Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Letter from Bonnie & Mum

Hi Sarah and Paul
I sent you an email a while ago with some photos of Bonnie but something went wrong and you were unable to access them so i am going to try again as we have some nice ones of her in the snow (although im sure youve had lots of snow pics already!)
We had another wiccaweys pup come training on Thursday evening her name is Audrey, including Bonnie thats the 3rd one ive met, nothing compared to the volume you rehome but it amazes me how much of a small world it really is!
Anyway Bonnie is still doing very well, she had a few threats that santa wouldnt come if she ate the christmas tree whilst i was assembling it but now up shes left it alone. She has been thorougly spoilt with pressies from everyone at the vets where i work as well.
Anyway have a gd xmas and new year
Helen Kibble and Bonnie

Letter from Paddy & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

We are absolutely over the moon with Paddy, who we got in July - he is fantastic!!  Please could you add the attached letter to the appropriate forum, he wanted it to be on there before the end of the year.

Paddy is also on Youtube, would it be possible to add the link? It is a short video of him in the snow.    It is at

If not I can send a photo of him to go on. I would really like the video to go on there though if poss.

Thanks so much for contacting us re Paddy - he is a beautiful boy and we love him so much.

All the very best to you both

Tyne and Linda (and Paddy)

Dear Paul and Sarah

I wanted to let you know before the year was out how I have gone on in my new forever home.  Please can my letter be put on the Forum Page so others can see it?

Do you remember me, my name is Paddy… I was very thin and scared when I arrived with you from Ireland.  I was born in March 2009 so I am only young still.

Well, I was soon snapped up once I had come to you and on 10 July, a very hot day indeed as I remember, upon returning from a walk with one of your helpers, I was greeted by two lovely ladies who hailed from the Wirral.  I was rather nervous at first because it was so difficult for me to trust people again after the abuse I had received from an Irish farmer.

We travelled back north and I wondered where on earth I was going this time.

Well that was five months ago now and I am delighted to tell you how HAPPY I am.  When I was adopted I couldn’t even be chipped because I had no flesh to put the chip in.  I have now put weight on and grown muscle too. The vet is very pleased with me.

Very soon after arriving at my new home I developed kennel cough but with love, care and attention I soon came through that and I have never looked back since.

I didn’t like going out of the house when I first arrived, unless it was into the garden. I was too scared to go for a walk because I wondered whether I was going to be dumped again.  Anyway, my two mums reassured me and over the weeks I began to realise that going out meant WALKIES!! I love my walks – well I run everywhere actually – but I am always keeping an eye on my mums to make sure they don’t get out of sight.

I absolutely love to play; the living room is like a dog toy room here; and I am promised more for Christmas!  It will be my first proper Christmas and I can’t wait.

Living here with me is my friend Bella the cat – she is fine and we get on really well.

I am so happy!!! My mums are over the moon with me and life is wonderful.  Thank you so much for finding me my forever home – I can’t thank you enough.

Just so you can see me now, I am attaching a short video of us playing in the snow.

I hope my letter can go in the Forum along with letters from other Wiccaweys dogs.

Lots of love

Letter from Dottie (now Kate), Abbey & family

Hope you and the canines had a pleasant Christmas we changed the pups name to Kate {Andrea felt uncomfortable shouting Dottie) it sounded like an elderly relative had escaped ;)

Kate  as you can see settled in nicely and abbey has started to play although her growls are somewhat unconvincing when her tail is wagging thank you again for providing a perfect
Addition to our family
Kind regards
The Huxley family

Letter from Milo & family

Hya Auntie Sarah and Uncle Paul,
Me again - do you like my piccie in the snow.  My mum and dad say I'm a right character - could be cos I ate half a tennis ball the other day and was VERY poorly - well I couldn't help it could I?  It did taste good tho he he!
Mum and dad say they really love me and I love nothing better than laying with my dad on the rug in front of the fire - now that's what I call just fantabidozee.
Lots of love to you and your volunteers and all my four legged friends

Letter from Dexter & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

Just want to give you a quick update on the lovely Dexter and to say thank you so much for this beautiful little boy.

Dexter is absolutely adorable and settled in very quickly with the family - although the cats are non too pleased and he has had a couple of 'dobs' on his nose from Mary; the other three just scarper, which, of course means a short chase but he doesn't get too far on the tiled floor and doesn't venture upstairs.  Mary, now knowing he is bit of a softie will view him from a chair in the same room and he now ignores her.

I've certainly walked off the Christmas calories, helped with having to throw and retrieve the frisbee myself goodness knows how many times, with Dexter bounding along beside me!!   Boxing Day evening, 9 of us and Dexter went to a nice pub and he happily sat alongside our eldest son who had taken control of the lead.  We were then surprised to see him a little while later standing behind our son-in-law up at the bar when he went to get a 'round'.  Dexter had been sitting beautifully quietly chewing through his lead!!

His tummy has been a little 'dicky' but I did half expect that following the goose he had been sneakily given and other lifestyle changes.

Later on we are at the vets for microchipping and we should be starting obedience training next week.

Mark, Beth and I would be very interested in joining you for 'understanding your collie' talks if you are running them in 2011.

A very Happy New Year to you.

