Sunday, 11 May 2014

Letter from Kiki & Mum

Hiya, quick update - Amber has been quite nervous since Kiki arrived and has kept herself scarce, hiding upstairs. So we fitted a babygate to the lounge so she could watch without worrying.

Today, she finally took the plunge.  She was sat right behind the babygate and Kiki went up to say hello.  She got a swipe on the nose for her trouble Emoji.   Then about 20 minutes later,  Amber took a jump from the 4th step, over the babygate and onto the sofa arm.....and then she ventured into the room............. and the pics followed Emoji  Kiki is presently asleep on the floor, totally chilled out, and Amber is chilling out asleep on the chair arm (her usual position).

So we're getting there.  With regards Kiki herself, you'd think she'd always lived here and she's settled down remarkably quickly.  We've had no piddle accidents since the first day - she's thrown up a couple of times, but that could be something as simple as the change in water and, so far, no change in bowel movements so she's adjusting all round in a positive way.  We're now using a harness on walks, which has also had a positive effect and she doesn't pull like a train now - she's also responding to walking at heel and learning she has to stop when she gets to a road.

So all round, she's doing really, really well and I'm very pleased with her.

Hope all's well with you. Emoji

Sharon :-)

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