Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Letter from Dexter & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

Just want to give you a quick update on the lovely Dexter and to say thank you so much for this beautiful little boy.

Dexter is absolutely adorable and settled in very quickly with the family - although the cats are non too pleased and he has had a couple of 'dobs' on his nose from Mary; the other three just scarper, which, of course means a short chase but he doesn't get too far on the tiled floor and doesn't venture upstairs.  Mary, now knowing he is bit of a softie will view him from a chair in the same room and he now ignores her.

I've certainly walked off the Christmas calories, helped with having to throw and retrieve the frisbee myself goodness knows how many times, with Dexter bounding along beside me!!   Boxing Day evening, 9 of us and Dexter went to a nice pub and he happily sat alongside our eldest son who had taken control of the lead.  We were then surprised to see him a little while later standing behind our son-in-law up at the bar when he went to get a 'round'.  Dexter had been sitting beautifully quietly chewing through his lead!!

His tummy has been a little 'dicky' but I did half expect that following the goose he had been sneakily given and other lifestyle changes.

Later on we are at the vets for microchipping and we should be starting obedience training next week.

Mark, Beth and I would be very interested in joining you for 'understanding your collie' talks if you are running them in 2011.

A very Happy New Year to you.

Helen (Ledingham)

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