Helen (Ledingham)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Letter from Shep & family

Hi there, it was exactly a year on the 21st since we collected Shep from you.  thought you might like to know that he settled in in no time at all and is doing fine as you can see by his birthday picture.  we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting us adopt him  the hours of fun and enjoyment are never ending.  all the best  Steve, Sara and Aaron from Market Harborough

Letter from Rosheen & Mum

Wishing you and your collie charges a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Rosheen (collie) xx
PS:  I'm not very well at the moment - the vet says I have the doggie version of Labyrinthitus and I feel very giddy, but hope to feel better soon.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Letter from Hardy, Kerry, Little Meg & family

Hi there Paul and Sarah, Bob Rayner here. wanted to send you an update on Hardy and Kerry and Little Meg.
We love Hardy so much, he is the greatest cuddle addict ive met yet, he seems pretty happy and goes bonkers when its walkies time. He enjoys bombing around after the others and especially likes going to a place we go to called Hudnall Common, its a huge beautiful open space surrounded by forest, I have to tell you, watching him running flat out with no fear of hitting stuff is a heart warming sight! He does seem to get frustrated sometimes trying to keep up with the others and can get a bit grumpy when he goes on the lead but we have been persevering and he is getting better. He is still funny with other dogs but i have been teaching him to sit with me when they go past, he seems to respond well to this and is improving.
Our other two wiccs dogs are a delight to live with, Kerry (was prue) is the queen and rules the pack, neither sam nor Hardy will mess with her and little meg (was lucy) is attached to her by an invisible cord Wherever kerry goes meg goes. You will remember the terrified little stink bag we brought home that wouldnt come out of her crate for 3 weeks? Well she is now a very cheeky gorgeous ball of madness, ive never seen a dog so happy to wake up every morning, WHOOPIE another day!!!.
Unfortunately poor Sam has had some epilepsy attacks recently, the most recent being quite severe, we are hoping that he will be better with treatment from the vets, he is such a beautiful dog and so intelligent, we got him from the border collie trust two years ago and he had been left with them cos he,d had a seizure and his  owners didnt like it so they dumped him. Since he's been with us hed never had one in nearly 2 years (without any medication).
Anyway, hope you have a lovely christmas and new year, sorry we did,nt make it to the last event but i had to work. (got to feed all these furry bodies).
best wishes. Bob and Mandy. Kerry, Sam, Megan fox and HARDY.

Letter from Kerry (now Indy) and family

Hi Paul & Sarah.
Just thought I would give you an update on Indy. He has gained a bit more confidence each day and follows me every where! He loves to cuddle up with Molly and she is very fond of him even when he runs at her and sends her flying! We did get him a crate but he wasn't at all interested in going in it.
He is enjoying his walks and is getting to know the regular dog walkers and their dogs and is almost ready to run with them. The other dog walkers are amazed at how much more confident he is now. He loves to walk with Molly, he enjoys playing and running with her and has even started to pick up sticks to play with.
He has discovered yogurt pots which Kevin and Ben are always leaving on the floor and he loves licking them clean. He is eating his usual food and has a very good appetite.
He has had his first visit to the vet and has been microchipped. The vet said he was very healthy which is good news. We haven't started training yet, we were going to leave it another couple of weeks and start then. He will sit beautifully and his recall is excellent,he is beginning to learn stay but he wont do down, so enough to get by with for the time being, we don't want to push him too much.
We all love him very much and are so happy he is part of our lives. Thank you for letting us have him.
Will send another update soon.
Best wishes
Kevin and Sara Moon

Letter from Zippy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul!
Hope everything is well with yourselves?
Zippy is doing really well, he is such a comical character, he makes us laugh every day. He has a huge personality & has brought us so much joy. His weekly training classes are a big hit...'keen' is an understatement!! were right Paul....he does on occasion need 'reining in'!! This little fellow has energy to burn & really does thrive on using his brain! He and our old boy Robbie are best buddies and love nothing better than having a good wrestle with each other. Thank you once again for entrusting us with one of your precious babies, we love him to bits!
Happy Christmas to you all & keep up your fabulous work.
Love Sharon, Craig, Robbie & Zippy xxxxxxx

Monday, 6 December 2010

Letter from Toby & family

Hello Sarah and Paul, I’ve been in my new home for a week now and I’m having a lovely time. I have a nice bed to sleep in and like to be tickled in it too, and when I don’t want to go in that I have a nice big chair in the window that I can sit on and bark at the dogs outside, they can’t see me its great!

I’ve been having lots of cuddles especially in the mornings as when I get up, I get to go up some stairs and have cuddles on my new mummy and daddy’s big bed and its really exciting!  I had a shower last week, I wasn’t too sure about it at first but it wasn’t too bad, I got lots of biscuits afterwards and loved being rubbed with the towels. My mummy keeps sniffing me and telling me I smell gorgeous too!

I’ve been learning to play and I’m getting really good at it now, I chase a big blue donut in the field and every time I bring it back to mummy or daddy I get a treat.  I love running around in the fields and there are lots of new smells here.  We’ve had some snow which I love to sniff but it gets up my nose and makes me sneeze – mummy thinks it’s really funny.
I like to watch my mummy in the kitchen cos if I sit nicely I sometimes get some nice new food to try.  My mummy keeps trying to take pictures of me and I’m getting much better at posing now she says. Thank-you for looking after me so well and finding me a new mummy and daddy to live with, I think they really like me – woof woof


Heres an update for you and some pictures.  Toby is finding his personality now and learning quite quickly.  He is so clean we have not had one accident at all. He is a delight I can’t believe he wasn’t snapped up earlier.  He is very much a part of the family already and we love him to bits J

Sue Benson