Thursday, 22 November 2012

Letter from Barney & family

Hello Sarah & Paul
Well it's almost three weeks since we had the privilege of bringing Barney home to Peterborough.  He has settled in so well, all the ladies here have adopted him!!! and are always asking how he is.  Barney loves his walks around our lakes nearby, ignores the ducks and other wildlife! and he is gaining in confidence around people and other dogs,especially an older collie and a springer spaniel!   He loves playing with his toys and we have great "tug o wars" with a rubber ring!!   Barney is very loving and loyal, he likes to sleep by our bed....... or on it if he can creep on!!!
We love him and can't imagine our days without him in them... We will bring him back to see you all one of these days if thats ok with you?   Oh yes he went to the groomers... and is even more handsome now!!   Hopefully we have attached a photo or two!! Take care and thank you again for all your hard work ...
Jan & Dave Coulbeck... & Barney...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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