Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Update from Diesel

Paul,Sarah - just to let you know that journey home went well yesterday, one brief stop only, as traffic was heavy. Diesel/Danny travelled pretty well, and was very excited/inquisitive at discovering our lane/garden/house.
Wag has been a bit on his dignity (hard to imagine I know) and issued the odd small grumble, but Danny is so overwhelmingly friendly that I think things will work out between them; they have had a couple of play fights this morning, and Danny is already trying to lie down as close to Wag as he can when they sleep.
We decided on the name Danny while driving home - since he seems so straightforward, and very much a boy! Obviously the name is new, but he does seem to respond well to a whistle.  What is already obvious is that he has a very affectionate nature, but is a worrier - Christine had to go out to a meeting and he got immediately very anxious - also when I let Wag out on his own, he ran up and down frantically.   So far only problem is tendency to wee indoors, but we are trying to watch him closely and get him outside as quick as possible. He has eaten quite well.
Have obviously not let him off the lead so far, but he seems to be inquisitive rather than wishing to run off. They are both asleep at present ( and were fine overnight) but shall shortly take them down to the beach for a walk.
I think you have provided us with a really lovely dog - thank you!

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