Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Update from Molly

Hi there,

Sorry we haven’t been in touch earlier but here, at last are some pictures of Molly at home and on holiday in Cornwall. She has settled in really well and has decided she’d like to stay with us.

Best wishes,Ian & Jaq

Update from Fynn & Indy

Hi Sarah and Paul. 
It was a year ago Fynn came to live with us in Bristol, how quickly that year has gone. Indy was already very much settled into our family life having adopted him in 2010, considering Indy was used to having all the attention he has accepted Fynn into his life and they get on very well. Fynn has been an absolute star. His confidence has grown enormously which is a delight to see. He has also been doing agility classes which he loves.
He is such a friendly boy and loves meeting dogs but is still a bit unsure around people he doesn't know. They are a wonderful pair and we regularly have comments from people saying what wonderful dogs they are. We are so lucky to have these amazing dogs in our lives and would like to thank you for making this possible. We love them very much. 
Wishing you a very happy Christmas. 
Best wishes,
Kevin, Sara, Indy & Fynn

Update from Rocky

Hi Wiccaweys,

We have had Rocky for almost 8 months now and we love him so much!
He already has my parents wrapped around his paw and has settled in nicely to his routine of a couple of walks a day, treats and milk at bed time. He is a very energetic boy who loves his food and will do ANYTHING for a bit of grub, even cooked veg and has already learnt some tricks and some more basic commands.
He was a little reserved at first and took a bit of time to get to know us, he is still a little unsure of cuddles but now puts up with it and gives in - i think he may have realised that cuddles can be quite nice! He was also food possessive but slowly over time that has deteriated too!

Recently he has enjoyed long walks around the Oxfordshire countryside, loves swimming in rivers and even went to Bournemouth beach where he had his own ice cream! His favourite thing to do though is go exploring through the woods, chasing all the smells and getting a good run. He has already settled in so well into our family and we are looking forward to many more years with him!

Thanks again and we will stay in touch,

Helen & Rocky  x


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Update from Swift (now Peggy)


We thought you might like to see a few photos of Swift - who we have renamed Peggy.  We took her to Yorkshire over the bank holiday and she had great fun at the beach and on walks through the countryside.

She has settled in really well and we were able to walk her off lead after a couple of weeks.  She responds to her new name and her recall is very good now: on one occasion she even turned back having set off in pursuit of a deer that ran across her path.

She is an absolute joy and we wouldn't be without her now.

Thank you.

Lynda & James - and Peggy 

Update from Chany

Hi Sarah & Paul,

Just to let you know that I am fit, well & a very happy chappy.
I love life, its great with my two best friends, Pip the Springador
& Tiger the Cat (I know - a cat!! but he`s a real cool dude).

I`ve been going to obedience classes for nearly a year & last night
I passed my Kennel Club, Good Citizen, Bronze award.
My Mum is soooo VERY PROUD of me
(she is any way because I`m a really smashing lad & she says that
she is very lucky to be able to share her life with me, but this was extra special),
what an achievement.

Say “Hi” to all my friends.

Love Chany xx

Update from Milo

Just poppin in to say hi to Auntie Sarah, Uncle Paul
and all my friends at Wiccs.
Love hearing all about you - am trying to get my
mum and dad to bring our caravan near to you so that
I can come back to see you all.
This is my favourite toy, it was a Kong ball,
but it's just bits now. Mum tells me off for throwing it
around in the lounge but I try to ignore her.
Aren't I good?
Licks and woofs,
Milo xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Update from Ziggy

Hi Sarah, Hi Paul,

Just a quick one to let you know that all is fine so far with Ziggy.

We took him for a walk when we got back, and although he stopped a number of times, and was very submissive with other dogs, he seemed ok I think.

Once we got him home he took a while to settle, and wouldn't come up the stairs (we live in a town house) so we left him to explore downstairs and in the garden before I carried him up after an hour or so.

He's eaten ok, but then just slept solidly since, so I'm guessing he's had a fun morning.

Thanks again for letting us look after him, he's adorable,

Best wishes

Gary & Sue

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Update from Lola and family

Hi,Just to let you know I've settled in my new
very well and I am a very happy puppy.
I am  enjoying being a puppy and doing all the
things puppies do!! ....
With a lot of laughs and some argh's from
David and Margaret, and, they say, I couldn't be a better/nicer dog.
This is me playing on my own last

With my mate Alfie after a play in the
garden to-day

With a friends dog last week-end

Kind regards,
Lola and Alfie

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Update from Louie

Hi Paul/Sarah,
Just thought we’d send a quick pic, we’ve been home a couple of hours since collecting him today and Louie’s making himself at home already. Thank you for putting us together with this wonderful little man.
We’ll stay in touch.
Ian & Amy

Friday, 20 February 2015

Update from Candy pup

Candy seems to be settling in ok.
The two of them yesterday evening.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Update from Archie

We were lucky enough to take Archie home with us on 20th January 2013. It was a snowy day and we almost didn’t come to see him because of the conditions but we are so very glad we did. A year ago he moved up to Cumbria with us and his best pal, Gus. Yesterday Gus was at the vets and Archie had his first day without his big brother which worried him no end. So we went for a nice walk together until we could go and collect Gus. I thought you would like to see a photo of our happy little man on Rannerdale Knotts, enjoying the little bit of scrambling he got to do.  Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful little dog. We can’t imagine our lives without him now.

