Saturday, 14 September 2013

Letter from Bobby & family

Hello Everyone

I wanted to send you some pictures and tell you all about how I am getting on in my new home.

I love spending time with my new Mum & Dad we go on lots of nice walks in the fields, I have made friends with my new cousin Mini the black lab and we sometimes go on walks together. I like sitting with my family in the evening while they have their cup of tea and watch movies, I get to sleep by their feet, stretch out and sometimes get my own pillow J

We are going away on a holiday next year which is very exciting and means lots more walking and even a trip to the beach.  I have also just been to the doggy hairdressers where I got a nice new haircut and had a bath ready for the winter.

I hope you like my pictures.
Please say hello to all my friends.

Lots of love

(Clair & James)

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