Saturday, 14 September 2013

Letter from Bobby & family

Hello Everyone

I wanted to send you some pictures and tell you all about how I am getting on in my new home.

I love spending time with my new Mum & Dad we go on lots of nice walks in the fields, I have made friends with my new cousin Mini the black lab and we sometimes go on walks together. I like sitting with my family in the evening while they have their cup of tea and watch movies, I get to sleep by their feet, stretch out and sometimes get my own pillow J

We are going away on a holiday next year which is very exciting and means lots more walking and even a trip to the beach.  I have also just been to the doggy hairdressers where I got a nice new haircut and had a bath ready for the winter.

I hope you like my pictures.
Please say hello to all my friends.

Lots of love

(Clair & James)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Letter from Jack & family

Its a year since we went to the Wiccaweys show, to show how well Merlin was getting on after we found him at Wiccaweys in March last year, and having followed young Jack on the website being left behind week after week with no one noticing his little face. I made the big mistake of talking to Sarah saying how surprised I was that he was still at HQ and why had he not been adopted.... aaaaagh big mistake within half hour we were at HQ walking him and after a week of thinking about it we came up and took him home.

Jack and Merlin hit it off like brothers and the fun began, they play fight all day every day until Merlin says enough?  Merlin and Jack are the most fantastic dogs they are just so loving, great with everyone and other dogs.. just the cats at HQ they have been back a few times to check out and supervise the new kennels and gave the cats a right old time, don't understand what cats are doing in a dog rescue.
We just had a week in our caravan in north Cornwall, we let jack off his lead on the beach for the first time and discovered he is into water sport a true water baby.

Letter from Haxie (now Emma) and family

Just to let you know that Emma went to a fun dog show a couple of weeks ago, along with about 50 other dogs.  Max (6) and Ed (4) took her in several events.  

She won the best rescue dog, best in the next section (winners from various classes) then went on to win BEST IN SHOW.   When the official photos arrive I will attempt to send one of her with her young handlers and clutch of rosettes.

The criteria that the judge (local Vet) used for Best in Show was the dog she would most like to take home. Rather good for a dog rescued by Wiccaweys from the Ennis Dog Pound. Emma is a really wonderful dog and we thank you again for letting us have her.

Love from Mary and Elliot

Monday, 2 September 2013

Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Thought it was about time we sent you some pics of Bob who has now been with us for nearly 2 years!
He has blossomed into the most loving boy he even accepts my kisses & cuddles & pretends he doesn't like it but paws me for more, hes a confident boy now & great off the lead & travels well in the car now so he can go to new places & try to catch more squirrels!
We look at Bob & think how long it has taken to gain his trust & for him to be a happy waggy tail boy who loves playing ball although he still wont give it back!  We're really pleased that all of our hard work has paid off & Bob can enjoy being a loved spoiled dog which he  rightly deserves.
Jackie, Mark, Jamie & Bob. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Letter from Millie & co

Hi Sarah and Paul.

Here are a few photos of lovely Millie and her antics.  She is a bit of a sneaky sock thief as you will see in one of the photos.  We were clearing out drawers and then found that Millie had taken a few pairs of socks to her bed :)  She also loves playing with balls, there is a routine ball game that we play every evening when she gets all her balls out of her basket and flings them around the living room and chases them!    She is such a lovely dog, we love her to bits!

all the best,

Thordis and co

Letter from Clifford (now Georgie) & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Thank you for our very pleasant visit yesterday, and also thank you for the gift of the new addition to our family, 'Clifford', now renamed Georgie.

Georgie travelled back with us really well, and has acquainted himself with his new home and garden. He has taken to resting outside under the trailer - obviously feels very safe there, and watches everything we do from there. He comes out when he feels like it to say hello and have a love. At other times he comes out to have a a mad play session with Rosie, which is lovely to see. His tail is right up now. As expected Georgie is very suspicious and often reticent when we try to approach him, but we feel confident that he will learn to trust given time. Georgie certainly loves his food, and is very eager for his portions. As I write this, he has just come in from outside, sat in front of me and intimated that he wanted a love. He likes his face and tummy rubbed best of all.

Rosie and Georgie are getting on really well together, and it is obvious that this has been a good match. We are really delighted.

Thank you once again, and be assured that we will continue to give you periodic bulletins.

With our very best wishes to you both, and all at Wiccaweys
Heather & Jonathan

Letter from Billy & family

Dear Paul and Sarah,

Here are a few photos of Billy. He is very happy here and we are making
steady progress with him. 
Thank you so much for the advice you gave me over the phone it was very
helpful and made me feel much more confident.

We will send you pics and information on a regular basis.  It is good to
know that you are there to give advice and encouragement. 

Kindest regards, 

Ken and Ingrid


Letter from Ollie & family in France

Hello Wiccaweys

Just been reading your website and it was good to see so many testimonials on 

I thought I'd give you an Ollie update considering he is coming up to 11 years 
old in October and we got him from you guys when he was just 2!

We are still living here in Chatel in the French Alps and Ollie loves it here 
and everyone loves him. He seems to like living at altitude, although not loving 
the 35degree plus weather we are currently enjoying, or the thunderstorms. 

Anyway, here are a couple of pics, one of Ollie with a stick in a mountain river 
and the other of him just about to fall into lake Geneva. 

Keep up the good work


Letter from Swift & family

Swift here.

Mam has been out and about taking pictures with her new camera.  We have a lovely new village sign and she has snapped me sitting in front of it.  Where we live is just a patchwork of gold at the moment.  Soon all the fields will be harvested and ploughed up and it will be a patchwork of brown once again.  We love the way it is constantly changing.

Last week Mam and Dad were woken in the small hours by the mournful sound of a dog howling!  It was just like something out of ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’!!  Just one big howl - then silence.  Apparently it was me and I was dreaming!  They are hoping I don’t make a habit of it!

Sending some photos Mam has taken when we have been out and about where we live.

Love Howler xxx

Letter from Milly (now Nina) & family

Apologies for the delay!
Enclosed are some up to date pictures of Nina (Milly).
The Cats and her are getting along really well and she has made plenty of doggy pals in and around the village. 
Hope Poppy is doing well.
Kind regards,
Debbie, Chris and Kathryn


Letter from Daisy & family

Hi Sarah and Paul just a quick update to let you know we all got home ok. Got held up in traffic on M25 but otherwise straight forward run back.  Daisy was very good and sat on the seat all the way, sometimes bolt upright , sometimes slouching and sometimes curled up but mostly whichever way leaning up against me.  She has met the cats and totally ignored them.  She has had her dinner and took herself off to bed - see photos attached. Daisy could not keep her eyes open any longer!   We will keep you updated on progress but thank you for bringing Daisy into our lives we hope we will do her proud.
kind regards
Carol & Lyn