Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Letter from Paddy & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

We are absolutely over the moon with Paddy, who we got in July - he is fantastic!!  Please could you add the attached letter to the appropriate forum, he wanted it to be on there before the end of the year.

Paddy is also on Youtube, would it be possible to add the link? It is a short video of him in the snow.    It is at

If not I can send a photo of him to go on. I would really like the video to go on there though if poss.

Thanks so much for contacting us re Paddy - he is a beautiful boy and we love him so much.

All the very best to you both

Tyne and Linda (and Paddy)

Dear Paul and Sarah

I wanted to let you know before the year was out how I have gone on in my new forever home.  Please can my letter be put on the Forum Page so others can see it?

Do you remember me, my name is Paddy… I was very thin and scared when I arrived with you from Ireland.  I was born in March 2009 so I am only young still.

Well, I was soon snapped up once I had come to you and on 10 July, a very hot day indeed as I remember, upon returning from a walk with one of your helpers, I was greeted by two lovely ladies who hailed from the Wirral.  I was rather nervous at first because it was so difficult for me to trust people again after the abuse I had received from an Irish farmer.

We travelled back north and I wondered where on earth I was going this time.

Well that was five months ago now and I am delighted to tell you how HAPPY I am.  When I was adopted I couldn’t even be chipped because I had no flesh to put the chip in.  I have now put weight on and grown muscle too. The vet is very pleased with me.

Very soon after arriving at my new home I developed kennel cough but with love, care and attention I soon came through that and I have never looked back since.

I didn’t like going out of the house when I first arrived, unless it was into the garden. I was too scared to go for a walk because I wondered whether I was going to be dumped again.  Anyway, my two mums reassured me and over the weeks I began to realise that going out meant WALKIES!! I love my walks – well I run everywhere actually – but I am always keeping an eye on my mums to make sure they don’t get out of sight.

I absolutely love to play; the living room is like a dog toy room here; and I am promised more for Christmas!  It will be my first proper Christmas and I can’t wait.

Living here with me is my friend Bella the cat – she is fine and we get on really well.

I am so happy!!! My mums are over the moon with me and life is wonderful.  Thank you so much for finding me my forever home – I can’t thank you enough.

Just so you can see me now, I am attaching a short video of us playing in the snow.

I hope my letter can go in the Forum along with letters from other Wiccaweys dogs.

Lots of love

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