Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Letter from Birch & family

Just to let you know that our little man is a wow with the ladies, they all love him and he is such a handsome boy!  Settling down slowly after 6 months, like most Irish men he likes to talk and drink beer, wine or anything left around.  He has a sweet loving nature but is still wary of men - although he did sleep in Granddad's lap last week!  He loves lots of cuddles and kisses and Bella our other BC adores him but quite often ends up thrown into the bushes.  Although she is bigger, Birch has an amazing spring in his legs and the ability to side swipe her.  She is forever nipping his nose and legs in an atempt to get him to chase her. They are lovely to watch together and we are glad we made the choice to take on Birch.  We welcome any information on his sister Blossom and often wonder how she is doing and if she is as gorgeous as he is.  Here he is at Xmas with his bow tie on.
Kind regards
Martha & Jen

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Letter from George & Mum

Dear Sarah and Paul. 

Just wanted you to know how George is doing so far, we chose to rename him Jazz as he responded to it and I preferred it to George. He travelled home beautifully and seems quite content to just relax in the boot of the car, he loves his travel crate and we use it when visiting my parents, Tia and Fly to give him somewhere safe to hide. He is extremely nervous and loud noises and people walking behind him on his walks scare him, I think with a bit of time his confidence will improve and this will get easier for him.

We haven't had a moments problem with him and Tia and Fly, the only time Tia has snapped at him has been when he got too close to her bed. We expected this and it hasn't caused a problem. In fact we are all astonished at how well he has been accepted by Tia, and we are incredibly proud of how well she has done. On his walks he does growl at any other dog (except Tia and Fly!) however I think he will get past this in time, he has no confidence yet and I think his nerves get the better of him.

The other day we were visiting my parents and my brother came in, as Jazz wasn't expecting anyone to come through the door he flipped out and barked and snapped at him, again I believe this will get better in time I think he hates surprises and doesn't like to feel crowded. If you have any ideas on how we can manage this I would love to hear them. At the moment we are using his travel crate so he has somewhere he feels safe. It has taken over a year to get Tia to the point where she is OK with strange men, so I can't see it being a problem with time, patience and love. His intense dislike of the Vet may take longer!

Please let his old family know that he is happy and loved. I've attached a couple of photos of him relaxing on the sofa, he snores and makes some very funny noises when he is sleeping. He has already started to put on a bit of weight and I have found that he is a cuddle monster!

I hope that all the other dogs that you have find new homes soon, they were all so lovely, And thank you so much for spending so much time with us to make sure we got the right dog.

Sam and Jazz.


Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Thought it was about time we let you know how Bob is getting on.
As you can see from the picture hes a happy and settled dog now who loves his cuddles and his home comforts and his family. Everyone says what a lovely dog he is, we agree.

He loves his off lead walks and runs for miles going back to every tree/area where he saw the squirrel last time, when hes at home he spends most of his time at the top of the garden waiting for squirrels in the oak tree endless fun!

He's better in the car now but were still taking it slowly to build up
his confidence as he gets sick were longing to take him to a beach.

Hope all is well with you both and the dogs, were surprised we don't see Barbara and Banjo as she only lives round the corner to us.

Will write again

Jackie, Mark and Jamie Ramos.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Letter from Sam & family

Seems content already!  Great in the car ... Thanks for everything.   Rachel and Glyn

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Letter from Patch (now Moss) & family


Please see attached letter with regards to Patch who we adopted from you a few months ago.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for making the adoption process so straightforward and taking so much time and care to ensure that we adopted the right dog. 

Best regards,

Hilary, Ken and Emma

Dear Paul and Sarah,
It has been a few months now since we adopted “Patch” (who has now been renamed “Moss”) and we just wanted to update you on his progress and send you some photographs.  Moss has coped exceptionally well with the transition from Wiccaweys life to his new life in Lancashire from the moment we put him in the car to come home!  He has taken to life with us like a duck to water, staying in the office with Ken during the day and investigating lots of new places on his walks in the evenings.  His training is coming on in leaps and bounds (sometimes more literally than we would like!), he runs off the long line now, fetches, does his doggy business on command and has even started doing some basic agility in the fields at home.  His adopted brother Max has accepted Moss as part of the family, and the pair is regularly together play fighting or playing ball (although it has to be said that Moss does have an unfair advantage over Max, given that he can actually see the ball!)  Max has even tried to impart some of his (minimal!) herding knowledge onto Moss, although neither of them quite have the finesse of a working sheepdog! 
Hopefully the following photographs will be able to tell you more about his happy new life than I ever could!
Kind Regards,
Hilary, Ken, Emma, Max and Moss J

Letter from Robin & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

Further to my e-mail, here are some pics of Robin to show how well he’s settled in (i.e. is taking over our lives) since we collected him from Wiccaweys a year last Sunday. As you can see, he’s making a bid for the sheepskin rug in the living room even though he’s got his own: he made a beeline for it the moment he walked in through the door when we first got him home.

