Friday, 2 May 2014

Letter from Sailor and family

Dear Sarah and Paul,
Sailor is doing well and learning bit by bit how to be a dog.  He has 
recently learned that bones are there to be chewed and food is there to 
be eaten and that if he doesn't eat his meals there is another dog hot 
on his trail!  I was wondering if you had heard him bark? His 
communication is largely verging on silent and we have heard him bark 
only on a handful of occasions. He makes a high pitched yip.  I haven't 
heard anything like it but perhaps you could shed some light?
Sailor is a joyful dog to have around and gets on very well with the 
others.  He has an extraordinary bouncy gait and prangs around.  He now 
catches treats and is getting the hang of finding them in the grass. We 
are working on him with toys although they may be something he just 
won't find interesting.  I will send some pics in due course.
Best wishes,

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