Monday, 31 January 2011

Letter from Scooby & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just thought we'd send you a couple of pics of Scooby. He's been very good, a bit nervous but he soon started to hump Ben a lot. He's been running about the garden with Ben and on a scary walk round the fields. I've attached some pics.

Laura and Ben

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Letter from Lucky (now Olly) & family

Just to keep you updated on Lucky, 

Lucky is now called Olly short for Oliver. He didn't really respond to Lucky, but did respond when I made the mistake of calling him Holly which is what our last dog was called.

He has learnt how to sit and shake a paw on request.  He is taken for walks every day and enjoyed the snow.  He chased a duck the other day and carried on into the water.  the vet said he could probably do with putting a bit more weight on, his cough has cleared up and he and the cat have come to an understanding.

Thank you

Gill, Chris and Tabitha

Letter from Blaze (now Kelpie) and family

Hi Eleanor, Paul & Sarah
Just to let you know that our puppy has settled in now and we are very happy with her !
The first couple of days were a bit messy , as she wouldn't  "perform " in the garden but since yesterday afternoon, she has only done a couple of wee's indoors, and these on newspaper !
We took her to our Vet today and she passed with flying colours. She weigh's 10 Kg exactly.
More news in due course.Thanks again for your care.
Best wishes.
Jen Giles

Hi Sarah & Paul,
Happy New Year, hope you are both well and that all is well at Wiccaweys.
It has been just over 6 months now since getting Sam and he has been a fantastic companion and has settled in so well. He has a great temperament and has boundless energy which is keeping both of us fit !! 
Attached are few photos.
Once again thanks.   

Peter Hilborn


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letter from Rexy & family

Hi, Paul & Sarah, just having another go at contacting you.

      Rexy has come on in leaps and bounds since he came to us back in September, 2010.  He's fitted in to our way of life and enjoys long walks in the woods. Pictures are attached.  If this one reaches you, let us know and we'll send a longer report.  

       Regards, John & Rosemary Nicholls.


Letter from Joey & family

Hi Sarah and Paul .

Joey has certainly made himself at home as you will see by the attached photo .

Max is not sure and hes like a child making sure joey knows he was here first , had a couple of little spats but it is max being possessive of us and his toys but i am confident they will be fine i think he was the right choice, bit concerned with his eating he had a bad tummy last night so had a few surprises waiting for me this morning .he has just had some mashed potato and some bio yogurt today hope its better by tomorrow or he really will be skin and bone, hes got no meat on him at all . 

i don't use crates so 3 times we woke in the night to find him lying between us even though there was a guard at the bottom of the stairs he found a way past it..

him and max could spend hours on guard duty with the parakeets in the garden ,

i think already Max is hes hero and Max thinks hes the pesky little brother following him around.

Joey loves the grandchildren and i think him and Max are going to benefit each other well.

please tell julia we were sorry not to see her on the way out but we will visit again . 

we were so chuffed Mick was able to see Max they are lovely people and obviously thought the world of him . 

now i have to work at getting some weight on Joey and some off of Max hopefully next time we come they wont look like Laurel and Hardy. 

regards Ann oram and Jo

Letter from Tazzie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Happy new year!

Thought it was about time I emailed to let you know how Tazzie is getting on.

Well, she is getting on great, we all love her to bits. She loves cuddles and fuss, walks are more like sniffs!! She isnt interested in toys but loves food, although food she steals apparently tastes far better than the stuff in her food bowl!!

Over christmas, Tazzie and I took the opportunity of plenty of afternoon snoozes snuggled up together on the sofa, brilliant substitute hot water bottle!!

She has put on weight and is starting to get a bit of a tum on her so we are upping the walks (sniffs) and I am attempting to foil the champion food stealer, no luck so far, tee hee!!

Anyway, all is well. Hope everything is going well for you there.

Laura and Tazzie. xx

Letter from Harvey & family

Hi Sarah & Paul
Just a quick email to let you know Harvey is continuing to improve and settling well he has found his own way up and down the stairs without always needing me as an escort, though he does look for permission to go and welcome other members of the family on their return to the house. He continues to sleep well at night and pleased us yesterday by barking briefly at the door quite confidently and stopped when reassured by me.
Katie adores him and they sleep on either one of their beds in my office swapping around when is suits them! They are happy out on walks together and today have been in the garden together happy to give each other space. She would be delighted to have a tumble play but he has told her gently he is not ready yet! She keeps hoping!
He did have an upset tum on Monday a lot of which I contributed to the stress of coming here but this calmed quickly and we will be weaning him over to the Chudleys original mix in the next few days
We are working on the car herding which he does do but hope this will improve with training. Any ideas gratefully received as getting his attention at the moment outside is difficult and he is not keen on many treats, I am not wanting to upset his tummy but someone has suggested cooking up some sausages which I may try later?
Thank you once again
Best regards
Mandy & Steve Bishop & Harvey

