Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Update from Zippy

Hi Sarah & Paul
Hope you are both well & had a good Christmas.
Just an update to let you know how Zippy is getting on.
Cant believe its been over four years since we adopted him from you....where has the time gone!
Well, he still lives for his agility, im sure he would do it all day every day if i would let him, hes always 'ready, ready,ready'! He does get a little over excited at times and 'takes his own line', his results really are 'all or nothing', but that's fine by me, as long as hes having fun. He is obsessed with water and should have webbed feet! Swimming is his second passion in life to agility, third, frisby, fourth tennis ball, fifth football....i could go on and on....anything really that expends a lot of energy including going horse riding and cycling (hes very clever but doesn't actually ride the horse or the bike....he runs along behind *:) happy )  When hes not on the go, hes actually the most lazy dog in the house, all he wants to do is curl up on the sofa and sleep.......hes a perfect dog and we wouldn't change him for anything.
Take care of yourselves and all your four legged friends
Love from Sharon, Craig & Zippy  xxx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Update from Lassie

Hi Paul and Sarah been a while! 
Happy Xmas from lassie Karen and Lee 
all is going so well fantastic doggy 
we could not be without her 
great off lead likes hoop chasing 
such an intelligent dog.  xx

Update from Mollie

It's almost a year since we got Mollie so we thought we'd let you know how she's  getting on. These pictures were taken on our hill. It took a while but she is now almost a totally normal collie, if there is such a thing! She has become a part of our family and  we couldn't imagine life without her.  She already has nearly as many presents as we do from all her friends,  canine and human. 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Bill,  Fiona and Mollie

Update from Gavin

Hi Sarah & Paul.
Gavin - now Fynn has settled in really well . He has such a lovely nature and loves being made a fuss of. He is getting along well with Indy and all the dogs we meet on our walks.  His coat is looking lovely now and he lets us know when he needs to go out. We think he is amazing! thank you for letting him be part of our family. Happy Christmas to you and all the dogs at wiccaweys.
Kevin, Sara and family

Update from Mac

Hi Sarah and Paul
I thought you would like an update on Mac, unfortunately he still barks when left alone but I'm not sure it is all the time as he is quite when we leave and when we return. He is good most of the time when meeting a dog for the first time he seems to reflect he other dog if they are unsure then he is unsure.
However he does have a problem with the dark, he is easily spooked when out in the dark which results in him staying on lead as he would run off but he will not go to the toilet when on lead. When it is dark he will not move away from the door the result being is that he messes indoors every night taking him out late at night has stopped him weeing over the last few nights have you any ideas what we could do next.
Hope you have a great Christmas

Update from Samuel L Jackson

Hi Sarah and Paul,

It’s been nearly a year since we adopted Sam, so we thought it was time for an update.

Sam has settled in really well and has become a loving and trusting dog with a zest for life (and the appetite of a small army….).  He loves his cuddles, and his sleep (as the photos show!) and has been on holiday with us on a road trip through France and Spain.

He loves running in the woods with our other 3 dogs, and we frequently meet up with about 15 other dogs in a local park and Sam socialises beautifully.  He also manages our smallest BC’s anxieties and he adores Toby, Holly and Bailey and they love him too.

Sam is a huge hit with everyone he meets and has even melted Mike’s mum’s heart – they are now best friends, even if he does sleep on her knitting.

I have attached some more photos of Sam – the one where he’s half off the sofa is a favourite with everyone, and shows, I think, how comfy he now is.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

Tracy, Mike, Toby, Holly, Bailey and Sam!

Update from Benji

Benji is an an absolute delight and had fitted into our family life from day 1. He is wonderful with the children and they adore him as do we.  Keep us up to date with newsletters etc.   Have a wonderful christmas and best wishes for 2015
Sarah Bettis x

Update from Mags & Molly (nee Madge & Brie)

Hello Sarah and Paul
Just to wish you a happy Christmas from our girls.
They are both well and continue to keep us on our toes! Mags is now 11 and Molly 6. They are both happy and healthy and we love them to bits.
Thank you for bringing them into our lives!
Honor Howell

Update from Rookie

Hello Sarah & Paul,
Wow, it's now over six months since Mary & John came up to see me & gave me a new home. What can i say, life is good, lots of lovely long walks in the Chilterns, meeting lots of other dogs many of which i have a good race about with. Made lots of friends, two & four legged.  I have a fantastic diet of raw meat & organic veg, my coat now is so shiny & glossy you almost need a pair of sunglasses to look at it.
These couple of pictures were taken this morning on Watlington Hill.  Would like to wish you and all of your four legged friends up at Wiccaweys a very Happy Christmas & New Year.
Woof Woof

Update from Bess

Merry Christmas. Here is Bess in pets at home. She is coming along slowly but surely. A great family dog. Thanks for everything.
Paul and Genevieve

Update from Max & Paddy

Dogs absolutely gorgeous, both really well behaved.  Loving their walks - can we book them in for another bath, they have turned into two black collies! They are having a great time off lead and covered in mud.  We are both really glad they chose to come home with us.  We love them to bits.
John & Joy

Update from Rory

Rory been for a long walk with Meg.   Had tea and now snoozing on a big cushion.  Looks like he's always been here.   Thank you for letting us have him.  I know he will be a delight and bring us much joy in our time together.

Update from Poppy

Hello all
I was looking over your website today and saw a photo of Poppy in your Rogues gallery between Rafa and Meg with the caption 'Poppy from a family where Poppy was protecting a special needs child from any visitors'.  Just to let you know she is doing well and is now 12 years old and we have had her for just over 11 years, she is still very young at heart and very active, she was quite ill a few years back after having a fit not long after having her booster, she has regular check ups and is on medication but apart from that is fine.
Best Wishes
Clive Baker