Thursday, 22 November 2012

Letter from Barney & family

Hello Sarah & Paul
Well it's almost three weeks since we had the privilege of bringing Barney home to Peterborough.  He has settled in so well, all the ladies here have adopted him!!! and are always asking how he is.  Barney loves his walks around our lakes nearby, ignores the ducks and other wildlife! and he is gaining in confidence around people and other dogs,especially an older collie and a springer spaniel!   He loves playing with his toys and we have great "tug o wars" with a rubber ring!!   Barney is very loving and loyal, he likes to sleep by our bed....... or on it if he can creep on!!!
We love him and can't imagine our days without him in them... We will bring him back to see you all one of these days if thats ok with you?   Oh yes he went to the groomers... and is even more handsome now!!   Hopefully we have attached a photo or two!! Take care and thank you again for all your hard work ...
Jan & Dave Coulbeck... & Barney...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 16 November 2012

Letter from Millie and family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
Now it has been a year since we came to Wiccaweys, met Millie and took her home with us.  We just wanted to let you know that she is doing really well.  She is such a lovely, happy, loving, playful dog.  She had a difficult start in Sheffield and was for the first few months terrified of anyone we met on our walks.  We limited our routes to two, we walk her at least busy times and now she has got to know most of the people and dogs we meet on there. Her group of friends is ever growing and she is starting to trust people, so when someone comes for a visit she will come down and say hello and ask for a stroke.  She has started enjoying her walks and stops to sniff and look around.  She has a basket full of balls and toys that she loves to play with in the house.  She is a funny little stealer of socks and sometimes we find a few of them in her bed.  She is always so happy to see us that it is a joy to wake up in the morning and to come home after work.  We continue to stretch her paw and it seems to be slowly loosening up so now she stands on it a little better.  All in all, we love her to bits!
All the best
Thordis, Joseph and Asa.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Letter from Tara Valentine xxx

Just thought you would like to see the latest picture of me on holiday
in Guernsey earlier this month -
Luvved the beaches - not sure about the 3 hours in the car each way on
the ferry

Lots of wags

Madam Tara - I still expect to be treated like a Lady

Letter from Meggie-Moo & family

Just a email to let you know how Meg's getting on,  she sat all the way between the children in the car all the way to the vets and home, with tickles on the head from both children.  The vet was very surprised at the stitch material she had from her spaying, but she was excellent sitting on my lap while they were removed - 2 of them were a little close to the skin and the vet was so gentle she hardly noticed.  I paid £10 towards your vets bill and will pay extra every time we take her to the vets towards your bill too as we've registered her at Vets 4 Pets too.  Unfortunately while Gary was registering her she managed to chew almost through the lead we got from you (little tinker) she knew she'd done wrong as when Gary looked down and noticed it she was very apologetic, Gary just reassured her that she's fine but obviously it can't be tolerated. So a trip to Pets at Home is needed today to get another lead and some more food - we'll stick to what you gave us as she seems very keen on it.  The vet scanned her and she's Lini which was the only vaccination card without a chip sticker on it so the vet wrote the number on her card and the other 2 cards were left there for you to pick up.  She's eating well but a little hesitant with drinking water but as I said to Gary the food she on is quite wet so she may not be thirsty with it. 

The first meeting with our cat was a noisy affair (our cat not Meg) - Timmy (our cat) is definately the boss but they're better this morning with a mutual respect going on. 
Meg slept all night on her quilt (I treated her to a double quilt to sleep on so she was very cosy - I know, pampered dog or what but heyho she's worth it) 

Gary been getting her to sit before crossing any roads whilst having a walk and she's been excellent at picking up what needs to happen before they can continue their stroll.  He's just taken her to a local park with the children and the children wanted to take a ball to throw for her but that'll come with time at being able to let her off the lead for figure of 8's as my parents dogs do when they're let off their leads.

Thanks again for everything and we'll keep you informed every so often with updates and photos



Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Letter from Casper (now Cap) & family

Sarah and Paul

I hope you don't mind that I email you, I would just like to update you on the 
progress we have made with Casper (Cap)

As you may remember, we have had a few problems with Casper certainly in the 
first couple of months, with his aggression towards other dogs, at least dogs 
which are bigger than him.

We took your advice and started walking him away from our local fields so he 
didn't feel so territorial and the change in him within the last month has been 
amazing.   To see him off the lead and having a good run around is something we 
only dreamt of a couple of months back. He thoroughly enjoys himself, he mixes 
well now with other dogs and if he sees a puppy then it brings the youngster out 
in him and he can't wait to play chase.  He has been with us now about 4 and a 
half months.  It's been a tough slog but there was no way we would give up on 
him and now we are reaping the rewards of having the most beautiful, loving and 
loyal boy.

