Thursday, 13 January 2011

Letter from Harvey & family

Thank's Sarah
We had a great evening despite being very nervous he ate his dinner went for a walk and met our parrot! We had an excellent night he only got up once that was for a drink then he hopped straight back to bed.. we've had a nice walk this morning and a little breakfast had a good sniff around the kitchen and garden now we are in the office for the morning and he is quite relaxed. Katie loves him to bits even though he has sent out a couple of messages for her to back off she is very polite and leaves him alone and he is gently with his warnings but we can see she is looking forward to the play days when he finds his feet!
Harvey news over & out for now, updates to follow!
Harvey returns the hugs & kisses, misses you all but will see you all again when he's settled.
Best regards

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