Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Letter from Flora, Zoe, Red & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just letting you know how Flora and Zoe are doing. I cant believe its only been a week, wow how much has changed!! Flora has really come in leaps and bounds! When we first got her home she was so shy, she wet herself in the car on the way home, she cowered away when you try to have any interaction with her. I had taken a week off work to make sure the two girls settled in just fine. After a few days Flora started to show signs of trusting me a bit more, she still has trouble with chris but then i have been spending a lot of time with her. She started to folow me and Red everywhere in the house, she would occasionaly take a treat straight out my hand, she started to learn what the lead meant and got very VERY excited! A week later and she now come to the door with tails wagging when the lead is shown, a few times now she has let me put the lead on her without her running back to her bed. She loves loves loves her walkies, her tail wagging high in the air and she has started to want to run after Red and pick up sticks to play with just like he does. She plays with him at home too, chasing eachother up and down the stairs and wrestling. She has also started playing with me! Unfortunately this is usually just before bed time and involves chewing my bra (she wont play with anything else and somehow always finds a bra to chew from somewhere!) She sleeps next to me too, Red is left wondering why she's allowed on the bed and he usually isnt! Its so lovely to see her happy, she has taken a real liking to Red, has no problem whatsoever with the cats or the rabbit. She is learning alot from Red and I think the jealousy is working, she wants a fuss too when I get home, she loves her treats, loves dinner time. She still has a long way to go yet though, she still needs to take that step forward, but she's getting there!

As for Zoe, what a little bombshell she is! I kept her in the guest room for a few days, ive never seen the guest room used so well! Both Zoe and Flora seemed to really like the bed haha! Zoe quickly learned where the strokes and cuddles came from and after a few days I left the door open for her to explore the rest of the house. She is a noisy lady! She meows at everything! And she is in love with Red! She follows him everywhere, purrs around him and would love him to pay her some attention. She was also very glad to see my other cat Delphi, unfortunately Delps feelings weren't mutual. Although Dephi has officialy accepted Flora into our home (she came for a walk with us, thats her little acceptance ritual!) I can't believe how agile Zoe is, she is more than capable of jumping great heights, and she is also desperate to go outside (we have to get out the door ultra quick before she realises!) We call her Rolley Polley Zoe as she loves her tummy tickled, Ive only started to pick her up the last few days and so far she loves a quick cuddle and occasionaly a lift up the stairs :)
Anyway, I hope all this will give you a smile , as they both have given me so many! I love watching their progress. I have been taking pictures when I can and will email those over soon!
Cherry xx

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