Monday, 9 January 2012

Letter from Campbell (now Sprocket) & family

Dear Auntie Sarah and Uncle Paul
I have nearly been in my home a week and am really part of the family.  My mum has put in some pictures.  I have really found my feet and am really very energetic and full of mischief.  I like to borrow things, pens, shoes, Rosie's spoons and by mistake tried to eat Joey's homework when I was helping him. 

I have decided that cars are very interesting and shocked my mum when I tried to bite one so we are working on that, i found that carrying a tuggie toy helps me to focus less on the cars.  I have also found a lot of fun in digging all the water out of the bowls outside and running off with the water buckets.  We enjoy our nightly walks and have to get up early before mum goes to work and I walk with 3 to 4 other dogs at a time. 

During the day I go for a walk along side the pram and feel the need to kiss Rosie at every opportunity when my mum stops.  I have helped maintain the rug in the lounge by pulling out some unwanted threads and love clothes, in fact I love them so much I  enjoy trying to pull them off my family, again we are working on this.

My mum is so in love with me that we all snuggle on the sofa and have loadsa kisses despite all the fun and mischief I am a really loving boy and enjoy nothing more than kissing all my family.  I lay on the floor with two year old Rosie and give her gentle kisses, Joey get jumped on as hes older and more exciting, mum is training us both to be calmer.
Will keep you posted on my progress. 
Mum says thank you so much for giving her an amazing collie boy that has made the family more complete.
Sprocket, Michelle, Nick, Joey and Rosie and dogz xxxxxxx

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