Sunday, 21 February 2010

Letter from Jean & family

Hi everyone at Wiccaweys!
Just thought we would let you know how Jean is getting on with us.

She is the most gorgeous little cheeky madam that we could have asked for! She has nearly got the hang of toiletting, but has found a way to keep the house dirty, by digging in the garden and running around the house afterwards!

Jean loved the snow, and had lots of fun out in the garden. She is a very big fan of cuddles at night, well most of the day actually!  She has found her special spot to lie during the day - under the pipes from the radiator so she stays nice and warm!

She has doubled in size since the last photo's we sent, so I have attached some more so you can see how big she is!   Her favorite game is tail chase - she spends a lot of time playing this game and getting very dizzy at the same time. 
Will let you know how she is in a few months time!
Love the Smiths and Jean x

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