Thursday, 12 January 2012

Letter from Robin & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

Further to my e-mail, here are some pics of Robin to show how well he’s settled in (i.e. is taking over our lives) since we collected him from Wiccaweys a year last Sunday. As you can see, he’s making a bid for the sheepskin rug in the living room even though he’s got his own: he made a beeline for it the moment he walked in through the door when we first got him home.

He’s an absolute delight, full of energy so first thing in the morning he wants a chase with his Kong or tuggy, then food, then a walk rounding up the local squirrels (enough to drive a collie mad when your flock keep shinning up a tree!). Then a quick rest, up to the horse’s paddock and walk, and over the jumps, then food then games and so it goes on. 

We’re enjoying to get to know his little quirks. He loves the hair dryer and will come and lie beside me and turn over with his legs in the air wanting a tickle. He’s got used to the hoover and the lawnmower (though he’s still fascinated with them, dare I say typical boy?). He’s not too keen on bikes that come too close, but we’re working on that. He’s been a star in his Good Citizen class and has just been awarded his gold certificate. He’s pretty fearless and willing to give everything a go. He’s mad about agility, though still wildly excited so we’re having some private coaching to help me keep up with him. He’s also had fun with a flyball taster, and picked up treading on the lever very quickly. He loves ‘helping’ in the kitchen and will sit at my feet hoping to pick up a piece of carrot or another delicacy.

So far he has helped himself to the top of a rhubarb crumble and investigated crab apple pulp in a jelly bag (he didn’t like that much), luckily with no ill effects. As he’s good at stealing from the rich (us) and giving to the poor (him), we’ve christened him ‘Robin Hood’ and are looking out for a matching green collar and lead instead of his red ones (any in stock?)!
We had a lovely time taking him on holiday to the Isle of Wight, and introduced him to the beach and sea which he loved.

As you can see we’re cracked on him and so thank you once again for matching us up! Thanks to everyone else who helped him on his way (home-checking us and fostering him), we hope they’ll enjoy the pics.

Very best wishes and all power to Wiccs,

Kathleen, David and Robin.

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