Friday, 23 May 2014

Update from Lucy & Mum

Dear Paul and Sarah – we are delighted with Lucy. She has settled in so well and seems very happy and contented. Thank-you so much for all your kind help. I have been meaning to write to you for a while in more detail, but I’m afraid I haven’t. Will do a.s.a.p. With thanks again for your kindness and every best wish for your continuing dedicated good work, Doreen Webster.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Letter from Luna & family

Hello Paul and Sarah,
Just thought I'd better let you know that the "lovely Luna" is living up to her name. She has been fantastic fun to have around and even our reluctant teen has bonded with her.
She has done a little growing, mainly in length, I think and is much admired on our walks as she approaches everyone with a friendly wriggle and wag. Loves chasing balls and her favourite is a frisbee.  Obedience classes are going slowly as she is very distracted in trying to make friends with everyone. She is very wary around flappy things (tarpaulins blowing in the wind, plastic bags rustling) and barks madly and then tries to attack  tractors, vacuum cleaners, mowers and any DIY electrical items. Some things at home now take careful forward planning ! She is currently asleep at my feet under the kitchen table, but will no doubt be full of beans again when she hears the children coming back from school.
Many thanks for letting us live with us and hopefully we'll keep you updated on her and our progress !

Jane and Ian (Makkison)

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Letter from George and family

Hello Paul and Sarah, it has been 7 months since we've had George, he has really settled in well and is part of the family, just sending you some photos and a video for you to enjoy, if you'd have us, we'll come and see you soon and thank you very much for our baby.
Kind regards, the Brown family.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Letter from Molly & family

Just a quick note (and a couple of photos taken yesterday) to say that Molly has settled in really well, and she and Bess generally getting on well and sharing games and treats and walks. One walk yesterday and Bess was still having a confidence crisis because of noises she heard, but today she did a long walk which I haven’t managed to get her to do for several weeks, and no stops at all! Molly is very confident and not bothered by much, so hopefully she will help Bess to overcome her fears, and take the place of our old Molly still sadly missed after the cancer finally took her in January. ‘New’ Molly is already looking so happy and relaxed, exploring our acre of garden, and obviously loving life here!
Best wishes, and thanks again!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Letter from Kiki & Mum

Hiya, quick update - Amber has been quite nervous since Kiki arrived and has kept herself scarce, hiding upstairs. So we fitted a babygate to the lounge so she could watch without worrying.

Today, she finally took the plunge.  She was sat right behind the babygate and Kiki went up to say hello.  She got a swipe on the nose for her trouble Emoji.   Then about 20 minutes later,  Amber took a jump from the 4th step, over the babygate and onto the sofa arm.....and then she ventured into the room............. and the pics followed Emoji  Kiki is presently asleep on the floor, totally chilled out, and Amber is chilling out asleep on the chair arm (her usual position).

So we're getting there.  With regards Kiki herself, you'd think she'd always lived here and she's settled down remarkably quickly.  We've had no piddle accidents since the first day - she's thrown up a couple of times, but that could be something as simple as the change in water and, so far, no change in bowel movements so she's adjusting all round in a positive way.  We're now using a harness on walks, which has also had a positive effect and she doesn't pull like a train now - she's also responding to walking at heel and learning she has to stop when she gets to a road.

So all round, she's doing really, really well and I'm very pleased with her.

Hope all's well with you. Emoji

Sharon :-)

Friday, 9 May 2014

Letter from Sailor and family

Sailor has started to let out  a few more noises when 
we go out for walks!  Hooray!  Toby is barking in a more 
high pitched voice but I'm not sure he likes Sailor making 
a noise.  I think Jemma loves having boys around and still 
keeps up on walks. Sailor and Toby have been playing tug 
in the house, but still Sailor doesn't really understand what 
balls are for!
Best wishes,


Letter from Prince and mum Kim

Hi Sarah and Paul

Just an update to let you know that Prince is the best dog in the world! 
Once again thank you for matching him to us, we have all fallen in love.

