Monday, 19 May 2014

Letter from Luna & family

Hello Paul and Sarah,
Just thought I'd better let you know that the "lovely Luna" is living up to her name. She has been fantastic fun to have around and even our reluctant teen has bonded with her.
She has done a little growing, mainly in length, I think and is much admired on our walks as she approaches everyone with a friendly wriggle and wag. Loves chasing balls and her favourite is a frisbee.  Obedience classes are going slowly as she is very distracted in trying to make friends with everyone. She is very wary around flappy things (tarpaulins blowing in the wind, plastic bags rustling) and barks madly and then tries to attack  tractors, vacuum cleaners, mowers and any DIY electrical items. Some things at home now take careful forward planning ! She is currently asleep at my feet under the kitchen table, but will no doubt be full of beans again when she hears the children coming back from school.
Many thanks for letting us live with us and hopefully we'll keep you updated on her and our progress !

Jane and Ian (Makkison)

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