Letter from Harvey & family

Thank's Sarah
We had a great evening despite being very nervous he ate his dinner went for a walk and met our parrot! We had an excellent night he only got up once that was for a drink then he hopped straight back to bed.. we've had a nice walk this morning and a little breakfast had a good sniff around the kitchen and garden now we are in the office for the morning and he is quite relaxed. Katie loves him to bits even though he has sent out a couple of messages for her to back off she is very polite and leaves him alone and he is gently with his warnings but we can see she is looking forward to the play days when he finds his feet!
Harvey news over & out for now, updates to follow!
Harvey returns the hugs & kisses, misses you all but will see you all again when he's settled.
Best regards

Letter from Harvey & family

Hi Paul & Sarah
Thank you very much for your time today we are delighted with Harvey and just to let you know we had a good trip home and although he is very shy and has curled up under the table is fine this evening will keep you upated as promised
Best regards
Mandy Bishop

Letter from Millie (now Tess) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Just thought I'd give you an update on Tess (ex-Millie) who we adopted in late October. She's now coming up to 6 months and is a real delight. She is a happy pup in every sense.
You described her as a 'thinker' and we can really see this is a good description. There is a delayed reaction to much of what she does. Best example is her meals where most dogs would dive into their bowl; she will just have a look from a few yards away, sometimes for up to 2 or 3 minutes then drifts towards it and usually then gently scoffs the lot. She eats well and has grown a lot, longer rather than taller. She has settled down very well on the CSJ adult food and only occasionally has a bit of runny tum. Even the wind seems less frequent! She sleeps well at night and is now sometimes getting through the night without poo or pee. Still has the occasional accident during the day but not a lot.
She talks a lot (some would say whine, but to us its talking). Although occasionally it may be due to something that she's unsure of, its more often just that she is just very verbal, including lying upside down in her bed playing with a toy and just wants to say something.
She travels well in the car although doesn't rush to get in! She always comes back on recall when out for a walk, although not first time when there's the distraction of other dogs near. She will still tend to rush them to play, which we're trying to sort out. Loves other people, again a bit 'jumpy' which we're working on.
She's a bit slow on the training, not because she's not intelligent, quite the opposite, but seems to be linked to the 'thinking' bit. 'Yes, I know what you're are saying and I'll do it when I've had a quick think about it'.
She still tries to play with/pester the cats although is slowly getting less boisterous with them.
Overall she's a delight and doesn't display a harmful thought in her head.
Best wishes for 2011.
John and Jill.

Letter from Nellie & family

Hi Paul & Sarah

Happy new year, Sorry it has taken so long to write to you but Nellie, Mark & I have been very busy. Nellie has well & truly made our house hers, we go to puppy training every week & have joined a dog walking group at the weekends. She has also been on quite a few weekends away to Devon & Southampton to name a few. She has quite a few doggie friends & everyone she meets falls in love with her.
Attached are a few pics of her.
Thank you so much for for all your help in getting her we really can't imagine life without her.

Best wishes
Nellie, Vickie & Mark x

Letter from Blaze (now Kelpie) and family

Hi Eleanor, Paul & Sarah
Just to let you know that our puppy has settled in now and we are very happy with her!
The first couple of days were a bit messy , as she wouldn't  "perform " in the garden but since yesterday afternoon, she has only done a couple of wee's indoors, and these on newspaper !
We took her to our Vet today and she passed with flying colours. She weigh's 10 Kg exactly.
More news in due course.Thanks again for your care.
Best wishes.
Jen Giles

Photo from Bran & family

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hi Sarah & Paul
Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.
The pics are of me on the North York Moors yesterday, hope you like them.
From Shep
and the Farrants


Letter from Dizzy & Mum

Hello, Sarah and Paul,
I couldn't believe mum forgot to include my name with TJ's and Angel Sweetie's Christmas wishes!
Anyway, here's my own personal card to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
See how beautiful I am!
Big puppy kisses.
Dizzy Johnston

Letter from Ollie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Its been 9 months since we adopted Ollie from you. He settled in quickly and has lots of new doggie friends that we go walking with. We can't imagine life without him :) He loves running in the woods and playing with all his toys. Ollie has loved playing in all the snow, I have attached some pictures of him in it. He got lots of presents at Christmas, and even got the hang of unwrapping them all :) He gets on well with the cats and the bunnies, he likes to try and play with them but I don't think they are too keen.  
He is very much loved by the whole family including the grandparents and all our friends.

Thank you for helping us to find our perfect new addition to the family. 

Kind regards, the Marks Family.


Letter from Kerry & family

Hi Sarah and Paul!
Sorry it's taken me so long to send you any pictures to show you how Kerry's settling in to her new life with my Gran.
She has settled in very well and is definitely beginning to come out of her shell. She is loving her fusses and is facinated by the idea of playing, but can't quite work out how! Everyone gets plenty of 'Kerry smiles'
Kerry and my Gran came to Luton for christmas and Kerry enjoyed several runs in the snow (and she certainly can pick up some speed if she wants to!)
Hope you like the pictures
From Becky