He has settled into our weekday routine really well and knows when 
it is time for him and when to be patient and snooze in his bed.

Our weekends are now spent in Braunston and Prince is in his element 
racing along the canal path engaging with everyone he meets.

All the best


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kiki 'selfies'!

Hi guys

Just a quick update to let you know she's settling in fine. Pussy willow is still unsure but is getting a bit braver, so fingers crossed.  Am sure she'll come round as her curiosity generally gets the better of her.

I got a big crate for Kiki for during the night with a bed in it and confined her initially to the kitchen with the crate door open in case of 'accident'.  The door was closed and wedged from the other side but she managed to push it open and got into the lounge (Sammies are known for their Houdini powers, my last one was just as bad!) and slept on the sofa!  Cheeky mare.  So she's fast becoming Cheeky Kiki Emoji

Anyway, she has gone all night since coming home (apart from the initial 'dribble' the first morning) without any incident so I am now allowing her access to the lounge and kitchen at night with the option of going into her crate/bed if she wants.  So far she's favouring the sofa, although she seems to understand this is only allowed during the night.  

She's quickly more or less learnt to "wait" on walks, which I use when crossing a road, followed by "okay" to indicate that it's alright to go again, so she's eager to please.

She's loving her walks and is very affectionate, so I think she's happy.  A couple more pics are attached (you'll be getting bored of these soon!) - "selfies" taken yesterday on a walk in the park.

Will keep you informed.
Sharon :-)


Monday, 5 May 2014

Letter from Meg & Mum

Hi both - thought you would like the latest update for Meg and agility.  She competed in her 4th KC agility comp this weekend.  Two weeks ago she won out of grade 1 in her 3rd competition.  This weekend she was placed with 2 thirds and 3 seconds.  That timid little pup is doing great things despite being held back by her handler.


Quick update from Kiki & Mum


Just a few pics that we took today.  I'll send some more later (am a bit pooped, so have only uploaded a few so far from my phone - and Kiki is sparked out asleep now, heehee).

Sharon :-)

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Letter from Elsa and family

Hi Paul and Sarah,
It's been just over a year now since Elsa joined the family and we thought you might like to hear how she is getting on.  Attached are two photos, one mid-jump while playing in the garden and the other wondering if it's supper time yet. 
She is the sweetest and most affectionate of dogs with us, and although a bit wary with strangers, much more relaxed than she used to be. She is now happy to go up to a stranger who holds out their hand to her, instead of backing off as she used to.  It's a similar story with other dogs, whereas she was very wary she is now keen to say hello, and even to play as long as they're not too boisterous. 
When it's mealtime, she does an amazing leaping dance when I take her bowl to the floor, leaping straight up in the air!  And sometimes on a walk when we're in an open field, it's as if she can't contain her excitement and she spins round and couple of times, lies down flat on the ground and then runs off full-tilt. Fortunately she is really good at coming back when called!  She also seems happy just to be really chilled, sleeping in the sun or on her bed, although always up for a walk if it's on offer. 
We love her dearly and can't imagine life without her now.  So thank you so much for finding her for us, and for looking after her until we came along. 
With all best wishes,
Patience and David

Friday, 2 May 2014

Letter from Sailor and family

Dear Sarah and Paul,
Sailor is doing well and learning bit by bit how to be a dog.  He has 
recently learned that bones are there to be chewed and food is there to 
be eaten and that if he doesn't eat his meals there is another dog hot 
on his trail!  I was wondering if you had heard him bark? His 
communication is largely verging on silent and we have heard him bark 
only on a handful of occasions. He makes a high pitched yip.  I haven't 
heard anything like it but perhaps you could shed some light?
Sailor is a joyful dog to have around and gets on very well with the 
others.  He has an extraordinary bouncy gait and prangs around.  He now 
catches treats and is getting the hang of finding them in the grass. We 
are working on him with toys although they may be something he just 
won't find interesting.  I will send some pics in due course.
Best wishes,