Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kiki 'selfies'!

Hi guys

Just a quick update to let you know she's settling in fine. Pussy willow is still unsure but is getting a bit braver, so fingers crossed.  Am sure she'll come round as her curiosity generally gets the better of her.

I got a big crate for Kiki for during the night with a bed in it and confined her initially to the kitchen with the crate door open in case of 'accident'.  The door was closed and wedged from the other side but she managed to push it open and got into the lounge (Sammies are known for their Houdini powers, my last one was just as bad!) and slept on the sofa!  Cheeky mare.  So she's fast becoming Cheeky Kiki Emoji

Anyway, she has gone all night since coming home (apart from the initial 'dribble' the first morning) without any incident so I am now allowing her access to the lounge and kitchen at night with the option of going into her crate/bed if she wants.  So far she's favouring the sofa, although she seems to understand this is only allowed during the night.  

She's quickly more or less learnt to "wait" on walks, which I use when crossing a road, followed by "okay" to indicate that it's alright to go again, so she's eager to please.

She's loving her walks and is very affectionate, so I think she's happy.  A couple more pics are attached (you'll be getting bored of these soon!) - "selfies" taken yesterday on a walk in the park.

Will keep you informed.
Sharon :-)


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