Monday, 28 April 2014

Letter from Daisy & family

Hi Sarah and Paul, we just thought we would give you an update 
on Daisy now that she has been with us just over 6 months.
She took a while to settle in completely and find her place in the group 
but is now very used to the routines of the day. Daisy likes nothing better 
than playing ball or bringing a ball to any visitor who may just play with her.
She would play all day if she could !
Daisy recently hurt her leg whilst twisting to catch a ball out on a walk 
and so we took her to the vets who found she has a profound heart 
murmur but you would never know it to see how fast she runs. 
We know ultimately that may have a huge affect on her life span although
both our previous collies all had the same thing and lived to be 13 and 14 
so hopefully Daisy will be with us for many years. Her leg just needed rest for a few days which was easier said than done 
but she is now fully recovered.  Even in the cold weather she still takes 
herself off to the lake for a dip when we are out walking or if she finds a 
bunker on the golf course with water in it that will do. She certainly is not 
afraid of water but as yet we do not know if she can actually swim.
Despite our best efforts we still cannot get her to go in the car so its lucky 
we have fields around us but with the warmer weather coming we hope 
to work more on that so we can get her to enjoy more variety of walks.
Here are a couple of photos we thought you may like, by the way the 
bed she is asleep in is a cats bed!

Take care and hope all is well with Wiccaweys.

Carol & Lyn


Letter from Mollie & family

Hi all,

Mollie is doing fine. We’ve bought a whole set of dog agility kit, she zooms across the seesaw and through the tunnel just for fun even we aren’t with her. Weaving and jumping however are not her strong points... but she’s getting the hang of it. She is really well behaved and affectionate, a typical collie. She loves her walks and we are becoming more and more able to let her off her lead... though if she sees another dog or person, she engages warp drive.

People in the village have got to know her (we used to have two much calmer collies) and have a laugh when they encounter her. She is really enjoying life and spends three mornings a week at a local doggy day care with lots of other dogs of all shapes and sizes. She has teamed up with a little terrier next door and lets her chase her round the garden. Most afternoons she goes to the yard and glares at the horses...she doesn’t know yet what to make of them.

She was very nervous of strangers when we got her, but it seems that every day now she adds a new friend to her address list.

We will keep you up to date on her progress, and hope all is well with you.

Best wishes

Bill & Fi

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Letter from Tigger

Hello everyone. My name is Tigger and I have been with my forever people for three years now. I still live in Norfolk with my people and my best friend Katie (who is a rescued border collie cross). She used to be my boss but now we are much more equal. My people say I am much more confident now. I am still an active bearded collie (at least that is what my vet says I am). I love chasing and bringing back balls and my Barry person plays this with me every day on our walks. I also love tug of war with a rope with Katie. I am much bigger than her, but she is very strong, so I don’t always win. I have lots of friends in the village. Last week we passed a lady who was here on holiday and as I passed her she said “I’m dog jealous. He’s gorgeous”! I was walking on air all the way back home. I spend most of the evening with my Ann person. She makes cards and I love curling up in a corner and watching her. For some reason I love small places. I often curl up in the corner under the table in the kitchen or under the clothes dryer. One day I was found in my toy basket, which should have been impossible but somehow I managed it! Every four weeks me and Katie have a pamper morning. We go to see a groomer lady and I love being bathed, cut and blow-dried. Sometimes I fall asleep because it is so nice. I always have a ‘puppy-cut’, otherwise my hair would grow down to my toes. My people said I would look lovely, but I would get tangled and dirty unless I was brushed a couple of times every day. I think I look lovely anyway. To prove it I am sending you a photo of me and Katie after we’d been running around a lot. Licks and cuddles, Tigger (Tiggy, Tiggy-woof)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Midge's 9th Gotcha Day - Midge in a year

A celebration of Midge for his 9th Gotcha Day, by his very proud Dad Paul.