Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Letter from Meggie-Moo & family

Just a email to let you know how Meg's getting on,  she sat all the way between the children in the car all the way to the vets and home, with tickles on the head from both children.  The vet was very surprised at the stitch material she had from her spaying, but she was excellent sitting on my lap while they were removed - 2 of them were a little close to the skin and the vet was so gentle she hardly noticed.  I paid £10 towards your vets bill and will pay extra every time we take her to the vets towards your bill too as we've registered her at Vets 4 Pets too.  Unfortunately while Gary was registering her she managed to chew almost through the lead we got from you (little tinker) she knew she'd done wrong as when Gary looked down and noticed it she was very apologetic, Gary just reassured her that she's fine but obviously it can't be tolerated. So a trip to Pets at Home is needed today to get another lead and some more food - we'll stick to what you gave us as she seems very keen on it.  The vet scanned her and she's Lini which was the only vaccination card without a chip sticker on it so the vet wrote the number on her card and the other 2 cards were left there for you to pick up.  She's eating well but a little hesitant with drinking water but as I said to Gary the food she on is quite wet so she may not be thirsty with it. 

The first meeting with our cat was a noisy affair (our cat not Meg) - Timmy (our cat) is definately the boss but they're better this morning with a mutual respect going on. 
Meg slept all night on her quilt (I treated her to a double quilt to sleep on so she was very cosy - I know, pampered dog or what but heyho she's worth it) 

Gary been getting her to sit before crossing any roads whilst having a walk and she's been excellent at picking up what needs to happen before they can continue their stroll.  He's just taken her to a local park with the children and the children wanted to take a ball to throw for her but that'll come with time at being able to let her off the lead for figure of 8's as my parents dogs do when they're let off their leads.

Thanks again for everything and we'll keep you informed every so often with updates and photos



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