.

Well what have I been up to?....Tuesday's trip down was long but I was a very good boy and slept most of the way except when we stopped for a walk. Jess and I got on just fine all snuggled up in the car and I managed to stretch out fully on the back seat-I don't think Jess minded being squashed in the corner. As I had a bad tummy upset I wasn't allowed any tea so through the evening I spent a lot of time answering all my welcome texts and phonecalls By bed-time I was pretty tired and although mum slept downstairs with me to check I was ok on my first night, I slept all the way through until the following morning.

On Wednesday Dad was in work all day and Mum had to go into work for a few hours in the the afternoon. Before Mum left I was introduced to Lauren who apprently walks us each lunchtime if both Mum and Dad are out at work for a few hours or if mum is working at home-she's really friendly and gives me lots of hugs. We went out exploring for an hour and then by the time Jess and I had a little kip, mum was back home and we were off out again. My tummy had settled a little so I was allowed some tea which I ate in a record time of 2 seconds. 

Thursday Jess and I were extremley busy helping some men put up a new log cabin in the garden for the bunny-pigs, this and 4 walks meant I was completely knackered.

On Friday night I had a really bad tummy and mum had to sleep downstairs with me again. She rubbed my tummy for about an hour until I fell asleep and again at about 5.30 when I woke up with tummy ache (mmm..I must remember this for the future if I fancy some company and fuss in the nights). Anyway yesterday morning I went to the Doggy Doctor. I was very good, he told me I was a gorgeous handsome boy (told you it's officiall!!) and that I probably just had a bit of tummy spasm. I have some scrummy paste thing that I have to take and Mum and Dad have been given some tablets if I get tummy ache again. I haven't needed them though and I feel much better now. On the way out I had a cuddle from a boy of about 6 or 7- I know some dogs don't like kids but not me - I think they're dead cool!!

Just wanted you to know that I am still a very happy boy and every time of the day is my favourite time of the day - I love my new family and they obviously love me. Dad is great fun and Mum does the fuss, hugs and cuddles thing really well. William and Tilly the cats have come to meet me and Tilly spends most of her time downstairs now (I think she fancies me!!). William is a bit of a wuss so its easy to make him run but getting bored of that now so he's down here a bit more. Jess continues to set the rules and boss me around, but not as much as I thought and we have lots of play-time too (although we get told off sometimes for playing too boisterously in the house).

I go for loads of walks past schools and playgrounds, bikes and skatebords and I don't worry at all. I do jump up at people on my walks sometimes (especially men with ruck-sacks) so mum and dad are teaching me not to do that as I am apparently too big-but I am learning quick and even walk much better on the lead (although they have ordered me a harness). My favourite game at the moment is ten pin bowling.....this is where mum dad and jess stand in the garden and I see how many of them I can wipe off their feet whilst I am running round - not had a strike yet but there's still plenty of time!

Well I'd better sign off now as I'm going for an interview this evening at Doggy Day Care. Jess says its a really cool place that we go to once a week where we can play all day on the one day a week that Mum and Dad are in work all day. I have to meet the family and the 3 children so need to have a walk before I go. Wish me luck!!

Will be in touch again soon, but in the meantime just wanted to say a big thanks for helping me to find my forever home (although I do believe me being such a handsome gorgeous poppet did contribute significantly!!).

Lots of Love

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