He has totally settled in with us, he is relaxed and loves nothing more than to 
lie upside down on the sofa which considering we couldn't get him in the house 
initially is wonderful.  He has learnt how to play, both with our two girls Kira 
and Jessie, and on his own with his toys.  It's hilarious to see him sneaking 
round stealing the toys off the other two and putting them in a little pile all 
of his own.  The other two wait until he isn't looking to steal them back and 
this continues for most of the day.

The moral of this mail I guess, is just that perseverance really does pay off.    
Casper has definitely had issues as some of the dogs probably have, but with 
time and patience, these dogs really do learn to love and trust you and are so 
willing to please you.

We think of you often and thank you for saving his life.  We promised you that 
we would take good care of him and we are doing just that.  We wouldn't be 
without him.

I hope you like the couple of pictures attached of Casper doing what he likes 
doing best.

Best Wishes
Paula & Ronnie Hunt


Letter from Zippy & family

Hi Sarah, Paul & four legged friends!
Trust you are well?  Its been a while so i thought i ought to let you know how our gorgeous little Zippy is getting along.   Well....what can i say...hes fantastic in every way. If we had had a dog 'made' to suit our lifestyle it couldn't have been better! He is such a lovely boy, sweet, polite & funny. He stared his competitive agility career this year and after just five shows (one a month, which incidentally he got a placing at every one!) we went to the British Agility Finals and won the Introductory Qualifier...this automatically got us a place in the finals (scary!!)...and guess what, he won!!!!  What an absolute star, we are soooooooooo proud of him!  He then went on his holidays to the Scottish highlands for a week to bring his little paws back down to earth!   We love him to bits!  Photos of him with his Finals rosettes, medals & trophies, more in a weekend than id expect in a year....go Zippy go! 
With love from Sharon, Craig & superstar Zippy  xxx

Letter from Beanie (Romania) & family

Good Morning Sarah & Paul

Thank you for your time on Saturday & thank you for letting us adopt Beanie
He is lovely, he seems pretty settled so far, enjoys his walks, treats & laying in front of the fire.  From the first night he has been sleeping in our bedroom (didn't want to be in his crate), and the only thing that kept us awake was his snoring :)

I will join the Forum later today & update everyone.

Attached are a few pics

Best Wishes
Heidi, James & Beanie

Letter from Jess & family

Dear Sarah & Paul,

I just wanted to get in touch with you to give you an update on a collie we 
re-homed from you in April 2010.  

Jessy the collie was approx 9 months old when she came to us, she has bright blue eyes and is tri-colored. Since joining the family 2 years ago she has competed in flyball and achieved her 'flyball dog' award, traveling to Anglesey and all around the north.  She now has a brother - Charlie a Cocker-Spaniel and an older sister - Becky who is a collie x corgi! Jess also has her best friend who is called Millie and is a 6 month old kitten whom she loves and adores!

Since we adopted Jess we have moved home from Nottingham and now live in Cornwall by the sea, Jess loves running on the beach every day with her brother and sister but is disappointed we leave the kitten at home!
Living in Cornwall is wonderful for the dogs and they truly love it, however there is no flyball, which upset Jess a lot. However not wanting a bored Collie we looked into other avenues and for just over a year now Jess has been training as a working dog.
Each week we visit a trainer and Jess has truly excelled at her work, she was recently featured in the International Sheep Dog Society magazine because she is such a talented working dog with no known breeding. Her trainer has fallen in love with her and often has her for residential training which she adores! Jess lives to work and and after an hour or so of working she still has as much drive at the end of her session as she did at the beginning, we hope in time to start trialing with her, but in the mean time she is just loving it as a hobby!

I have attached 2 photo's for you to see, one of her working and another of her posing!
Jess is a very much loved member of our family and brings us so much love and good times, we can't imagine life without her and wanted you to know how she is getting on.
With best wishes
Dom & Hannah, and a big woof from Jess!
Revd Dom Jones

Letter from Minnie Kelpie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just a quick note to let you know that Minnie is getting along well.
She has well and truly settled in now and her true minx like behaviour is showing- we are all smitten with her.
She has many new fans at the training school and is doing well meeting new people following Storm’s lead.
Her training is coming on well and her recall is fantastic- now when I call one dog I get two sitting at my feet waiting for treats!
I have attached a couple of photos for you to put up for all the people who are following the Kelpies and who helped to rescue her.

We’ll keep in touch,

Sara and family.