Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Letter from Birch & family

Just to let you know that our little man is a wow with the ladies, they all love him and he is such a handsome boy!  Settling down slowly after 6 months, like most Irish men he likes to talk and drink beer, wine or anything left around.  He has a sweet loving nature but is still wary of men - although he did sleep in Granddad's lap last week!  He loves lots of cuddles and kisses and Bella our other BC adores him but quite often ends up thrown into the bushes.  Although she is bigger, Birch has an amazing spring in his legs and the ability to side swipe her.  She is forever nipping his nose and legs in an atempt to get him to chase her. They are lovely to watch together and we are glad we made the choice to take on Birch.  We welcome any information on his sister Blossom and often wonder how she is doing and if she is as gorgeous as he is.  Here he is at Xmas with his bow tie on.
Kind regards
Martha & Jen

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