Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Letter from Bob & Monty & family

Hi Sarah/Paul

The boys are doing well, they have taken over our lives completely and we're completely smitten!

They have a cough and are now bringing up some stuff from their chests so I guess it's a good sign that it's moving.  It doesn't stop them being ball mad and wanting to play 23 hours a day! It seems to get worse at night so I will use the cough mixture tonight before bed.

This is the boys in a rare quiet moment!

Thank you
Dawn & boys x

Letter from Rory & family

I thought I'd drop you this photo of Rory who obviously believes he's a human. He spends most of his lazy time viewing the world upside down waiting for a tummy rub. Our world would be a poorer place without our Rory boy.

The comical thing about the photo is that he’s fast asleep (do all Border Collie’s sleep on their back??). Rory always makes a game of getting to my place on the sofa before me and looking really pleased with himself when he gets there first which generally means leaping over the arm as I’m walking around. 

The lovely thing is that while we don’t restrict him around the house and he pretty much does what he likes (he’s probably lying on our bed at the minute but he’ll wander down shortly to say hello and put his head on my knee as I work), he’s not the least bit precocious and does whatever you ask of him and he’s a real favourite around the village – everybody knows Rory. 

He’s quite vocal and has this brilliant Scooby Doo voice when he wants something which always makes me and Brenda laugh (Brenda is teaching him to sing which generally means that she barks and he copies – funny but very noisy).

I’ve said this before and I’ve no idea what made you think that he was the boy for us but he’s enriched our lives so much and we’ll be forever grateful to you both, the only downside is that Brenda calls him Buttercup which is not a great nickname for him but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Anyway – I need to get some work done now before he reminds me to take him out for a walk at lunch time. Take care and have a great day.

Hope things are well with you both.
Alan (and Rory

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Letter from Rufus & family

Hi to all at Wiccaweys,
Just like to update you all on how I'm getting on in my new home in Suffolk.  John & Pat took me home from Wiccaweys almost 6 weeks ago now and I settled in with them very easily.  On the first night I slept where they told me (I had the choice of a bed or just a rug and I alternate between the two) and never made a murmur all night, and have been the same ever since - sometimes I'm still curled up in my bed when they get up, especially on the morning when we get up earlier than the rest of the week.  This is the day I get a longer morning walk as we get a lift to the beach and walk home (about 4-5 miles) before Pat has to go to work.  Although they both go to work they make sure I get walks morning and evening as well as coming home to see me at lunchtime and sometimes one of them will finish work earlier than normal so I have extra time with them.  
For the first week they wouldn't let me off the lead, although they did get a very long one so that I could run about a bit.  However they trust me now and once we're away from the road I'm allowed off my lead to run around as much as I want, but I do keep looking back to make sure they are still there and if they think I'm too far ahead they call or whistle and I run straight back to them.  
I love playing ball and if they don't take one when we're out walking I usually find a stick, but they don't like me playing with them.  I have a favourite squeaky ball on the garden and every time I go out I want to play with it - if they don't play I sometimes dig a hole to put my ball in, then take it out again.  
I have a collie friend called Alfie who comes for walks with us at the moment as his "mum" has a poorly leg and can't walk very far.  I never walk by his house without going to see if he wants to come with us.  He too was a rescue dog and didn't have a very good start in life - he never plays ball and doesn't run around as much as I do and he certainly won't get his paws wet, not like me I have to go in the ditch for a "full immersion drink" or lay down in a muddy puddle!  I get on alright with most of the dogs I meet but the collie girl who lives next door doesn't like me very much (I think she's jealous because I live in her "second home"), but if she growls at me I mostly ignore her. 
I've sent some photos of us on the beach and on our woodland walk (with Alfie) and also some of me settled down having a cuddle - they say I'm too big to be a lap dog but hey you've got to try!!
Lots of love and collie kisses,

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Letter from Cisco & family

Hi Paul and Sarah, 
Just a quick update on the Cisco kid. He's settling in brilliantly, not a paw out of line... yet! He's our little, skinny, Collie shadow... whether we're washing up, answering the phone, watching T.V - there he is looking adoringly at us.

He's been for lots of walks, the last one with his girlfriends TJ and Ellie; he still can't decide which one he likes more! 
This afternoon he's rediscovered his passion for toys, lots of tugger games and chasing the ball, we get it back 75% of the time! He's currently snoozing on the rug, snoring away!
Thanks again! 

