Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Letter from Jess & family

Dear Sarah & Paul,

I just wanted to get in touch with you to give you an update on a collie we 
re-homed from you in April 2010.  

Jessy the collie was approx 9 months old when she came to us, she has bright blue eyes and is tri-colored. Since joining the family 2 years ago she has competed in flyball and achieved her 'flyball dog' award, traveling to Anglesey and all around the north.  She now has a brother - Charlie a Cocker-Spaniel and an older sister - Becky who is a collie x corgi! Jess also has her best friend who is called Millie and is a 6 month old kitten whom she loves and adores!

Since we adopted Jess we have moved home from Nottingham and now live in Cornwall by the sea, Jess loves running on the beach every day with her brother and sister but is disappointed we leave the kitten at home!
Living in Cornwall is wonderful for the dogs and they truly love it, however there is no flyball, which upset Jess a lot. However not wanting a bored Collie we looked into other avenues and for just over a year now Jess has been training as a working dog.
Each week we visit a trainer and Jess has truly excelled at her work, she was recently featured in the International Sheep Dog Society magazine because she is such a talented working dog with no known breeding. Her trainer has fallen in love with her and often has her for residential training which she adores! Jess lives to work and and after an hour or so of working she still has as much drive at the end of her session as she did at the beginning, we hope in time to start trialing with her, but in the mean time she is just loving it as a hobby!

I have attached 2 photo's for you to see, one of her working and another of her posing!
Jess is a very much loved member of our family and brings us so much love and good times, we can't imagine life without her and wanted you to know how she is getting on.
With best wishes
Dom & Hannah, and a big woof from Jess!
Revd Dom Jones

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