He’s an absolute delight, full of energy so first thing in the morning he wants a chase with his Kong or tuggy, then food, then a walk rounding up the local squirrels (enough to drive a collie mad when your flock keep shinning up a tree!). Then a quick rest, up to the horse’s paddock and walk, and over the jumps, then food then games and so it goes on. 

We’re enjoying to get to know his little quirks. He loves the hair dryer and will come and lie beside me and turn over with his legs in the air wanting a tickle. He’s got used to the hoover and the lawnmower (though he’s still fascinated with them, dare I say typical boy?). He’s not too keen on bikes that come too close, but we’re working on that. He’s been a star in his Good Citizen class and has just been awarded his gold certificate. He’s pretty fearless and willing to give everything a go. He’s mad about agility, though still wildly excited so we’re having some private coaching to help me keep up with him. He’s also had fun with a flyball taster, and picked up treading on the lever very quickly. He loves ‘helping’ in the kitchen and will sit at my feet hoping to pick up a piece of carrot or another delicacy.

So far he has helped himself to the top of a rhubarb crumble and investigated crab apple pulp in a jelly bag (he didn’t like that much), luckily with no ill effects. As he’s good at stealing from the rich (us) and giving to the poor (him), we’ve christened him ‘Robin Hood’ and are looking out for a matching green collar and lead instead of his red ones (any in stock?)!
We had a lovely time taking him on holiday to the Isle of Wight, and introduced him to the beach and sea which he loved.

As you can see we’re cracked on him and so thank you once again for matching us up! Thanks to everyone else who helped him on his way (home-checking us and fostering him), we hope they’ll enjoy the pics.

Very best wishes and all power to Wiccs,

Kathleen, David and Robin.

Letter from Toby & family (pics)

Letter from Scooby & family


Just thought I'd let you know how Scooby is getting on.

He's settled into life with us really well, especially seeing as he spends some weeks with Ben and some coming to Harrogate with me, so lots of travelling but he is excellent in the car - he just falls asleep. He also seems very happy to spend time at either location as whenever he arrives he runs about excitedly sniffing every inch. Although we still have to keep a close eye on him when a man he has not met approaches. He still often grows and barks at older men who don't have a dog or children with them. Although once he's given them a good sniff and they have rubbed his belly a few times he is fine with them.

I've attached some pictures.

Letter from Lottie (pic)

Letter from Tara Valentine & family

We adopted Tara about 18 months ago now, aged about 4 or 5 years.

Tara was rescued from a farm on Ireland where she had been chained up for chasing the chickens. We will never know what actually happened to her.

She did not know much of anything really. To me she seemed quite nervous, cowering at some things. At first she would not play with any ball or toys! She now plays with a tennis ball in the garden and I still encourage a ball when out on walks, but to no avail. I think there are too many interesting smells which she would rather investigate. However, she is still nervous of squeaky toys, so we don’t bother any more as they seem to stress her out too much. She picked up basic commands like sit, wait, leave, stay within a few months. Although, if there was another dog around she would not listen to commands at all!

I introduced a whistle not long ago to help with her recall – she grasped this very quickly – who said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

At first she was extremely feisty with other dogs, to say the least. She would not let them get anywhere near her. She would go down on all fours and started shaking or lunge and nip. The first few months were difficult. Dog walkers used to see us coming and walk the other side of the road. I felt a bit alienated, some comments were uncalled for. I should have got a T-Shirt that read “I didn’t do this to this dog”. To me, if any think, it was fear. My husband did wonder if we should throw in the towel, I suggested we tried a local trainer. Their only answer was to muzzle her. I did not want to do this as I believed she was not a nasty dog, she needed a chance in life and I was not going to give up on her.

I took a few steps back and thought about what Paul had said at the Wiccaweys “Understand your Collie Talks” and that was to find out what was right for Tara. This was invaluable advice.  "What works for one dog may not work for another."

We got a long lead which we christened “Purple Ronnie” so we could give her a good run around on walks.

As time went on she would let dogs get closer and was happy to let them sniff her. She is fine with the majority of dogs that she meets now, but is still not keen on dogs bounding up to her, its as if to say “I’m a lady mind your manners”.

Yes she is a border collie. Yes she is a rescue dog, but first and foremost she is Tara. I would not be without her for the world.

