Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Letter from Casper (now Cap) & family

Sarah and Paul

I hope you don't mind that I email you, I would just like to update you on the 
progress we have made with Casper (Cap)

As you may remember, we have had a few problems with Casper certainly in the 
first couple of months, with his aggression towards other dogs, at least dogs 
which are bigger than him.

We took your advice and started walking him away from our local fields so he 
didn't feel so territorial and the change in him within the last month has been 
amazing.   To see him off the lead and having a good run around is something we 
only dreamt of a couple of months back. He thoroughly enjoys himself, he mixes 
well now with other dogs and if he sees a puppy then it brings the youngster out 
in him and he can't wait to play chase.  He has been with us now about 4 and a 
half months.  It's been a tough slog but there was no way we would give up on 
him and now we are reaping the rewards of having the most beautiful, loving and 
loyal boy.

He has totally settled in with us, he is relaxed and loves nothing more than to 
lie upside down on the sofa which considering we couldn't get him in the house 
initially is wonderful.  He has learnt how to play, both with our two girls Kira 
and Jessie, and on his own with his toys.  It's hilarious to see him sneaking 
round stealing the toys off the other two and putting them in a little pile all 
of his own.  The other two wait until he isn't looking to steal them back and 
this continues for most of the day.

The moral of this mail I guess, is just that perseverance really does pay off.    
Casper has definitely had issues as some of the dogs probably have, but with 
time and patience, these dogs really do learn to love and trust you and are so 
willing to please you.

We think of you often and thank you for saving his life.  We promised you that 
we would take good care of him and we are doing just that.  We wouldn't be 
without him.

I hope you like the couple of pictures attached of Casper doing what he likes 
doing best.

Best Wishes
Paula & Ronnie Hunt


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