Best wishes, Jenny Meton

Update from Bobby pup

Hi guys
Thought you may like a quick update on hurricane Bobby.
Day 4 now and Mavi and Bob are finally bonding. They charge around with a sock between them playing tug together. It's wonderful to see.
Bobby has been to his new garden every day, he seems unimpressed but remains on his lead just now and will love it when he can run free with Mav.
He is still shy but allows people to stroke him and he's great with dogs.
We know it's early days, but he's a total joy who makes us smile. He loves cuddles and is very affectionate.
Thank you so much and enjoy your walk today
Denise and Bobby xx

Update from BlackJack (now Alfie)

Hi Paul, Sarah,

Alfie is now chipped and has our details and your details stored away. He’s registered with an independent vet, and we have a freezer full of Albion meat products! He has already learned to sit before crossing roads with barely any help from us at all. The thing that scares him most is his own reflection! Even his own shadow – very strange! But he seems very happy and content – which is the main thing.

Take care


Update from Diesel (now Danny)

Danny is doing really well - he has a lovely nature, is full of curiosity and only occasionally gets carried away and does some barking. He sticks close to Wag during walks, and they get on well, with a bit of play fighting. He has been  off the lead on the beach this week and he is good at coming back - he loves running after a stick or ball (Wag looks very bored at this behaviour) He is friendly with people, and only occaionally pulls on the lead now. The next big step will be more meetings with other dogs, and a trip to the vet next week.  I will try to attach a photo Christine took the other day of a bit of play on the kitchen floor! They both got into the same dog bed at one point this week.
He is a great addition to the family.
all the best
Andrew and Christine 

Update from Diesel

Paul,Sarah - just to let you know that journey home went well yesterday, one brief stop only, as traffic was heavy. Diesel/Danny travelled pretty well, and was very excited/inquisitive at discovering our lane/garden/house.
Wag has been a bit on his dignity (hard to imagine I know) and issued the odd small grumble, but Danny is so overwhelmingly friendly that I think things will work out between them; they have had a couple of play fights this morning, and Danny is already trying to lie down as close to Wag as he can when they sleep.
We decided on the name Danny while driving home - since he seems so straightforward, and very much a boy! Obviously the name is new, but he does seem to respond well to a whistle.  What is already obvious is that he has a very affectionate nature, but is a worrier - Christine had to go out to a meeting and he got immediately very anxious - also when I let Wag out on his own, he ran up and down frantically.   So far only problem is tendency to wee indoors, but we are trying to watch him closely and get him outside as quick as possible. He has eaten quite well.
Have obviously not let him off the lead so far, but he seems to be inquisitive rather than wishing to run off. They are both asleep at present ( and were fine overnight) but shall shortly take them down to the beach for a walk.
I think you have provided us with a really lovely dog - thank you!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Update from Ben

Hi Sarah & Paul

Well we have had Ben home for a week now.

He has settled in really well and has got 2 new friends - Ben & Ted.

He has them round for ‘coffee’ now and visits Ted’s for ‘coffee’ and a chew on bones.

Our Ben is the middle man of the group with Ben being nearly 8 and Ted just 1.

Our Ben chases Ted when he and Ted are playing on the fields - Ted likes to run up to Ben and barks at Ben as if saying Chase Me and Ben obliges - being sensible and running on the inner circle whilst Ted runs on the outside…

Ben and Ben are more sedate and enjoy each others company.
Here are some photos

Monday, 12 January 2015

Update from Marcus

As you can see from the photo Marcus enjoys having a cuddle 
and watching a bit of tv with his new sister Sophie. 
He was worn out following a walk around Wicksteed Park lake 
and playing with numerous dogs. He has settled in really well 
and we wouldn't be without him. 
From Nicky, Tony , Lucy and Sophie Evans

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Update from Hugh Collins

Hugh Collins is now called Max and has 3 children who totally totally adore him.

Update from Big Red Rory

Hi Paul and Sarah
Happy new year. Thought you might like to see a couple of pics of  BRR making himself at home on his first few days!
Everyone we meet loves him (humans and dogs) and it feels as though he has always been here. Meg has started to curl up right next to him with her paw just touching him- v cute, I think they will become great buddies.
Thanks so much