Pete and Jen

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Letter from (D)Ani-Ansell & family

Hi Paul and Sarah
Just a quick progress report on our gorgeous dog Dani (hope you don't mind - we just added a 'D'). He's doing so well - the cats seem to have got used to him being around and are now coming down to eat in the kitchen again whilst Dani and Jess look on salivating but not moving. He has the additional guest in the house of Smithy the sick bunny tonight but after initial introductions has completely ignored him.
He passed the interview with Doggy Day Care and their children with flying colours and will be having his first day visit on Friday with Jess. He was 'adorable' according to the dog groomer and sat 'as happy as Larry' having his bath, hair-dry and trim. His Grandma and Grandad and all our friends think he's wonderful.
We are working hard on teaching him some manners and he is doing better every day. He still bounces around like a bull in a china shop sometimes, but then he is a big two year old Collie. But he settles very quickly and is now very good at doing the 'sit and stay' whilst we answer the door, despite being egged on by Jess to creep forwards!
We have worked out that the one thing that he does respond a bit over-zealously to is people running past him or around him, which might explain some of the intial concerns about children. But he's never nasty, just boisterous and he'll learn very soon. 
Considering we've only had him for 2 weeks he's been a dream dog and we are now looking forward to our week off at the end of the month when we plan to start his training for off the lead. It will be great for him to be able to have a really good run around.
Will send some photographs very soon
Take Care
Deb and Gary

Letter from Timmy

Dear Paul and Sarah

Thank you ever so much for letting Timmy into our lives, he is really  really special. He has settled into our home very well and seems happy.   He does have a little cough at the moment but is enjoying the attention it brings him.   He has decided that  although his crate is comfortable the sofa is a much better place to sit and watch TV.  He has taken very well to his adopted grandparents and they have taken very well to him.

We are very grateful to you both for taking care of timmy and letting him into our lives, we will keep you informed of his progress.

Kind regards

Alan and Sarah 

Monday, 8 March 2010

Letter from Kasper, Katie & family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
Here are a few photos of Kasper and Katie for you to enjoy. They are both very well and enjoying life. It's nearly 4 years since we adopted Kasper and a little less for Katie. They are both wonderful dogs and are both very settled and at the moment they are asleep close by me.
Sorry I haven't been around the forum for some time, I'm doing better at the moment health wise having had to deal with a number of ongoing chronic problems. Today has been wonderful as I was able to have a good walk with both dogs and even managed a bit of a run with Katie which was great for us both.
Keep up the good work you are doing, you've helped to bring joy into many dogs & peoples lives and that's a wonderful gift, and thank you for the love and kindness you share with so many others.

Love from Mike, Liz, Kasper & Katie.


Letter from Ozzy & family

Hi Sarah & Paul

Ozzy seems to have settled in ok up to now, he refused point blank to go in to his crate last night but we left the door open so could go in if he chose to. We left him downstairs and of course, as you said, open came the door and there he stood.  I took him back in, settled him down and instead of closing the door I just pulled it to.  He didn`t open the door so after a minute I went back in and told him he was a good boy.   I did this a few times increasing the amount of time left and on the last time he just looked at me then climbed on the setee.
I went to bed and after about 20mins he came upstairs had a look round then went back downstairs. Next thing we know its morning and there is a great big dog on the bottom of the bed!!!!
This morning when I left him he barked a couple of times then it went quiet. Mum says when she got to ours, she let herself in and he plodded down the stairs and dropped his ball at her feet!
Thanks for everything you`ve done
PS Have to admit Paul and I both had a little cry for Blakie on the way home xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Letter from Murphy & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,
Murphy travelled back to MK without any trouble at all. Raymond popped in last night with a crate but Murph wasn't too impressed and thought there must be something better! So upstairs into the bed room where he had a blanket, fast asleep until 7.o'c.

Breakfast, 3 mile walk around the Emerson Valley Lakes, now fast asleep on the settee!!!! How did you teach him that?. As one of our dog walking friends remarked " he's fallen on his paws"
Thankyou for your help
Ron and Rachel Day

Letter from Ozzy & family

We've got home & he's helped himself to all the toys inside & out and is havin a great time playing in the garden xX

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Letter from Sailor & family

Sarah / Paul,
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for today.
Sailor travelled home in the car perfectly - went to sleep for the whole journey!
On arrival at home, he has had a good sniff around, eaten his dinner, been for a walk in the park and now simply wants lots of cuddles and attention!
As Sailor walked in, all cats walked out! However, the good thing was Sailor totally ignored them so no doubt when they want their dinner they will be back!
Thank you again, and I will send you an email next weekend just to let you know how he is getting on.
Kind Regards

Letter from Peggy & Jasper & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

Just a quick note to thank you both for introducing us to Peggy and Jasper, they are very special. They settled down quickly in the van and we didn't hear a peep until we arrived home. They seemed very excited and there was a lot of tail wagging!

Obviously they will take a little time to settle but Peggy seems very chilled-out and Jasper is enjoying nosing around the house!

Will keep you posted on progress

Take care

Bob, Bernadette and Chris

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Letter from Dino (Dingle at Wiccs) & family

Hi There,
Just an update on
Dino's progress.   He is coming on in leaps and bounds,literally.  He now has a glossy coat and wet nose and is putting on weight.  He loves chasing and playing with his tennis and rubber balls and he is brilliant when off the lead.
He is so intelligent and responds immediately to his name.  He also seems to remember Sharon when I take him for Training.  Everyone says he's a lovely dog and so like
Rudolph apart from rarely barking, which is probably a good thing, as he barked at everybody!
He seems so happy and shows his affectation by licking you to death!  
We are so grateful
to you for finding  such a perfect match as he gives us so much happiness.
Best Regards,
Chris and Jenny