She is a sweet girl, calm, patient and gentle. She makes me laugh with her little noises as she tries to talk to us. Her snuffles and sneezes after her rolls on the lawn. She adores sunshine – she will always find the sunniest spot even if it’s the size of an orange and plonk herself down.
When we are out walking, if there is a puddle on the pavement, then she will always walk around it, not through it; “I’m a lady! I don’t like to get my feet wet”. Hee, hee LOL!!

She follows me wherever I go and gets a bit worried if I’ve gone into another room and she has not realised – she comes looking for me.

Tara has made tremendous progress and it has been hard work with a dog that has had a difficult past, but gaining her trust and love has been brilliant and continues to be.

Thank goodness there are super people like Sarah & Paul and all who help at Wiccaweys, so that rescued dogs can be given another chance at life and find the LOVE that they deserve.

Love Sarah, Tom & Tara xxx

Letter from Gillian (now Maisie) - pic

Monday, 9 January 2012

Letter from Campbell (now Sprocket) & family

Dear Auntie Sarah and Uncle Paul
I have nearly been in my home a week and am really part of the family.  My mum has put in some pictures.  I have really found my feet and am really very energetic and full of mischief.  I like to borrow things, pens, shoes, Rosie's spoons and by mistake tried to eat Joey's homework when I was helping him. 

I have decided that cars are very interesting and shocked my mum when I tried to bite one so we are working on that, i found that carrying a tuggie toy helps me to focus less on the cars.  I have also found a lot of fun in digging all the water out of the bowls outside and running off with the water buckets.  We enjoy our nightly walks and have to get up early before mum goes to work and I walk with 3 to 4 other dogs at a time. 

During the day I go for a walk along side the pram and feel the need to kiss Rosie at every opportunity when my mum stops.  I have helped maintain the rug in the lounge by pulling out some unwanted threads and love clothes, in fact I love them so much I  enjoy trying to pull them off my family, again we are working on this.

My mum is so in love with me that we all snuggle on the sofa and have loadsa kisses despite all the fun and mischief I am a really loving boy and enjoy nothing more than kissing all my family.  I lay on the floor with two year old Rosie and give her gentle kisses, Joey get jumped on as hes older and more exciting, mum is training us both to be calmer.
Will keep you posted on my progress. 
Mum says thank you so much for giving her an amazing collie boy that has made the family more complete.
Sprocket, Michelle, Nick, Joey and Rosie and dogz xxxxxxx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Letter from Sally (now Molly) & family

Hi its been about 2 years since we collected Molly aka Sally from you and we thought it was about time we let you know how she is getting on. The attached picture says it all. Best wishes Peter, Lynn and of course Molly.

Letter from Goldie & Millie

A Healthy Happy & Prosperous New Year

From Goldie & Millie
Have a great 2012
Thank you
Stan & Jean Delbridge

Letter from Campbell (now Sprocket) & family

Paul and Sarah
We would all like to say a huge thank you, all the dogs had a great time playing with yours.  All are fast asleep at the moment.  Campbell now known as Sproket has fitted in so well you would think he has been here all his life not just a few hours.  So far Zero has been really chilled with him and they have been playing really nicely.  Sid still doesnt like him but we are going to be working on that so its not an issue, we have been there before with Shadow and Sid.  Sprocket is such a snuggle bear and has taken a liking to stealing Christmas decorations.  He is a really amazing dog, thank you thank you.
Love all of us in the Seaton household xx

Letter from Robin & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,
David and I adopted Robin from Wiccaweys about a year ago. He's settled here very well (i.e., is now running the household while seeming to be terribly obedient). He's still after 'my' sheepskin rug, even though he's been given one of his own...Also he's much admired as he loves people, so I tell everyone he's from Wiccs and encourage them to get in touch with you if they are hoping to adopt a collie (hope they make the
grade). Sarah noted Robin had two white mischief spots on his back end and he's lived up to them-best achievement so far eating the top off a rhubarb crumble without touching the rhubarb (luckily with no ill effects-we lock everything up now ...). We hardly need to use the hoover as he's very thorough ...

He's got his Gold Good Citizens award, and is doing heelwork to music
(came top of the class in his progress test), obedience Gold Plus and agility at UpnOver Club at Upper Heyford, and had a flyball taster that he loved. We're so grateful to have had the opportunity to adopt him!  Thank you so much.

It's been great following the progress of all the dogs (especially those
with you at the same time as Robin) and seeing them get good homes-especially little Chip, as he was. One day I hope to get up and help with the walking and bring Robin back to see everyone, but it may have to wait till spring ...!
I promise  a fuller letter and pics very soon- but this is just to say, if you need a home-checker in the Oxford area, I'd love to help.
Happy New Year and good luck with your work!

Kathleen Daly